The Silver Cross Travel System – Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Review.

Here I go again reviewing another Silver Cross baby stroller. This time is a Silver Cross Travel System, yes the whole bundle. The newly designed Silver Cross Pacific Autograph pushchair.

Similar to the Wayfarer, but less popular than that one. The brand always brings quality strollers and Silver Cross has been one of the popular and trusted brands in the UK for years.

Founded over 100 years ago. I will be detailing the pros, and then point out the cons. I will also only compare the pram with other prams from popular brands to see its place in the market.

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  • Suitable from up to 22kg which is around 4 years.
  • Premium Twill fabrics and a shiny frame/chassis.
  • Trim wheels and all-terrain wheels.
  • UPF50+ protection.
  • Pop-out visor.
  • Ventilation on the hood or canopy.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • One-piece fold.
  • Carrycot is very convenient.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 11kg pushchair weight and 14.5kg pram weight.
  • Travel System convertible (Simplicity car seat).
  • Easy fold.
  • Additional Accessories.
  • Big Shopping basket. (Silver Cross bigger basket).
  • Excellent fabrics and materials.

Silver Cross Travel System: Pram Review.

Product: Pacific Autograph Travel System.

Price: £849.00

Size of the Product:  Pushchair dimension: L70cm × W60cm × H107cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9/10.

So, every detail of this pram or and pushchair has been well designed by manufacturers. Let’s first start with the fabrics and materials.

Bambo fabrics are used to make things comfy and relaxing for your little one. The bumper has a two-tone lining and the fabrics are detailed designed. You also have the Pacific Autograph embroid.

The wheels are trim and can shine when hit by light. This makes them useful and helpful during the night. The chassis is shiny with materials and it’s also lightweight.

It’s easy to fold and does take up that much space when you remove the wheels. Removing the wheels makes it easier to also clean them.

A so-called one-piece fold means that the chassis can be folded with the pushchair seat is attached. It saves you time and space.

Which can be needed when having a baby. You have all-terrain tyres which make it possible to go anywhere. If you love hiking or visiting the countryside this pushchair can be ideal

Although it’s not the lightest at 11kg with the seat and 14.5kg with the pram. Moving on to other chassis features, you have the handlebar.

It has multiple reclining positions which accommodates many parents, especially those who are tall. Very useful feature indeed. I found it to be one of the best features a stroller can offer.

More Features.

Let’s start with the carrycot and its amazing features. It comes with a soft mattress, apron and it’s perfect for overnight sleep because of the huge space.

The Bamboo fabrics make it safe and toxic free for your baby to enjoy a good goodnight sleep. Both the carrycot and pushchair seat offers the same features.

These are UPF50+ protection from the sun and other weather conditions. You also have a ventilation system to provide a cool and comfortable environment.

Much needed during summer and specifically for newborns. They are more sensitive. On top of that, a pop-out visor is also designed with it.

A good way to keep an eye on that busy munchkin. Your baby and toddler can face you or the world. A very useful feature to have in whatever situation you are in.

I recommend you use rear-facing for at least 6 months because it’s safer, and you create are stronger bond with your little one.

The seat also of course offers 3 reclining positions which enable your baby and toddler to sit upright, lie down and also play. This is what most pushchairs offer.

The pram system is suitable from birth up to 22kg which it’s around 4 years. So, buckle up you have a journey ahead of you. Because of how well designed the pram is you can use it for years.

Available in more than one colour, and if you add a stroller board it can be used for two children of different ages.


Silver Cross Pacific Autograph: Accessories.

After reviewing the pram the car seat is what’s left. The simplicity car seat is quite famous among many parents, and it’s the car seat many Silver Cross pushchairs come with.

Suitable from birth to around 9 to 12 months. It can take 13kg of weight. The car seat is even good for tiny babies. The simplicity has a base to match with it or you can use the car seat belt.

It has a padded cover and a sun cover to make your baby comfortable and feel safe. The padded cover is good for the rain, wind and other weather conditions.

You also have side impact protection like any other car seat has. Adjustable head support and 5 point harness system are also included in the design.

You have deep layers of padded fabrics to make it comfortable for your little one, especially newborns.  Chest pads for the harness are also included.

5 reclining positions on the handlebar allows you to rock your baby and do other things. Makes it easier for you to put them to sleep.

The fabrics are removable for you to wash them. It weighs 4kg which is more than many car seats around 3kg. Did I forget to mention that this car seat won an award which makes it one of the best?

Other accessories included in the purchase is a rain cover, footmuff and a cup holder. You only need a changing bag and then you are good to go.

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  • It’s expensive.
  • The pushchair seat is not suitable from birth.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • It’s very heavy with the pram mode which makes it not that ideal for travelling abroad. The pushchair is also not the lightest around 11kg.
  • The fabrics are not water-resistant.
  • No calf rest included and the reclining is only limited to 3. Some have 4 or even 5.
  • No all suspension wheels and swivel lockable wheels.
  • The car seat weighs more than 3kg which is what many light car seats do.
  • Does not have a peek a boo window.
  • When in seat mode the basket can be easily reached from the front.

Silver Pacific Autograph Pram vs Other Popular Prams.

The Silver Cross Pacific Autograph is truly amazing, but are there any other prams similar to it in the market? I will only review the pram with other popular prams to see if it stands in the market.

For this comparison, I chose the Venicci Gusto Pram and the Bugaboo Fox 2. All of these three prams a famous and known by many families.

They are fancy and luxurious. Let’s see if the Pacific Autograph pram stands a chance.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram vs Venicci Gusto Pram.

Both a fancy and luxurious and have perfect design chassis. Made with quality materials and fabrics. Other similarities they share are:

  • Both are suitable from birth with the carrycot.
  • The seat unit is rear and forward-facing.
  • Extended canopy.
  • Reclining positions on the seat.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Easy to fold.
  • UPF50+ protection.
  • The same features on the cot.

These are the main features they share. The Venicci Gusto pram has features such as a calf rest, all suspension and swivels lockable front wheels.

The tyres are shock absorbing and puncture-proof. The fabrics are water-resistant which accommodates many rainy areas.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph pram is suitable from birth up to 4 years. The former is up to 3 years. The latter has Bamboo fabrics, trim wheels, shiny chassis and well designed and detailed fabrics.

The shopping basket it offers is much bigger and the pushchair is suitable with one of the best car seats out there. Only £10 difference in price for the pram only.

The Silver Cross is more expensive than the former. It’s hard to choose considering the perfect wheels and tyres the Veniccci Gusto Pram offers.

However, the latter pram offers features that compromise it. So, both take the first spot. It all depends on your lifestyle of course.

Many will choose the Venicci Gusto Pram because it’s cheaper and easier to push because of the wheels and tyres.

Silver Cross Pacific Autograph Pram vs Bugaboo Fox 2 Pram.

Two prams made for the city just like the one above. They share similarities in their well-designed fabrics and providing comfort for your little one. Other similarities are:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to 22kg.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Comfortable carrycot.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Reclining positions on the seat.
  • A ventilation system.
  • One hand steer.
  • One-piece fold.

The Fox 2 has features such as all suspension wheels and swivel lockable wheels. The carrycot has pockets and it’s bigger. A shopping basket with a pocket.

It also has a two-piece fold not only one. The front wheels can be removed to only use the back wheels, which makes it easier to push in tougher grounds.

A higher seat, zip and a peek a boo window on the canopy. The pram system is lighter as well around 13kg which is 1.5kg less.

The Silver Cross pram offers more designs on the fabrics and materials, has UPF50+ sun protection and the shopping basket is bigger, although it does not have pockets.

Bugaboos Fox 2 takes the cake because of all the features it has and it’s, therefore, more expensive. Only the pram system cost more than the silver cross travel system.

The Silver Cross Pacific Autograph is Ideal for Many Families.

Just like I stated in the title the Silver travel system is ideal for many families. It has all of the main and important features and accessories.

The only thing missing is a changing bag and then you are set for years. It might not be the best Silver Cross pram out there or pram, but it has many things to offer.

What do you think? Will the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph be the ideal pram for your family? What about the other prams?


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