The Mothercare Prams – Mothercare Nanu Stroller vs Mothercare XSS.

It has been a while since I reviewed any Mothercare prams or buggies. Mothercare has gone down in popularity but their strollers are still famous, and parents are buying them.

They are the first I tried and I am still using my Mothercare Journey travel system. For this review, I went on and researched two lightweight buggies.

The Mothercare Nanu stroller and the Mother XSS stroller. I wanted to compare these two Mothercare lightweight prams and see which is better.

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Mothercare Prams: About the Mothercare Nanu Stroller.

  • Open dimensions: H82 x W47 x
  • Folded dimensions: H31 x W30 x L106cm.

£59.00, Boots.

This Mothercare lightweight buggy is available in more than one colour and not only in the colour blue like in the picture above. Giving the option to choose your favourite colours.

Suitable from birth from up to 15kg which is around 3 years. It also offers a one-hand reclining position to make it easier for the parent or guardian.

You can recline it to lie flat position for youŕ newborn or baby, and then after they have grown up an upright position is also available.

The buggy is manufactured with a 5 point harness system that has its own features. It can be adjusted into 3 positions which makes it grow with your baby.

Mothercare installed an adjustable canopy as well and it has a weather shield. Keeping away rain, wind, sun’s UV, etc. Keeping your baby protected and happy.

The seat also has a legrest also called calf rest. That is for your little one’s legs and feet. After a long day of busy adventures, they will most likely tired and would want to rest their legs.

The calf does just that. They will have more space to spread their legs without feeling limited. Giving them more freedom.

More Features.

It has a static handlebar which can make them easier to grip by some parents, and you can use the handle to hang your bags. Don’t overload it! The buggy will trip on one side.

It has swivel lockable front wheels. Making it easier to push and handle on narrow streets. The frame is easy to fold and it being lightweight makes it compact.

Ideal for travelling and using while on vacation. You are also offered a shopping basket underneath where to keep your groceries, or the changing bag.

Mothercare Prams: About the Mothercare XSS Stroller.

Open Dimensions: H75 x W44.5 x L99 cm; 5.82 Kilograms

£124.99, eBay.

This buggy is one of the lightest buggies out there. Weighing around 5kg+ and it still has things to offer to your little one. It’s suitable from 6 months for up to 3 years which as mentioned above it’s around 15kg.

It offers leopard print fabrics and the frame is easy to carry whenever you want to go. To keep your baby and toddler well protected the Mothercare XSS stroller has a 5 point harness system with chest pads.

The chest pads are adjustable and are there to keep baby comfortable. They will also keep the lightweight buggy clean. When it comes to the wheels they are tiny and add more to the journey.

Like the former buggy this one also offers lockable swivel front wheels which makes it easy to manoeuvre. Despite it small size and lightweight frame it offers a small basket underneath.

You can still take your daily or weekly trip to buy groceries. Although it won’t be a lot. It has a sun canopy to keep your baby or toddler protected from that nasty UV.

Because of its tiny design the Mothercare buggy has its own carry bag. After you are done using it you can just fold the stroller and use the carry bag.

The Mothercare XSS only needs to be wiped clean when it gets a bit dirty. Like the former it’s also available in more than one colour.

It has a footrest for your toddler to rest their feet.

The Differences Between These Two Prams.

1. The Nanu Stroller is Suitable From Birth.

This one difference is a major one for many parents. Many want a to buy lightweight strollers that are suitable from birth and the Mothercare Nanu offers just that.

The XSS buggy is suitable from 6 months onwards which you will only be able to use for your older baby or toddler. Parents often want to buy something that will be more convenient for them.

Buying a stroller for your 6 months old baby is not ideal and don’t often happen because from the start parents buy strollers that are at least up to toddlerhood.

Mothercare Nanu stroller is more likely to be bough by anyone who is looking to have a stroller for a longer period. For their babies and toddlers.

2. The Mothercare XSS Lack Certain Features.

It does not have a multiple reclining positions and adjustable harness system. It also does not come with a rain shield as the Nanu stroller has.

A legrest is also not included in the design, but a footrest is and the stroller is smaller than the other. This can be a bad thing for many parents because some children can be in need of bigger seats.

The Mothercare XSS buggy has chest pads on the harness which the other one don’t offer. The former has also a bigger canopy which is also a major difference.

3. One is Lighter Than the Other.

Aĺthough both are lightweight and easy to fold and offers compact fold they differ in weight. The XSS is very lightweight which makes it fit in tiny spaces.

This can be ideal for many parents and therefore makes a major difference. Many are always prompt to buy a cheaper and lighter stroller.

You will need it when pushing on hard grounds and carrying a toddler.




Which One Is Better?

Why the Mothercare Nanu Stroller Can Be Better?

This one can be better for many reasons which are its age suitability. You can use it from birth giving you the option to buy it for your newborn and let them grow up with it.

If you live a simple lifestyle and in a good environment you honestly don’t need to buy another stroller when example the weather changes.

It has a bigger hood which gives your little one more shade from the weather. The basket is also slightly bigger than the other one, which means you have more groceries to fit in.

You also have two lock system at the back which is managed using your foot. The buggy seat is deeper and bigger which also makes it more suitable for bigger toddlers.

It has more design patterns on the stroller. The strollers a not plain they have more design and are multi coloured, but it has one main colour. This is to amuse your toddler, and make them interested.

It will be a head-turner and will match many other accessories. The stroller is also cheaper which will favour many, myself included.

Why the Mothercare XSS Stroller Is Better?

It’s better because it offers more compact fold and it’s lighter. It has a smaller hood, it can be that some prefer this. It has a footrest instead of the whole legrest.

You toddler will only be able to use the footrest which will give them a more sitting position. The stroller has a leopard printed fabrics which makes the fabrics more modern and fancier.

The buggy even looks more suitable for the city and it’s incredibly small which will catch many people’s attention. It’s simple but can be just the one you are looking for.

Which One Wins?

So, I think it’s obvious that the Mothercare Nanu stroller wins and this is only because of the features and its accessory. When it comes to design it’s good but some might prefer the former.

It offers better features and the pushchair will be better for your family to have. I base this on my experience and my research.

The features and the available choices will make the journey with your baby more comfortable and relaxing I believe.

The Mothercare XSS Still Has it’s Fans.

Although it lost the battle the buggy is still a favourite among many parents and it’s searched every month. It’s ideal for parents who love to travel and want it for their toddlers.

I will recommend to buy this when your baby grows because it is then you need a light stroller. It’s also good to buy this depending on where you live.

It will make life easier for you and your family. Some will also buy it because of fabrics and design. They will want something new and fancy to stroll with in the city

Potential Cons.

Both are only forward-facing and they are not travel system convertible. Many lightweight strollers does offer these two choices.

The strollers don’t have all suspension and all-terrain wheels. The tyres are not really the best options. Mothercare XSS stroller has a tiny canopy and it lacks the basic stroller look.

It seats are not that deep and has a small basket. The same goes for the former. They don’t have the standard bumper which can be adjusted in most pushchairs.

Which can make these strollers harder for taller parents to handle. No bumper bar either to keep them more secured. The bars are important to have.

The XSS is suitable from 6 months up to 3 years and sometimes it might not even reach there, so it means it’s usage is very limited.

Because of how they are designed these buggies are more ideal for the spring and summer. It’s easier to push them then than the other seasons.

The Ideal Prams for Travellers.

Won’t you agree? These prams are made for travellers mostly or for those living in tiny and populated areas. It will save them a lot of space and make life easier living in these areas.

The prams are simple and at the same offers eye-catching designs. Your toddler will certainly enjoy the multicoloured Nanu stroller.

What do you think? Will they or will they not?




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