Mockingbird Stroller Review.

The Mockingbird stroller is one of the popular buggies online, and well-liked in the US. It’s a standard stroller that’s travel system convertible and is also known for its large basket.

In this article, I will be going over the pros and cons. Helping decide if this buggy is for you or not.  View Oyster Zero, which is a similar British brand stroller.

Product: The Mockingbird

Price: $350.00

Size Of Product: 31 × 26 × 41

A Place to Buy:

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9/10



The Mockingbird Stroller is special for many reasons, its canopy, wheels, frame, basket, etc. All pushchairs/strollers come with these but the features and their quality is not always the same.

The colour of the stroller is not limited and it’s different from the colour of the frame, and you can use two different patterns. I will go into more detail about the pros.

Around $300 is the average price this stroller is if you decided to buy it as new but of course there’s always a cheaper price by buying it second hand through eBay or other sites.

With the stroller being able to have a car seat and carrycot/bassinet fixed into it, turns it into a Travel System. If you are buying it for your baby that’s just the perfect thing you need.

Reasonable price, size, modern and excellent quality what’s there not to love. Let’s go more into details…

The Canopy And Seat.

As I mentioned above the canopy has colours you can choose from and there’s 3 of them, and there are even 2 patterns. The colours match with every colour that’s available for the stroller. So, you won’t be having a clown pushchair/stroller, well unless that’s what you want. Modern and bright colours give your stroller a unique and classy look.

The seat has multiple reclining options and a child bar which can be fixed with just one hand. A connected harness makes it easy for you to strap your baby or toddler and take them out. With durable nylon, makes up for easier cleaning.

The canopy and seat together work in a way that makes the folding of the stroller easier. With just one hand it can be folded with or without the seat. It takes only seconds for its lock and to stand upright. The canopy and seat suspension lead to a smooth ride for your kid. Are many using the stroller? No problem the handle can be adjusted and rotates to accommodate people of different height.

The seat can be forward or parent facing. You can remove the seat and attach the car seat and carrycot/bassinet into it, but these are sold separately. So, what’s left it’s just to push.

The Fold And Wheels.

Now let’s talk about the fold in more detail. Every stroller nowadays folds but not all of them fold with the seat and have a slim form when folded. The stroller stands upright too when folded, that’s good for public transport, your boot or any other place. It saves you space and keeps the stroller clean.

A slim stroller makes it easy to carry up and downstairs. Hey, I know the struggle and I have even spoken to mums with the same complaint. The wheels will take you anywhere and is similar to the smooth ride of air tyres without the pop of course. One step – brakes and front wheels brakes make it safer to ride.


The Basket And Canopy.

A medium-size basket, that carries weight up to 25 Ibs/11.34kg. It has a front frame that can be detached for more space and easy access. An easily reachable basket makes it easy for shopping or when you need to reach for your things.

Well, I’m ending with the canopy I guess. The UFO+50 canopy is big and comes with a peek a boo and sunshade attach to it, more for your baby’s protection against all seasonal weathers. The patterns on it are there to promote the early development of your baby.

The Mockingbird Stroller, Why So Special?

The Mockingbird Stroller also has a double stroller design for your twins or two kids. It has the same features as this one, but of course, the size differs. Let’s talk about the price because it’s one of the reasons that make this stroller special.

Comparing it to other single strollers from other brands, it’s cheap. The Mockingbird has the same features and quality as many other strollers but its cheaper. Comparing it to Bugaboo and Uppababy single strollers makes it stand out. You won’t get single strollers from those brands for $350, because of their popularity. If you think about it that’s the only difference.

Som Bugaboo and Uppababy single strollers might come with additional features and excellent quality, but some of them are just like the Mockingbird Stroller, yet they are expensive.

The stroller besides being cheap has gone through some testing by experts to confirm its quality and durability. The tests have been made to see how long you can push the stroller without any struggles. With the test, it has been proven that The Mockingbird can be used by anyone, everywhere. The safety of it has also been proven, not many brands undergo these kinds of tests.

However, no matter how special a stroller is, there are always cons to It. It does not come with a rain cover, no changing bag and many other things. Some parents might even think the stroller is expensive for excluding those things. No straps are attached to it for easy carriage.

Many features are missing, like pockets for the seat, the frame is not even extended and it might not have the colour you’re looking for.

So, to summarize all of it. The Mockingbird Stroller is worth buying if you don’t mind buying the accessories and lack some features that may have made your stroll more relaxing.

Have you ever heard of the Mockingbird brand? I just heard of it,  they’re a lot of brands out there not easy to know them all. What are your thoughts on this stroller? Leave comments below.

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