The Newborn Baby Strollers – Bugaboo Bee 6 vs Icandy Raspberry.

Looking for a stroller for your arriving baby is not easy and can be hard for families. You won’t know which are good and what the market has to offer.

So, it’s good to read comparison, lists and deep reviews. I am here to make things easier. I will compare two newborn baby strollers that are good to use in many lifestyles.

The Bugaboo Bee 6 and Icandy Raspberry stroller. I will only review the strollers for you and not the travel systems. It’s to give you an idea of what these strollers consist of.

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About The Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller.

£659.00, Amazon.

Dimensions: 31.1 x 18.9 x 15.35 inches. (Weight: 9.4kg).

Known for the urban stroller that’s perfect for the city because of how well it is built. Suitable from birth with the lie-flat option. The stroller can also be converted into a Travel System with a cot and a car seat. You can also use the baby cocoon.

Perfect for you to use however you want. The new bee 6 allows you to position the seat in an upright position to give your baby and toddler a good view.

They can play and view the outside world better. The canopy is big and spacious which also offers a sun canopy. This differs from the older version.

A sun canopy will protect your baby or toddler from the suns nasty UV, and the canopy has a peek a boo window. Also included is a panel.

A swivel bumper is included. It makes it easier for you to remove and place your child on the stroller.

The Bee 6 is also famous for being lightweight and offering easy manure. It easy to carry and push. When folding the stroller you simply do it with one hand.

Compact when folded and easy to. It will fit in most boots and that also makes it easy to use public transport. Bee 6 also stands when folded.

Easy to store at home. You only need to find a tiny corner to place it in. With the baby coming it can be hard to find space, but the Bee 6 will make things easier

More Features.

Moving on to the wheels and tyres. Tyres offer shock-absorbent puncture proof and are easy to use and navigate. They also keep away any kind of dirt making it cleaner than many tyres and wheels.

The wheels and tyres make it easy to use in many places. Although not all-terrain. What makes the stroller amazing is that it will suit your child up to 4 years.

So, get ready this one is here to be with the family for a while. Explaining more about the seat, you have an ergonomic seat. Adjust the height and length to suit your baby or toddler.

It comes with a ventilation system that allows better airflow, and an easier handlebar to handle. Analysing this one it certainly has many beneficial updates from the older version.

The Bee 6 is available in multiple colours, this lemon yellow colour being one of them. Truly amazing. Both forward and rear-facing for your little one.

About The Icandy Raspberry Stroller.

£400.00, Amazon.

Dimensions:  L106cm × W52cm × H98.5cm. (Weight: 8.8kg).

Another city stroller, being famous for being designed for that. Suitable from birth with the lie-flat position and also you can use a cot and a car seat.

The pushchair looks neat and fancy because of the stylish chassis or frame. Makes it visible in a distance and the pink canopy also comes to play.

It’s lightweight and easy to push around. When faced with a difficult situation you can fold it at ease and then carry it. Durable and versatile.

The seat goes to fold with the chassis which means you don’t have the problem removing the seat and then fold. Which, trust me can be frustrating at times.

Stands when folded.

It’s forward and rear-facing and can be used for up to 5 years depending on your toddler. It’s up to 25kg. Adapters are included with it to transform the Icandy Raspberry seat into a high chair.

You do this by adjusting the height of it and have your child near you. A 5 Point Harness system to add to the safety and the Raspberry’s fabrics can be washed and won’t get damaged easily.

Big and spacious basket and extra storage pocket available for you to use.

More Features.

All suspension wheels are puncture-proof. You got also a sun canopy with peek a boo and a ventilation system. Lastly the handlebar.

It’s made with leather and the bar can be adjusted. This pushchair has many accessories that are available for you to use which will make things easier.

If not, the pushchair is good on its own. The canopy is available in multiple colours.

The Differences Between The Newborn Baby Strollers.

1. Some Features Differ.

One thing you can notice with these strollers is that they share many features, and they indeed made for the urban lifestyle, but certain features differ.

The Ventilation system both offers is different. The Icandy Raspberry offer it on the canopy while the Bugaboo Bee 6 has holes in the chassis.

The Raspberry has a longer height adjustable while the Bee 5 has a height but It’s shorter.  However, it has a length adjustment which the former don’t have.

The Bee 6 has been more detailed design. Its wheels or tyres are easier to keep dirt or damp away. It also has a bumper bar which makes it offer more security.

The Bee 6 also offer an even more extendable canopy. Like the cocooned look. Almost 360 degrees cover for your baby. Perfect when they asleep.

On the other hand, the Icandy Raspberry has a height-adjustable handlebar and it also seems longer. Perfect for tall parents.

The Bee 6 has It, but it seems shorter.  The Icandy stroller also offers a bigger basket, offer extra pocket and a bit wider seat

2. The Weight Differ.

The Bugaboo Bee 6 weigh 9.4kg and the Icandy Raspberry weigh 8.8kg. The latter is lighter for families to use. Weight can also be a deciding factor for many parents.

Although the weight does not differ that much, for certain parents it can be important. Lightweight strollers are always preferred when you live in an urban area.

3. Price Tag.

Although they seem to be the same, the price tag is still different. Both these strollers are an update from older versions. The Raspberry from the Icandy strawberry stroller.

The Bee 6 from the 5 which means these are good and new. Still, the price differs. It might be because of the design and the excellent chassis Bee 6 comes with.

Bugaboo is also known for having expensive strollers with excellent features.



Which One Is The Best?

Why The Bugaboo Bee 6 is Better?

What makes this one better is maybe the design. It has a more detailed design and offers high-quality fabrics and materials.

It has an ergonomic seat and offers a lengthy adjustable seat as well. Adjust it to make your baby comfortable. The handlebar is easier to handle.

Its cocooned design distinguishes it from many strollers, and it has a more unique design to it than the Icandy pushchair. It will most likely turn heads.

Just like I stated above the cocoon is perfect for newborns, offering privacy and a quiet place to be in. The bumper bar is also there to add more security.

Many want the bar to keep their toddlers safe when they moving a lot, plus the harness system which makes it even better.

It offers a one-hand fold which many will appreciate. Two hands fold can be frustrating at times. If you decide to buy the Bee 6 it will be money well spent.

Why The Icandy Raspberry is Better?

This one has a higher seat and the handlebar looks longer than the former. It also has a bigger basket with an extra pocket to keep your personal belongings.

It cost and weighs less than the former. This rings a bell in many parents brains because it sounds perfect. Just like I stated above a lighter stroller will benefit any parent.

When using public transport or travelling abroad. The less you spend the more money you have for the family. It’s suitable with more car seats from different brands.

Has water-resistant fabrics and it’s easier to clean. One more thing that will make this one the winner is the age suitability which is up to 25kg.

The suitability age is just a guess so it’s not always guaranteed. Your baby may only use the Bee 6 up to 3 years instead of 4 or this one until 4 instead of 5.

So, it does make them different. When you purchase the Raspberry cot it can be used for your baby to sleep at night.

Which One Is the Best Baby Stroller?

The Icandy Raspberry looks more promising to many parents with different lifestyles. If I to based it on my lifestyle and what many are looking for the Icandy stroller wins.

Although the Raspberry lacks some features the former offers, it still offers its unique features and it’s cheaper. The Weight and age suitability makes it perfect

All of these are taken into condition when analysing a stroller. The major features are stroller must have been designed with these two and even more

This makes the Icandy pushchair more suitable for many lifestyles. Good for parents who want a quality, yet cheaper stroller. Lightweight and for them to use longer.

It’s also perfect for different heights. The only important con it has is the lack of a bumper bar. Everything else that’s useful is there.

The Bee 6 is Still Chosen.

Of, course the Bee 6 is still chosen by thousands of parents worldwide because Bugaboo strollers are always good. Parents who don’t mind the price and the weight are the ones that choose this one.

It is still lightweight compared to many strollers out there and the design is super amazing. A big upgrade from the older version.

Is it the loser? Well, as stated it depends on your lifestyle and what you and your family needs. The choice is always yours when buying something.

Think about what YOU need and then decide.

Potential Cons.

The number one con is, of course, the prices of these strollers. Many other popular brands offer cheaper strollers. The quality and the brand’s popularity makes them expensive

The more people ask about these types of stroller the expensive they get. The features are also the reason for that. Both of these don’t have UPF50+ protection.

It protects more from the elements. Although they are Lightweight, they are still not the lightest out there. One of these lighter strollers is the Bugaboo Ant Stroller.

That one is also cheaper. The features each of them lacks and the other has are also cons. One last thing is that they can’t be converted into double strollers.

If you happen to have another child while the one on its way still needs a stroller, you will have to add additional features or buy another stroller.

A stroller board will be better because it’s cheaper.

The Newborn Baby Strollers: Bee 6 and Raspberry.

So, have you decided yet? These are some of the best lightweight strollers out and I think you have heard of these before, or at least one of them.

Searched for and bought by many parents because of their looks and easy manure in the city. Those who love to visit many places will benefit from these

Although not perfect for every parent and the price does make it challenging for many, that is if you want a new one. That’s it parents, all you need to know.



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