The Ickle Bubba Travel System – Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Review.

How about the Ickle Bubba Stomps V4? Well, it’s in the trend and loved by many parents in the UK and world, to be honest. The Ickle Bubba Travel System will make things easier.

With a car seat and carrycot included and also other additional accessories added to it. Although the Stomp V4 stroller is not the best in the market, it’s still valuable in the market.

In this article, we will find out what makes the stroller popular among many parents. For this, a review is needed. I will be detailing the pros and point out the cons.

I will also do a quick comparison with another popular stroller, not the travel systems. This other stroller will also offer a travel system.

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  • Performance.
  • The Bubba Stomp V4 Pushchair.
  • The Ickle Bubba Travel System (Accessories).
  • Cons.
  • Stomp V4 Pushchair vs Stomp V3 Pushchair.
  • Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 vs My Babiie Belgravia Pushchair.
  • Travel System Special Edition.


  • Suitable from birth with a carrycot or car seat. (Stroller up to 4 years)
  • Lightweight bronze or chrome chassis. (6.5kg).
  • Forward and rear-facing both seat and cot.
  • Reclining seat.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Hood has multiple purposes.
  • Foot warmer.
  • Carrycot accessories.
  • Car seat accessories.
  • Leather made handlebar (extendable) and bumper bar (removable).
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Foam wheels and rear and front suspension.
  • Lockable front wheels.
  • One system brake.
  • Easy fold.
  • Large basket with colour.
  • Seat liner.

The Stomp V4 Pushchair.

Product: Stomp V4 Special Edition.

Price: £599.00

Size of the Product: W61cm x L95cm x H104cm

Delivery: Next day delivery. (Depend on where you live). Multiple options.

My Rating: 9/10.

Suitable from birth either with the car seat, or carrycot, and the stroller offers families style and simplicity. The Stomp V4 seat can be used from 6 months onward just like the older version.

Reclining positions are included to make it easier for your little one. You can recline it in many positions to make them comfortable.

It enables them to lie down and sit upright and play. Forward and rear-facing options are available, which means your baby or toddler can face you or the world.

Having both options is better than just one. I am sure you will come across situations where you will need to use either of these positions.

I have many times. I mostly used rear-facing to have a better bond with my baby, but forward-facing lets them explore the world and relax.

A harness system with the pushchair makes keeping them secure easier. A 5 Point harness system makes it more secure. The canopy or hood has a double layer.

Meaning it has multiple purposes and also makes it thicker. You also got a leather made handlebar and bumper bar. The handlebar is extendable.

Good for those parents who will need it. The bumper is removable to allow you to place your child with ease. The leather design makes the pushchair stand out. Very classy and fancy indeed.

More Features.

Moving on to the chassis. You have the option to choose a chrome or bronze frame. It looks designed and a head-turner.

Perfect for the city lifestyle. You have lockable front swivel wheels which offer smooth manure for you and your partner. Pushing it will be easier.

Foam wheels and rear and front suspension. All of this adds to a smoother ride and enables you to push the stroller in many places.

One system brake which makes it easier to the one pushing. Just use your foot at once instead of using it twice. The chassis also offers easy folds and compact when folded.

The chassis is also extremely lightweight at just 6.5kg. Not the lightest but one of the lightest. Usually, shopping baskets are black, but this frame offers a coloured basket

It adds more to the luxurious design and many parents will love to have a coloured basket.

The Bubba Travel System: Accessories.

The carrycot as mentioned is suitable from birth, and it’s up 6 months. Can be less or more depending on your baby.  You have a quilted liner with the cot.

Offering a smooth, soft and comfortable place for your little one to be in. It comes with an apron, mattress, removable bumper bar and a cover.

The cot also offers a big hood. Which can act as a protection for your little one. Moving onto the car seat. The famous Galaxy 0+ car seat comes with a base.

The seat does not have a hood but has side impacts and a 3 point harness. It can also be used from birth up to 13kg. You also have other accessories such as:

  • Footmuff.
  • Rain cover included.
  • Changing mat.
  • Changing bag.



  • Stroller seat not suitable from birth.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • The accessories are not the best design there is.
  • The basket is large, but not the largest.
  • Not the ideal pushchair to travel with.
  • Not all-terrain wheels which mean it’s not easy to use on all grounds.

Stomp V4 Pushchair vs Stomp V3 Pushchair.

What makes the Stomp V4 better than the older version? I did a review on the older version a while back and both of these are very similar.

After analysing both of these the V4 is lighter than the previous one, which makes it easier to steer. This point it’s made by a mum who has used it.

The chrome or bronze chassis is also new. It offers you a more stylish and luxurious design. The basket is also coloured in this version.

That’s the difference between these two. Both offer 4 years Guarantee when you buy them. The price also differs because the V4 is newer and has added to its design.

Not no changes with the features and accessories, so it depends on what you want.

Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 vs My Babiie Belgravia Pushchair.

After comparing it with the older version let’s go ahead and compare it with another similar product in the market. Is the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 excellent in quality compared to others?

For this comparison, I chose the My Babiie Belgravia Pushchair which shares similarities in the market. These two are similar in their features just like many other popular pushchairs. These similarities are:

  • Suitable from birth with carrycot or car seat.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Leather made handlebar and bumper bar and adjustable.
  • Easy and compact fold.
  • Large basket.
  • Harness with chest pads.
  • Bronze chassis


These are the main features these pushchairs share. With the Belgravia pushchair, you have option to remove the wheels to clean them.

The Belgravia seat is suitable from birth because of its reclining seat. The hood is not quilted but it has 3 positions to offer protection from the elements.

It has the same price, but fewer accessories which mean it’s more expensive. When it comes to the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 it offers also a chrome chassis.

The basket is coloured and it has foam wheels. The hood is double which means it’s thicker. Good for the winter and offers more protection for your baby.

It’s hard to choose because the Stomp V4 has more accessories and cost the same as the former. It’s cheaper and they share similarities in the major features.

However, the Belgravia also has features such as seat suitability from birth and removable wheels. What will it be? I think both of these strollers are equal in quality and therefore share the same spot in the market.

If I have to choose base on my lifestyle the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 is the winner. It’s cheaper than the other one hen adding the accessories, and by the way offers more colours.

Travel System Special Edition.

The Ickle Bubba Travel System is quite a special edition. Comes with all the features and accessories your little bundle of joy will need until they are tired of it.

With a luxurious chassis, excellent fabrics and beneficial features you are set for life. Not to mention a 4-year guarantee is included in it.

A good investment indeed. The stroller might not be the best in the market and in fact, is far away from it. I reviewed better strollers, but still, there must be a reason for the Stomp V4s popularity right?

What do you think? Is it the pushchair you want or are there other strollers that can do better? What is your thought on the My Babiie Belgravia pushchair?


2 thoughts on “The Ickle Bubba Travel System – Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Review.”

  1. I’m sold!  The Ickle Bubba Travel System is great!  I have a grandson on the way, and I will need something for my house for when I have him staying with me.  This has so many functions in one, I love it!  A carry cot, car seat and stroller in one.  The feet warmer is a nifty idea as well.  I will be ready now.  I did not see a link for this particular product, as I am curious about price?  Maybe on Amazon?

    • Hi Leah. The Ickle Bubba Travel System is very good for many families. You have access to the link where I type “the place to buy” and also at the end. Click the turquoise coloured text. 

      If you need any help, I am here to help. Drop by anytime.


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