The 10 Luxury Baby Strollers of 2022 – A List of the Luxurious.

Luxury Baby strollers are something many parents are looking for. These are of course parents who like to spend because these luxurious strollers are quite expensive.

For this review, I will be listing some of the 10 best luxurious strollers I have come across. So it won’t be a list you might have come across or that’s familiar to you.

This is usually not my style, because I always make a list of strollers I have already reviewed. I haven’t reviewed four of these luxurious strollers, I instead will direct you to a full description.

These prams will be from different famous brands, and I have chosen them because of their popularity and excellent design. So, they are all familiar to you, well if not the strollers, maybe the brands.

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The Meaning of Luxurious Strollers.

To my understanding what they mean by a luxurious stroller, is a pushchair of great value. It’s a pram that the society where you live holds a certain stroller of great value.

It can be either an older version of a pram or that it’s expensive and unique. Mostly used by celebrities. These strollers tend to be bought by many for generations.

These luxurious prams are dear to many parents because of their popularity or nostalgia. English vintage prams are an example of these prams.

The Queen used to have these prams, and many in society are willing to spend a lot of money to have these items. These strollers don’t necessarily have to have the best look in design.

So, I will be listing both types of luxurious strollers to accommodate different parents. Parents are looķing for different things, so a mix will be good.

Certain Features That are a Must for a Stroller to Have.

  • Safety Harness – A safety harness is something that’s required to keep your baby safe, so that’s why all strollers offer it. Whether it’s 3 point harness system or 5 point harness system. It’s important to keep your baby or toddler’s body secure and safe.
  • Foldability – A stroller being able to fold it’s not a must, but it’s super important that it does because of the society we live in now. Our homes and our streets require smaller things. Pushchairs are big, so being able to narrow them to save space it’s a must for certain lifestyles.
  • Recline positions – The seat must also be able to recline to accommodate many children. It’s often popular among many strollers and be the reason for someone buying a stroller. I consider this to be a must.
  • Manuavre wheels – Good wheels to use on many grounds are also a must. You are using the baby carriage every day so, it’s important the wheels you are using can take you to places. The pushing part comes easy with good wheels too.
  • The brake system – The brake system is also a feature many think about when buying a stroller. It’s important to have an accessible and easy brake. Easy to use in case of emergencies.

The 10 Luxury Baby Strollers of 2022.

1. Stokke Trailz.

£850.00, Amazon.

The Stokke is one of those strollers that come to mind when I was researching this article. I friend of mine has It, and she had many things to share.

It’s a luxurious stroller that’s expensive and loved by many parents because of its unique design. The excellent fabrics and materials can withstand many things.

Take on many impacts, unlike many strollers. Suitable from birth up to 3 years. The Trailz has all suspension wheels, all-terrain tyres and puncture-proof tyres.

That already gives it excellent manure. Easy to take to many places because it can withstand rough grounds. Excellent for those parents who want classy items, but also love adventures.

Travel System ready, ergonomic leather handle, ventilated hood, etc.

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2. Stokke Xplory.

From, £250.00, eBay. New: £864.00,

This one is just the other one above, but certain things differ of, course. Also offers a luxurious design and features a nice place for your baby to be in.

It has an excellent feature that will be good for many families, such as the high chair. Adjust the seat height to give your baby a higher seat.

Enables them to have more views, and can you use it as a high chair. A waterproof basket underneath to protect your lovely goods. This pram provides many features that are necessary and others that will make the ride safer and comfortable.

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3. Icandy Peach Bundle.

£1070.00, Uberkids. 

The Icandy Peach must be here too. It’s one of those strollers many from the UK love, and consider luxurious. It’s increasing in popularity and therefore expensive.

Icandy Peach offers excellent features such as sun cover on the hood, backrest, footrest or leg rest and the stroller provides overnight sleep carrycot.

The features are many and good, and the fabrics and materials are excellent. A head-turner for many, and fabrics that will last longer.

There are many versions of the Peach. Read my review on one of them.

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4. Bugaboo Donkey.

£1049.00, Uberkids.

The Bugaboo Donkey stroller is famous for providing seats for twins. It has 3 modes. Can be used for one baby, two children of different ages and twins.

Which makes it one of the best double strollers out there. My sister bought this stroller and she still loves it. Found it useful for her kids and daily activities.

You have 3 versions. The original donkey, donkey 2 and the newest donkey 3. They provide big canopies with ventilation systems, all-terrain tyres, excellent brakes.

The best is of, of course, the donkey 3. With easy fold, zip and pockets on basket, lighter wheels, easy handling the handlebar, travel system convertible, etc.

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5. Silver Cross Balmoral Pram.

£1800.00, Kiddies-kingdom. 

This one is indeed a luxurious and expensive pram. It has a vintage look to it. Famous English pram and loved by many. The pram is hand made and new.

A big hood and wheels. Painted details and fabrics are stitched by hands. The harness system is made out of leather and well suited for many babies.

A big basket and high gloss made features. Not your typical pram at all, and it might be difficult to use in certain places, but parents still love the pram.

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6. Mina Xari Pushchair.

£1249.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

I have also seen lists containing the Mima Xari stroller and was wondering what it was about until I did a little bit of digging. The pram is truly amazing and has the same sense of style as the Stokke strollers.

This amazing design comes with its carrycot to give comfort to your little one. It has features such as reclining positions, a big hood, easy fold, spacious basket, etc.

This colour is a nice colour that makes you stand out in public, which some parents like. It can face you or forward and has an ergonomic handle to make an easy grip and therefore push.

There’s no need to buy a separate carrycot with this one. The seat can be converted into one which saves you a lot of money when the stroller is already expensive.

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7. Cybex Priam Pushchair.

£1619.95, Uberkids.

The Priam pushchair is also a luxurious pram because of the “Jeremy Scott wing collection” a nice design and a head-turner whatever you go.

It can be convertible into a Travel System with the carrycot and car seat, and the seat unit can also be used from birth. Which can make it easier for you.

The pushchair is already expensive and adding more can make it harder, well it also depends on what you want. Forward and rear-facing, all-terrain wheels, easy fold, large basket, easy handlebar, etc.

There are too many good things with this stroller. Luxurious in many ways.

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8. Cybex Mios Pram.

£989.97, Uberkids.

The hood is famous for its lightweight design and ease to manoeuvre through narrow streets. With luxurious fabrics and materials to make life easier for the whole family.

Can be converted into a Travel System with a carrycot and car seat. Both the cot and seat offer sun cover or shade. Other features can also be forward and rear-facing, one hand fold, footrest and mesh fabrics.

Other features are also featured of course. The mesh ventilated fabrics make it easier during summer days. Provides a cool place for the baby and toddler.

This Mios colour is super noticeable and bright. Good for a city lifestyle, and will definitely stay with the family for years.

Read The Full Description. 

9. Egg 2 Stroller.

£998.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Egg 2 is a newer version of the egg Pram. It’s suitable from birth and can be convertible into a double stroller. It also travels ready with many features that are accompanied.

Has forward and rear-facing, adjustable leg rest, reclining positions, foldable with one hand, big and spacious canopy, seat liner, etc.

I can go on and on with the features. It’s truly amazing and will make things easier for the family. This version has a bigger seat and frame to allow another carrycot or seat.

A head turner and it’s available in many colours which differs from the older version.

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10. Nuna Mixx Bundle

£779.00, Uberkids. 

The Nuna brand is also famous for producing expensive and luxurious baby strollers. One of those famous collections is the Mixx 5 stroller.

Suitable from birth with the seat, carrycot and car seat. It’s up to 20kg which can be around 4 years. It offers 5 reclining options which make it possible to be used on newborns.

Forward and rear-facing, ventilation system, adjustable handle, peek a boo window, etc. Many more features are available, and unlike the other strollers, this one is cheaper.

Although these luxurious strollers are quite expensive, and it’s not easy to find any cheap ones. All are expensive. This one is not an exception.

This is the bundle, so the single stroller can be cheaper.

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The Luxurious Strollers.

What are your thoughts on all of these strollers? Do you think I missed something here or did I add a stroller that I shouldn’t be added?

All of these brands are famous worldwide and popular withing parents. They are also the most searched strollers out there because of their high-quality fabrics and materials.

There are many luxurious pushchairs out there, so they are endless if you think about it but I listed these because I know more of them and they are listed by many popular sites.

They are also searched by many parents, even though they are expensive which show the popularity of it. These strollers I believe will continue on be in trend for years to come.

What do you think? Will, there be any change, and their popularity will decrease?

4 thoughts on “The 10 Luxury Baby Strollers of 2022 – A List of the Luxurious.”

  1. Wow, when you say luxury, you mean luxury.  You could buy them an old car and drive them round for less lol.

    Just joking. 

    For parents who have lots of money and like the neighbours to know it too, then these are the thing to have.

    You have given us a good selection to choose from and have given all the details.

    All anyone now needs to do, is to make their selection.

    • Yes, these are certainly luxurious. Popular among many parents who like to spend. It’s important to give these choices, so that they have different selections. 

      They all differ in style, but are luxurious  Thanks for dropping by. 

  2. I loved the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram. I am fascinated with it’s vintage look. You see, I am a photographer. And have in mind several shooting sessions with my baby. And this stroller would just be perfect. And I like the brand and the quality they are known for. You convinced me, I’ll buy this one.

    • Hi Ann. The Balmoral pram is indeed are very fancy pram and love by many. I am glad you fancy it and are planning to buy it. Hope it is the best your baby.

      Anything else you need let me know. 


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