The Joie Car Seats – Joie i-Snug vs Joie i-Gemm vs Joie Gemm Car Seat.

So, are you looking for a baby car seat for your soon arrival newborn baby? Is it for your Joie pushchair or to use for the car? Well, it can also be that you have another pushchair brand.

Whatever it is Joie Car Seats are, well known to provide good quality and well-liked car seats to all parents. The Joie car seats I am talking about are:

The i-Snug, i-Gemm and the Gemm. There is a competition between these three car seats, especially the first two car seats. I chose to review both Gemm and i – Gemm car seats to give you an idea.

I will be doing a detailed comparison between these three to see which of these will be best suitable for many families. Or maybe all of them will be?

Let me stop delaying the process, and get right into it. View my review on this Joie Versatrax stroller if you are still looking.

I will not do an I-Gemm vs Gemm because the differences will be mentioned in other subheadings.

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Joie Car Seat: About the i-Snug Car Seat.

Product Dimensions: L55cm × W44xm × H67cm (3.25kg). 

£118.00, Amazon.

The Joie I Snug is suitable from birth and it’s lightweight at just 3.25kg which is ideal for most car seats. It will be perfect to carry along when buying groceries.

It still offers your baby the safety they will need, such as a so-called Tri- protect for your baby’s head and an Intelli-Fit pillow for their body and head as well.

This car seat has been tested by the new R129 safety test checker. This means it passed all tests and offers more than what the regulation deems normal.

Your little one will have more protection, and some added extra features to make the journey exciting and comfortable. It’s to be used for up to 75cm which is around 13kg, and that’s 12 months.

Underneath the seat, you can flatten it for your newborn’s ankles to be comfortable. As all car seats have side impact protection, this one too.

The Joie I Snug provides 3 layers of that and it’s filled with foam to make it soft and comfortable. Your baby’s head, body and legs will be well protected.

More Features.

You can either use your cars belt or the Isofix base to install in the car. This gives also an international fit and that means it will be suitable for most cars, if not all.

It’s only rear-facing, which many professionals advise is the best option for a car seat to face, and I will add to that by stating newborns should face you.

The Joie car seat can be part of a travel system with Joie or other strollers as mentioned above. You wither buy it as a bundle or on its own.

Do you know what makes this car seat also soo good? It can be installed with the I venture base and the i-advance base. These are perfect to use with a car seat.

It will make it possible for your baby to grow up with it for up to 4 years. No need to buy a car seat after you have bought this one, just adapters and the base you will need.

It has a sleek handle to grab on while carrying and comes with a big canopy to cover the baby.

Joie Car Seat: About the i-Gemm Car Seat.

Product dimensions: l 66cm x w 43.5cm x h 58.5cm (4.6kg).

£125.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

The i-gemm is a famous Joie car seat alongside the one above and has also the latest I Size standard measure. The newest R129 regulation safety checker.

Joie introduces this car seat that’s suitable from birth with the height of 45cm up to 85cm, but the maximum weight to use on it is less than 13kg according to manufacturers.

It has Intelli fit foam and Tri fit foam both for side impact protection and for the headrest. Giving your newborn a place to rest their head and body comfortably.

The headrest has three layers so it’s thick and it also offers 3 adjustable options as your baby grows. As well as a harness that’s adjustable too.

It’s made to fit infants of different sizes and it comes with chest pads to keep the car seat clean and give your baby a soft place to touch and feel.

Curved features on the bottom rock the car seat, which can help you out a lot. A UPF50+ sun and water protection with zip-open panels.

The canopy is adjustable and removable. To make things even great you got an adjustable handlebar, that’s ergonomic making carrying it even smoother.

Joie i-Gemm must be used with the base and these are the Joie I Advance and Joie I base LX. The car seat can be used to travel with as well which is amazing.

All of these amazing features are enjoyed by your baby on your long journey. Compatible with almost all Joie strollers without adapters and if you happen to own others then just use adapters from Maxi Cosi.

By the way, this is an award-winning car seat.

Joie Car Seat: About the Gemm Car Seat.

Product Dimensions: H58. 5, W43. 5, D66cm (Weight: 4.8kg).

£70.00, Uberkids. 

Suitable from birth and comes with many features. Also a favourite among many parents. The Joie Gemm has side protection to keep the baby’s entire body safe.

If you love to travel a lot by plane then you should know this one it’s useable for that. Unlike many car seats, this has 5 point harness system instead of 3 point harness.

That includes more security for the baby. It’s designed with layers to keep the baby safe and these can be removed to give the baby more space when they are growing up.

An ergonomic handle that’s easy to grab and carry. This car seat does not need adapters to be used on any Joie pushchairs. If you want to use it for other pushchairs then Maxi Cosi adapters will be suitable.

You can also use either seatbelts or bases, whichever you choose.

More Features.

The covers are washing machine washable which means no need to worry about the stain. Wiping it clean won’t always do so it’s best to wash them. It will make it last longer as well.

This one is suitable for up to 15 months which is around 13kg, and it’s tested with the R44/04 which is not the newest regulation checker.

It also has a big hood to cover the baby from minor rain and the heat of the sun.

The Difference Between the I Snug and Gemm.

1. Age Suitability Differs.

So the I Snug is up to 12 months because of the 75cm tall measurement, but the weight itself is up 13kg just like the former. Although there is not much difference between 3 months for many, it can mean a lot for your baby.

The age difference is a major thing between these two. Some babies by 12 months will still need to use the car seat. They might not be ready yet to move to another age group.

Although it’s little it’s a major for many parents.

2. Changes in Usability.

Both of these provide side impact protection, deep fabric layers, a harness system, handlebar, and good hoods. When it comes to some aspects of its usability it differs.

The I Snug has the newest regulation safety checker, which makes it go above normal and the other one has the normal standard safety.

It means the I Snug is safer to use because it’s better than normal. The Joie Gemm can be used on an aeroplane and the other has not been reported be.

The latter also can be fixed on all Joie pushchairs without adapters and its complaint with many other pushchair brands. The I Snug offers a better place for your baby to rest their ankles.

3. Base Compatibility.

Both can be used with the seatbelt or base which is good for any parent, but it differs when it comes to compatibility. The I Snug it’s not only compatible with the Isofix and Isize base but also with others.

It can be used with the I advance and I venture bases which as seen above will take your baby up to 4 years. The former car seat only offers compatibility with one base type.

This is a major difference to those parents who need to use a base in their cars.

The Difference Between the I Snug and I Gemm.

1. The I Gemm Offers More Features.

Both the I Snug and I Gemm has the new R129 regulation safety checker and offer extra side impact protection, but they differ in certain features.

The I Gemm not only offer a big hood but it comes with UPF50+ with open panels to allow airflow. It gives the canopy better sun and water protection.

You are also able to view your baby from behind. It also has an adjustable handlebar and the canopy as seen above can be removed.

It also has three layers of thick foam on the headrest. While these features the I Snug has it on the side impact protection only. Which gives the former a double boost.

Your baby is doubled secure.

2. Different In Usability As Well.

So, both can use the Joie I Advance base but they don’t share other bases. Although the maximum height for the I Gemm is 85cm it doesn’t have a maximum weight of 13kg, which differs from the other one.

The I Gemm also requires you to use the base for the car. You must use it and it doesn’t have an international fit option. Joies I Gemm can also be used to travel with.

3. Major Price Difference.

Although this has nothing to do with the features it’s still a big difference between these two and the Gemm car seat as well.

It cost way more than the other two and there are of course reasons for that.

Which One Is Better?

Why the i-Snug Car Seat Can Be Better.

I have already laid out everything for you above, but lets into the details of what this means if you decide to go with this car seat. First of all, it offers more safety than Gemm.

It has been tested to be very safe for your baby. This means the 3 layers of foam will help the car seat endure impacts. Cushioned soft fabrics will also keep them safer.

The seat offers better features than the Gemm car seat to keep the baby comfortable. Flatten beneath the seat to keep the newborn comfortable. It has extra head and body support.

It’s also much lighter than two former car seats. It will easier to carry when buying groceries and easier to carry upstairs. Parents are always looking for lighter car seats.

One thing that makes it somehow unique it’s the bases. With the I venture base and the I advance base you can use the seat for up to 4 years. Although it’s more expensive than the other one and cheaper than others it will be worth it. Just in the middle.

Why the i-Gemm Car Seat Can Be Better.

With the things that I mentioned above, you can already see that I-Gemm is indeed incredible and no doubt has the features you need.

It has the UPF50+ sun and water protection, zip-open panels and an adjustable canopy and handlebar to make it better than the others.

It has three layers on the headrest as well offering better protection and included in all of that is the flight complaint. You can use it during your holidays.

All other features it shares with the I Snug make it even better than the Gemm car seat as well.

Why the Gemm Car Seat Can Be Better.

So this one can be used for up to 15 months and it’s available to use when travelling as well (makes it better than the I Snug). It’s compatible with Joie strollers without the adapters.

It’s compatible with soo many other strollers from other brands, so is the two former as well. The Gemm has an ergonomic handlebar which is easier to handle.

When dirty the covers can be removed to be washed, and all of these features and extra design adds to its quality. Which makes it a favourite among many parents.

Which One Is The Winner?

It’s hard to say because every parent has a different lifestyle but when looking at the features I think it’s pretty obvious. The I Gemm is the winner if you analyse all three of them deeply, and you see which of these three will offer the best experience for many parents.

It has the best quality in terms of fabrics, materials, features and the usage is the best. It does not mean it’s better in other aspects when compared to the I Snug especially.

The I Snug and even Gemm are better in other ways like we mentioned above, but I looked at everything when I was comparing them. It will give your baby and toddler the best experience.

When used on the stroller it has the features and fabrics to make the baby satisfy, and will be the case when used in your car.

The only downside is that it must be used with the base in your car while the others you don’t necessarily have to. It’s still better though.

The I Snug and Gemm are Still Ideal for Many.

As you read it, many will still choose either the I Snug or Gemm car seat. If you are only looking for a car seat for your baby and want a cheap one these two can be it.

If you also love to travel then the Gemm is ideal for your family. If you want to save time by not using adapters on your Joie pram then the Gemm delivers just that.

These two might be the loser in this battle, but they still offer amazing things for your families journey, and besides, the Gemm is a normal standard car seat, and the I Snug is still quality.

This means they both have all the necessary things to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Joie I Snug is the best to go with. It has the newest R129 regulation safety checker and it still offers very good features, yet is still much cheaper than I Gemm

So, it’s a second choice if you can’t afford the winner.

Potential Cons.

No car seat comes without any cons, and these three are not an exception. Although they are quality car seats and are chosen by many, they still lack some things.

The handlebars don’t have a soft grip. Yes, they are sleek and comfortable, but a soft grip would have been preferred by many parents.

The looser car seats don’t offer, a ventilation system, UPF50+ and peek a boo window on their hoods. This is the reason why the car seats although not the cheapest, are not that expensive.

The harness is not adjustable, etc. Soo many other car seats feature it can come with which they lack, which other parents would have preferred.

Many will not choose to buy these because of the lack of them. None of them is suitable for up to 18 months (I Snug and I Gemm on their own). They are only here to journey with your baby until they walk or support their body fully.

The I Gemm has one more con and that is it’s expensive and weight around 4.6kg. It’s lighter than the older version but much heavier than the I Snug.

Joie Delivers Indeed!

It’s true with these three. Joie offers soo many quality car seats and it has done just that with these for parents all over the world.

Just the fact it’s suitable for both the car and pushchair makes them perfect. The I Snug and Gemm be used with a base or with the seatbelt also makes them flexible.

Flexibility is what many families require because many of us change lifestyles, and situations come up when you don’t expect them.

So, it’s good to have car seats that adapt to many situations. Unfortunately for the, I Gemm that’s not the case, but it still has features that more than make up for it. What do you think? Do you agree or not?




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  1. Thanks for the great post on Joie car seats, being a father of twins we spent may hours looking for these types of products when ours were babies so your site would have been a godsend back then ( they are teenagers now). Always good to get quality recommendations and these car seats look very cosy and more importantly safe. Well done 👍

  2. Hi Fatoumata. Thank you for very interesting review. I was looking for baby car seat recently but its not easy to choose good product with so many options on market. But looking on you review I-snug seems as a perfect choice. It has very good safe results, its light and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.


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