The Oyster Pram – Babystyle Oyster 3 Review.

The Oyster Pram has been rising in popularity lately. When I was doing my research on what prams or strollers I should introduce or review for you, I saw the stats.

It is sky-high. The pram to my knowledge is similar and resembles the Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pushchair, which is why I will compare these two in this article.

For this review, I will be reviewing the pram in detail. Detailing the pros by mentioning the features and then pointing out the cons. As I always do.

I will also compare the baby pram with another pram. First, let us get into the details and see why the pram is liked by many. As stated above this is for the Oyster 3 pram.

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  • Performance.
  • The Oyster Pram.
  • Additional Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • The Oyster Pram vs Other Strollers.
  • Is It The One?

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  • Suitable from birth to 20kg. (Lie flat)
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Big and punctured free tyres
  • All suspension.
  • ER foam tyres.
  • Swivel wheels that are lockable.
  • Reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness with chest pads.
  • Footrest.
  • UV50+ Sun protection, visor and zip.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Comes with an insect net.
  • Adjustable canopy to accommodate a child.
  • Easy fold And lock of chassis.
  • One system brake.
  • Leather made handlebar and bumper bar.
  • Adjustable handlebar.

The Oyster Pram.

Product: Oyster 3.

Price: £979.00

Size of the Product: 73.4 x 51 x 32.2 cm; 14.68 Kilograms

Delivery: Multiple Options.

My Rating: 9/10

By just reading the performance you can see the pushchair offers this and that. Which many single strollers don’t always offer.

The pram can be bought single without needing to use a carrycot and car seat because you have a lie-flat position. The pram is also suitable for up to 20kg that’s roughly 4 years.

Depends on your child. If you still want to use the accessories it’s available. Turning it into a 3in1 Travel System. We will get to that soon.

The Oyster 3 therefore also offer other reclining positions to make things easier for your baby and toddler. The reclining position will help them play, sit and be comfortable.

Babystyles Oyster 3 has a bigger and more roomy seat with a canopy than the other older additions. It accommodates bigger babies and toddlers.

There is also a bigger space to play and bond with siblings with a stroller board attached. It’s available to buy. The seat also offers an adjustable and reclining footrest.

It enables your toddler to sleep comfortably. If you want the seat can face you or the world. Anything you decide. Having this option can make you offer your child privacy, but also an open view.

Later on, they need to view the world. Having both options in my opinion is much better. Through my experiences with my children, I have noticed the benefits and downside of it.

5 point harness system with chest pads, and head support. Adding more safety and comfort for the little one. The seat and canopy offer a ventilation system.

The fabrics are easy to breathe near and it offers fresh air for the baby. Important when they are just born.

More Features.

Coming to the canopy itself. It offers UV50+ sun protection. Protect your little one from the heat and dangerous UV. Much needed during summer days.

Oyster 3 canopy also has a visor and is also extended with a zip. Which can be helpful when you forget to bring along a rain cover.

Against minor rain that is. Extended canopies can definaþely help with that. Moving on to the frame or chassis, it’s also wider than previous models.

The frame has one lock system when folded and offers a more compact fold than previous versions. It has a leather bumper bar and handlebar.

The handlebar can be adjusted which makes it easier for those parents who are tall or short. No need to struggle when going up a hill.

The tyres have ER foam, are big and punctured free. Enables them to be used in different places and offers a smooth and easy ride for babies and toddlers.

One brake system between the wheels. Use your foot with the brake when in need of it. Can be very useful in case of emergencies.

All suspension wheels and swivel front wheels are lockable. Easy to move around narrowed places. One accessory the pram comes with is an insect net.

Good to use in the countryside or any other places you feel will be needed.

A shopping basket is also underneath for the groceries or other additional things.

Babystyle Oyster 3 offers reflectable fabrics or materials.

Is designed in a way to have reflection which makes it more visible at night than many other prams.

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Additional Accessories.

Like I mentioned above the pram is suitable for a car seat and carrycot. The carrycot also has the same colour as the pram, whichever colour you decide to choose.

The carrycot has a cover and it’s bulky. If you want to read the full description and purchase the cot view the Oyster 3 carrycot.  For the car seat, you can buy the Babystyle Oyster car seat group 0+.


One con it has is that the seat is not compatible with a base, which some mums might think it’s important. The seat, however, offers many features and it’s easy to clean.

Click the link to view the full description. I recently did a review on an Oyster 3 Changing bag alongside other bags. An option for you if you plan on buying a bag that matches the pram.

View the bundle if you are interested in buying all of it.


  • It’s expensive for a single stroller. Buying all of the things at the same time can save you more money.
  • It does offer many features, but not all. Like a backrest, removable wheels, etc.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller. You can’t buy this for twins, and when you have another child while your toddler still needs the stroller then you have to buy a stroller board.
  • This version is reported to be a bit heavy. Lightweight strollers are easier to handle than heavy ones.
  • Not all terrain. Although the tyres are great and make them easy to use in many places they still can’t be used everywhere.
  • Suitable up to 20kg. This is an average. Some babies might not reach here, therefore, it can be up to 3 years, and if your child still needs a stroller you will have to buy a new one. Note that this is just my opinion and analyse. By 3 most toddlers are tired of the pram. My toddler was.
  • Not the biggest basket

The Oyster Pram vs Other Strollers.

Now that I have stated all of the pros and cons let’s look into other strollers. Comparing the Oyster 3 with other popular and favourites to see if it stands a chance.

Like Stated above the Ocarro Pushchair and I also chose the ABC Design Salsa 4 Air Stroller. These strollers have some similarities with their appearances.

Oyster 3 Pram vs Ocarro Pushchair.

These two items or products share more similarities in their looks, but what features do both of them share and offer? These are:

  • Offer multiple reclining positions.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Can be used from birth.
  • Head support and chest pads. ( 5 point harness system).
  • Extendable handlebar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Big and roomy canopy.
  • Easy fold.
  • Easy going wheels and tyres (Punctured free tyres)
  • Travel System convertible.

This is it, which if you think about it it’s much. These are mainly the things many quality strollers can offer, and if you have these features your baby won’t lack that much.

There are also differences such as the Ocarro pushchair offering reflectable wheels and not fabrics or frames. Its lightweight, one-hand fold mechanism, mesh pockets, backrest and all-terrain wheels.

From above you can also see the Oyster 3 offer swivel and lockable wheels, a seat suitable from birth, UVP50+ protection, visor and zip, one brake system, one-click lock system when folding and seems to offer a bigger and roomy seat and frame.

The Oyster 3 is cheaper and offers more colours. Therefore I think is better than the Ocarro. However, this is debatable. Some may argue that the Ocarro is better for them.

People have different lifestyles. The Ocarro is lighter in weight which many people may think will and can make up for the lacking features. So, it is debatable.

Oyster 3 Pram vs Salsa Air 4.

Just like the one above these two also share similarities in appearance, and other similarities are:

  • Suitable from birth.
  • Adjustable and reversible seats.
  • Footrest.
  • Swivel wheels and punctured free tyres.
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Good brakes.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • A leather designed bumper bar and handlebar.
  • Compact fold.

Salsa Air 4 also offers features such as a removable footrest and bumper bar, backrest, transport lock, parking brake, removable wheels and a bigger canopy.

If you read above you will also see that the Oyster pram does offer features the latter don’t have. These features balance each other.

I will have state both are equal and I have come to the conclusion they both offer much to you to balance it. Depending on your lifestyle either the Oyster 3 or the Salsa Air 4 can be your choice.

What makes the Salsa Air 4 stand out are the design of the stroller and the fabrics. Through my research, its fabrics are more quality.

The stroller also is suitable for up to 22kg which is more than the other one, however, the Oyster 3 has also its unique features that can rival the latter.

So, the choice is yours as usual.

Is It The ONE?

What do you think? Is this stroller the one for you? It can be hard to decide which pram or stroller to buy. There are many options out there.

You might have searched or clicked on this link not knowing what to expect, or you just wanted to know what the hype was about.

Well, I hope your questions are answered and now the decision is yours. I will love to know what you think of these other two strollers above.

Do you think they stand a chance in your lifestyle and which of these 3 do you favour? For me is between the Oyster 3 and Salsa Air 4. Hard to choose.

Buy Oyster 3 On Amazon.

6 thoughts on “The Oyster Pram – Babystyle Oyster 3 Review.”

  1. This is a great review of the Oyster Pram. I remember when I was first getting a stroller for my daughter. There were so many things to consider and so many choices to pick from. The task got overwhelming very fast. Obviously I wanted the best for my baby and myself but didn’t really know what that meant. Reviews like yours come very handy. They are full of details and very useful for people in that market. 

    Buying a new stroller most likely means that you have some exciting additions coming to your family. You should enjoy every minute of it and not stress over strollers decisions. That’s why I think your review is excellent.

    • Hi Anna. I totally agree. It was soo overwhelming even for me. So, reading reviews and taking the time to decide it’s important. Thanks for reading through it. 

  2. Interesting article. I don’t have kids, so I’m not in the market for a stroller, but the information caught my attention and was interesting. I also liked the comparisons with other strollers. That is very helpful for those with kids and needing to compare. Are there sites that sell the other compared strollers too? Are they comparable in price? Have you personally tried any of these strollers that are reviewing? Thanks!

    • Hey. Yes. Comparing these different strollers will help parents choose. No their prices differ and No, havent tride these stroller, but I did research and I have tested similar features. 

      I have kids, so I review from my own experiences. Thanks for dropping by. 

  3. I think that for the price, this Oyster pram is an excellent choice.

    It has so many features of the more expensive models, such as adjustable handlebar, swivel wheels and the baby can be front or rear facing.  For me these are 3 great features.  As a man I love to be able to raise the handlebar so that I am not stooping.  I also like to race around to amuse my children, so the swivel wheels allows me to make very tight manoeuvres and get the child laughing.

    This is certainly a model that I would buy.

    • Hi Geoff. Yes, these features are important and we often neglect them. It’s important for us and our children. I will choose this one too. Very helpful.


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