Bugaboo Fox 2 Review.

Are you looking for a good all-terrain wheeler? Then you have come to the right place because as the title states you will be introduced to the Bugaboo Fox 2.

A quality 4-wheel pushchair that was upgraded from an older version. Yes, you read that right, the Fox 2 is upgraded and therefore a better version.

Upgraded wheels on strollers are often easier to handle and most of them offer all-terrain wheels and tyres. For this review, I will review Fox 2 and detail the pros, and also point out the cons.

This is for the 2in1 travel system meaning it’s only with the carrycot and not the car seat. I will also make a quick comparison with other popular and high-quality strollers. As I always do. To give you an option and another view.

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  • Suitable from birth.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Punctured proof tyres.
  • Lightweight and nicely design chassis.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Two large wheels at the back.
  • One-piece fold or two-piece fold (stands on its own).
  • Ergonomic seat and carrycot with padded cushions.
  • Canopy with mesh ventilation.
  • Higher seat
  • Removable bumper bar.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Carrycot has pockets.
  • Extendable zip and peek a boo on the canopy.
  • Forward and rear-facing seat.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Adjustable handlebar (wrist loop design).
  • One hand steer.
  • Large basket with pockets. (Takes up to 10kg of weight).
  • Travel System ready.

Bugaboo Fox 2.

Product: Fox 2.

Price: £699.00

Size of the Product: H126cm × W60cm × depth 105cm.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

Reading through the performance you instantly realise that the pushchair is mostly about the wheels. Perfect for any terrains, but let’s state more about them later on.

The Fox 2 is suitable from birth up to 22kg that’s around 4 years of age. The carrycot is used until your baby can sit upright and support their neck and head.

This carrycot is an upgraded version to the old one. It has two pockets with it to help to store valuable things. It can be your keys, wallet or phone.

Keep it near and secure the carrycot also has a sun cover with an airflow ventilation system. Providing a more breathable environment for your little one.

It’s big and spacious with soft padded cushions. Good and comfortable for any newborn or baby to be in. Considered to be one of the best on the market.

It has a zip that can be used to extend it and it also offers a peek a boo window.

When your child outgrows it then the cot can be converted into a seat, which enables you to save a lot of space. Instead of two separate things you only have one piece to fold.

Moving on to the seat you have reclining positions that can be used for your baby and toddler. It gives you the option to position them in multiple positions.

Any position that gives them comfort and the seat also offers a forward and rear-facing. Time to show your child the world and let them have many journeys.

Both the seat and carrycot are ergonomically designed. The features on the cot are also with the seat except for the pockets. A 5 point safety harness.

More Features.

Still, not finish with the seat because you also have a higher seat which is not the normal standards one. The seat is designed to have a higher position on the frame to provide a better, or world view to your little adventurer.

The bumper bar can be removed from both ways.

When it comes to the frame or chassis it offers a lighter design than the previous one. The handlebar is height adjustable to suit many parents.

Very important when going up a hill or if you stumble upon rough grounds. The handle has wrist loop protection to protect the material so it won’t get damaged.

The chassis can also be pushed or handled with just one hand. Moving on to the wheels, which what makes this pushchair a favourite.

The all-terrain wheels are there to make life easier. They are all-suspension, and then you have punctured proof tyres to use on any ground.

Two big back wheels and two smaller wheels at the front. The front wheels can be removed to allow a better push on the rougher ground like mud and sand.

So, get your things ready because you are about to visit many destinations! Offers an easy fold with two hands, but the strollers are more compact than many 4 wheelers.

A large basket underneath which is easily accessible from the back and front. Time for some groceries for all of you who loves to buy groceries. Takes a lot of weight and has pockets too.

The Fox 2 comes in many colours and fabrics are washable, but it’s good to read the full description before doing anything. It’s a travel system convertible with many car seats. You need adapters.


The things that will make your 2in1 travel system complete are those extra accessories. Have thought about clips or hooks to use? They will be good to have when going out shopping in the city or any other place.

A rain cover is also something to think about. Universal rain covers will do, and they will be able to protect from not only the rain but also the sun, insects and other weather conditions.

One more thing you will need straight away is changing bags. I did a list of reviews of 10 fancy baby changing bags. Check it to see suitable bags for you and your partner.

Car seats that are compatible with the Bugaboo are from Maxi-Cosi and Britax. You have also additional accessories you can buy and match with Bugaboo Fox 2.

These are blankets, parasol, etc.



  • The carrycot can be bulky.
  • Not easy to assemble according to some.
  • Highly expensive.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.

Bugaboo Fox 2 vs Other Strollers.

For this comparison, I chose another Bugaboo stroller, which is the Cameleon 3 Classic plus. That one is similar to this one in many ways, but the stroller does not offer the same features. Some differ in many ways

For another competitive, I chose the Mountain Buggy terrain pushchair. Another 3 wheeler, that differs in design, but they both are all-terrain pushchairs.

Bugaboo Fox 2 vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Classic Plus.

These have the same design and are both praised for their perfect and excellent usage. Besides looking almost the same are there other similarities? These are the similarities:

  • All suspension wheels.
  • Punctured proof tyres.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Both can be converted into a Travel System.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Big sun canopy.
  • Extendable handlebar.
  • 5 point harness.
  • One wheel can be removed.

The Cameleon 3 Classic plus also offers features such as UPF50+ protection, rotatable bumper bar, one hand attachment, adjustable straps and all wheels can be removed to allow a more compact fold.

The Fox 2 also offers features such as a higher seat, pockets on the cot and basket, ergonomic seat and cot and mesh ventilation system.

The Fox 2 wheels can be adjusted in a way to allow a more compact fold. The Fox 2 also offers a feature such as a wrist loop protection for the handlebar and a peek boo window.

After analysing both you can tell the Fox 2 offers more features than the other one. So, it’s better but both are no doubt excellent designed strollers.

The age suitability is also up to 22kg on the Fox 2 which makes it even better. This also depends on the parent. Some might still choose the Cameleon 3 Classic plus base on their lifestyles.


Bugaboo Fox 2 vs Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair.

Both of these are similar in many ways, but one is a 3 wheeler and the other a 4 wheeler, and they differ in design and look. The Mountain Buggy Terrain looks bigger and bulkier in design.

These are the similarities they share:

  • Convertible carrycot.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Sun cover canopy with pockets.
  • Light frame.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Ventilation system.
  • The basket can take up 10kg with pockets.
  • Easy fold and stands when folded.
  • Easy brake system.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Per a boo window.

As you can see they share many features like many quality pushchairs do. However, the Mountain Buggy terrain pushchair offers you a 3 mode convertible cot (to be used from birth up to 3 years), 2 sets of wheels, carrycot for overnight sleep, the basket has a zip also, backrest, footrest, etc.

Click on the link to view more of its features. What the Fox 2 offers is the removable wheels, pockets on the carrycot and more protection for the handle.

The mountain buggy terrain pushchair takes the cake. The stroller is truly amazing, but some will still prefer the Bugaboo Fox 2 because of the design.

The Terrain pushchair can be suitable for your little one up to 5 years depending on your toddler, there’s a bonus there. It’s also cheaper, so it’s better for those parents who don’t want to spend that much money. Although it’s still expensive.

The Terrain weighs more at just around 12.8kg and the Bugaboo Fox 2 around 10kg.

The Fox 2 gets more praised for being the best terrain pushchair, so there are different of opinions.

The Baby Stroller you Have Been Looking for.

Is it the one you have been looking for? Or is it not the one. What are your thoughts on two of these pushchairs I compared it with?

I love to know your options. After reading through the whole review you now know why the Bugaboo Fox 2 is soo, praised by many parents and sites.

I have always heard of it and knew of its popularity, it wasn’t that long ago I decided to do research on it and present it to you, parents.

It’s truly an amazing 3 wheeler stroller to use on any terrain, all seasons and it will accommodate both children and grown-ups.


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