The Silver Cross Pushchair – Silver Cross Zest Stroller Review.

Are you looking for a simple single stroller for your baby and toddler? Well, then you have come to the right place to get your answer answered.

For this post, I have chosen to review one of Silver Cross’s amazing pushchairs, the Zest stroller. Just similar to the Pop strollers in style and simplicity.

The Zest stroller is beloved by many, and through my research, I have seen many sites that have done a review on it. I will try my best to detail the pros and point out the cons.

Then, do a quick comparison with the Pop pushchair, and another one from another brand. To see if this stroller stands a chance or not.

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  • Performance.
  • Silver Cross Zest Pushchair.
  • Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • Zest Stroller vs Other Strollers.
  • Simply in Style, yet Helpful.


  • Suitable from birth to 25kg.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Backrest.
  • Reclining positions. (Lie flat).
  • Big hood. (UPF50+ protection, extended, ventilation system).
  • Straps.
  • One-hand fold and compact when folded.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Stable wheels and back wheels have brakes.
  • A medium-sized shopping basket.
  • Softer and cushion inlays.
  • Rain cover included.

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Silver Cross Zest Pushchair.

Product: Zest Pushchair.

Price: £165.

Size of the Product: L77cm x W46cm × H106cm

Delivery: Worldwide (free to Ireland).

My Rating: 8.5/10.

So, when I meant simple I meant it. This stroller is in the market for the simplest strollers out there. Suitable from birth up to 25kg.

Because it offers a lie-flat position your baby can use. You then position it to an upright position when their neck and head are stronger to give them the world view.

This one is a newer version of the Zest pushchair. The newer version offers a more lightweight and compact fold. It weighs only 5.8kg.

Lighter than many light and single strollers. Besides the lie-flat position, the pushchair also offers a backrest. Which enables safer for your baby and toddler.

They can sleep better with soft and cushioned inlays. Moving on to the hood you have an extendable hood which also has UPF50+ protection and a ventilation system.

Makes it easier to breathe around. This feature can be super helpful for many families. If we go back to the seat you have a 5 point harness system.

Which helps strap your baby’s and toddler’s hips, legs/buttocks and shoulders. This will keep them safe and they will be unable to wiggle out of it.

Super beneficial if you happen to have a busy toddler. The wheels are the same size, but the back wheels have two brakes that are reachable.

You have the option to break the pushchair very easy.

More Features.

After coming home from a long day of adventure you only need one hand to fold the Zest stroller. After folding the Zest, the stroller is super compact making it easy to store at home or in your boot.

Helpful for those who have tiny spaces. I can relate to that. If you love travelling the Zest pushchair can also be something that will help you along the way.

It comes with straps to help you carry it. Instead of holding the stroller which can be awkward depending on how you hold it. The straps will make it easier.

A good stroller to use when in the airport, and instead of using their available strollers which by the way cost to have and it’s limited to use.

A medium-sized shopping basket is underneath the stroller to provide a good space for your groceries. It can be used when you are buying only a few things.

The pushchair offers different colours and designs. The small size will make it easy for you to visit many places. You have it easier to fit many doors and tiny public places.

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The only accessory this stroller comes with is a rain cover. The cover will cover the whole pushchair, protecting you and your baby or toddler.

You will have one less accessory to think about. Rain covers are not only used for rain but also for the sun and wind. It can also act as protection from insects.

If you live in a suburban area this can be needed. You can get clips to help with those extra bags you have with you. These tend to weigh the stroller down if you use much it.

Place some on the basket, carry some and then use a clip or two to hang on the handlebar. A friend of mine has done this, and she found it super helpful.

Another accessory you will need, and all parents do is a changing bag. I did a list of reviews. You are welcome to check them out.


  • It’s lightweight, but not the lightest. You have others at 5kg.
  • The handlebar is separated and it’s of course, not extendable.
  • No bumper bar to provide more protection.
  • No chest pads in the harness. It’s better to have a soft pad for the baby’s sake.
  • The basket is a bit smaller and it’s fully covered when using the backrest and the stroller is fully reclined. Which makes it out of use for a while.
  • It has been reported that the seat is not that deep when used on toddlers. Meaning they are closer to the ground and you have to apply the harness always because it’s safer.
  • Forward-facing only, so they can’t face you. You have to go to the front every time to see them or lean forward. It can get frustrating sometimes.
  • It’s not a travel system convertible.
  • No, peek a boo window to view your child from the other side.
  • The stroller seat is quite low, it can be hard for taller parents.
  • It does not have all-terrain tyres, which means it’s not easy to use on any ground.
  • Although two separate brakes can be easy, a one brake system would have been easier for the one pushing. You just need to break at ones and that’s it.
  • It does not stand when folded because the fold is too slim.
  • It is also reported that the hood can get dirty because of the wheels. It’s too close to each other when it’s folded.

Zest Strollers vs Other Strollers.

What does this Silver Cross pushchair have to offer compared to other strollers? Does it stand a chance in the market or are other strollers better?

As I stated above, we will look into the Silver Cross Pop Star stroller, and see which of these two, that are similar is better. Then I also chose the Micralite Profold pushchair as well, to compare.

Zest Stroller vs Pop Star Stroller.

As stated above these two are similar in style and their price difference isn’t that much. Many prefer the Pop Star stroller because of many reasons. These are similarities:

  • Suitable from birth.
  • Lie-flat recline.
  • UPF50+ sun protection.
  • One-hand fold.
  • 5-point harness.
  • A medium-sized basket.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Not travel system convertible.

These are the few similarities they share, but the Pop Star stroller also offers, a bumper bar, a one-hand recline.  It has a carry handle instead of straps, and the harness has chest pads. A leg rests for your toddler and it has a one-touch brake system.

The basket also seems to carry more weight, but the stroller is more expensive than the Zest stroller. Both are upgraded versions of the older versions.

The Zest stroller also offers a ventilation system on the hood, an extended hood, suitable up to 25kg instead of 22kg, a backrest and a lighter chassis.

The Pop Star stroller weighs 7.5kg which is a lot compared to the other one, but the stroller also doesn’t block the basket fully as the Zest does.

It’s hard to choose, but by viewing these features we now know why the Pop Star stroller is popular. Although the Zest will still stand out to those parents who want to have lighter strollers and more breathable fabrics.

Zest Stroller vs Micralite Profold Pushchair.

A bit different in style and design, but the two strollers are similar in the sense that both are lightweight. Other similarities are:

  • Both are suitable from birth.
  • One-hand fold and compact when folded.
  • Offer good fabrics and UPF50+ protection.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Not travel system convertible.

They share these few features, but besides that, the Profold pushchair has also other features such as being famous for providing waterproof resistant fabrics.

It’s durable and makes it easy for parents. It has a reversible seat liner with two sides one with soft Bamboo fabrics and the other with a sporty mesh fabric.

The Microlite Profold offer all suspensions wheels, big and accessible basket and it has a pocket in the back of the hood to provide a space for personal things.

The Zest as you can see also offers features that the other one doesn’t have. One thing that makes it top the Profold stroller is the ventilated hood and the age suitability.

You have more chance of your child using the Zest stroller until they are 5 years of age than the Profold stroller. If you want your child to use it up to then the Zest is better.

When comparing the features the Profold is of course, better. This can also depend on family to family. The Silver Cross pushchair, however, offers a more compact fold.

Which Is also a bonus. What will it be?

Simple in Style, yet Helpful.

Won’t you say that the Zest stroller is simple in style? It’s built in a simple way but comes with many beneficial features that most lightweight strollers lack.

Not all strollers offer sun protection, a ventilation system and a backrest, even well-known strollers. It does have many cons you need to think about.

Like many strollers, the cons are always there, but depending on your lifestyle and what you want to use the stroller for, the pros can outweigh the cons.

What do you think? Is it for you or not? What are your thoughts on the other strollers? If I had to choose one of these I think the Micralite Profold will take the cake.

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