The Icandy Prams – Icandy Peach vs Icandy Lime Review.

Both these two Icandy prams are famous and loved by many parents. The designs are truly amazing. Icandy continues to provide us with top-notch strollers and prams.

For this post, I will be comparing the Icandy Peach travel system and the Icandy Lime Travel System. Give you an insight into what these two offer.

Giving a basic review and potential cons. It will essentially be a review, but it leans more on to me comparing them. Your mind is already set on buying an Icandy pram, but you don’t know which one.

No problem by the end of this article hopefully I would have been convinced. Note that both these travel systems don’t show everything that’s included.

The important parts are the stroller, carrycot and changing bag. Now let’s begin.

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About The Icandy Peach Travel System.


  • Dimension: H99cm x W52cm x L55cm. (Weight: 12.5kg maximum. Minimum: 7.5kg). Handle height: 95-105cm.

This version of the Peach stroller is a new one and comes with a range of new designs. An upgrade to the older versions. Suitable from birth with the carrycot or a car seat (buy separately).

The seat unit can be used from 6 months of age up to 25kg, which is around 4 to 5 years. Your toddler will be pretty tired of the pram by then.

The cot is big enough for your baby to sleep there at night. You can put them in it and place them near you. It comes with a cosy mattress, liner and apron.

The hood or canopy it’s big and enables a sun cover. The canopy will also make a nice and cosy place to be during winter and summer.

This version of the carrycot is much deeper which also provides more privacy for newborn babies. You can even use the cot as a changing place if you are outside. (My idea).

Moving on to the seat it has a harness system and bumper bar to provide a haven for your little one. It has adjustable seat with a backrest and adjustable leg rest.

All can be done with one hand, and the seat can be removed quickly with one hand also. Make it face you or the world. A seat height adapter is included in the purchase.

The adapters can be used to adjust the height of the seat. A way to have your baby or toddler closer to you. It also enables them to view the world better.

Important and super helpful during summer. The canopy offers a peek a boo window for you to view your child when they are not facing you. A way to keep an eye on them.

More Features.

The frame or chassis as it’s also called offers 4 adjustable positions on the handlebar. Excellent for any parent. Which can come in handy when doing many tasks.

The wheels are all suspension and have punctured-free tyres. Two lock systems on the wheels. One for the go and the other it’s swivel to provide a better ride in the city.

Removable back wheels and easy to fold. Stands when folded to provide a compact fold or ease for those parents who love to travel.

Peach pram is available in more than one colour. It comes with a changing bag, a pod (seat liner and footmuff combined), a rain cover and a stroller board.

With adapters, the stroller matches many car seats from different brands. Maxi-Cosi is one of them. If you are interested in buying a seat, then view my review.

About The Icandy Lime Lifestyle Travel System.


  • Folded dimension with the seat: L 74 x W 62 x D 30cm. Folded dimensions without the seat: L 68 x W 51 x D 30cm
    (Weight: 10.2kg Maximum. Minimum: 4.5kg). Handle height: 98-109cm.

According to the manufacturers, the Lime Lifestyle offers a big pram, but at the same time, it’s lightweight. Good for those parents who want to experience both.

The pushchair is suitable from birth with the cot. As with the Peach cot, this one is also a newer version, which is deeper and your baby can lie there at night.

Moving on the seat it offers 4 reclining positions, and you are able to recline it by using one hand. On the other hand, be busy doing others things.

Forward and rear-facing options are available on the seat. This one also offers height-adjustable adapters. So, you can adjust the height of the seat to accommodate your child.

SPF50+ protection on the canopy. It’s adjustable and has a mesh ventilation system. Provides a cool and cosy environment to be In, especially for newborns.

It has a peek a boo window as well.

The frame offers an adjustable handlebar and a removable bumper bar. It has a quick fold system with everything attached. In this way, you save space while at home or travelling.

Lime Lifestyle also has straps that enable you to carry the pushchair. An easier solution than holding the pram. These straps are super useful and helpful.

Other accessories included a changing bag, pod, rain cover and a stroller board. This one is also available in more than one colour

It comes with adapters, so you can use a car seat. It matches many car seats from different brands. Comes with a big basket capable of taking up to 10kg of weight.

Similarities Between the Peach and the Lime Lifestyle.

Seat Unit and Hood (Canopy).

Both of these offer seats that are suitable from 6 months up to 25kg with single-mode. That’s many years of adventures.

Both seat units offer UPF50+ canopy with mesh ventilation panels and the hoods are extendable as well. With peek a boo window.

The windows have cover patches to shield your child and also offer warmth during winter. Not allowing cold wind to enter.

The Peach and Lime have 5 point harness system.

Offers 4 reclining positions on the seat with just one hand. Enables your toddler to have more views. Both seats can also be height adjusted with adapters.

Having your little one close to you. Both are forward-facing and rear-facing as well. Both have bumper bars that can be removed and attached easily.

Carrycot and Car Seat.

When looking at their two important accessories these two share similarities as well. Both carrycots are good for overnight sleeping and suitable from birth up to 9kg which is 6 months.

The same size and have UPF50+ canopy with mesh panels with windows.

Both are also compatible with car seats from different brands which are: Maxi Cosi, Joie, BeSafe, Recaro, etc. These offer the best car seats.

Basket and Wheels.

Both have big baskets that are accessible from the back and front. These can carry up to 10kg of weight which is quite a lot and enough to fit a changing bag and groceries.

So you won’t lose out on it if you buy either of them. Both have all-terrain wheels and all suspension as well which makes it easier to get to different terrains.

It offers a better and smooth ride on uneven terrains.


What makes them similar when it comes to the frame is the folding part. Both offer compact fold and easy fold with a click mechanism.

Both can be folded with the seat unit off and on which makes it accommodate many lifestyles. Both offer aluminium luxurious design frames made to stand out.

Both stand on their own when folded saving a lot of space.


Both also offer similar accessories such as rain cover, adapters for car seats, ride on boards suitable up to 20kg, changing bags, footmuff and cupholder you can buy separately.

Both are ready to make your life better.



The Difference Between The Peach and Lime Lifestyle.

The difference Between the Seat Unit and Canopy.

So, when it comes to the seat unit they differ there. The Icandy Peach offers a seat unit with a legrest which the former doesn’t have.

The seat also can be removed with just one hand a pro which has been not been reported.

The difference Between the Wheels and Frame.

The Peach has swivel lockable wheels which the former don’t offer, and to make it fold more compact the back wheels can be removed for this.

Swivel wheels allow you to navigate through narrow streets and tiny spaces in shops or restaurants. Although both frames fold quickly the Lime Lifestyle has been reported to fold quicker with the seat attached.

Both offer adjustable handlebars as well but did you know the height and length differ.

Icandy Peach has 95 to 105cm handle height and Icandy Lime Lifestyle has 98 to 109cm which is much for some parents.

The Peach is more suitable for shorter parents and the former for taller parents, although both are good for them. Depending on your height one is better than the other.

The Peach has a two brake system for the stroller while the other doesn’t have that.

What the Lime Lifestyle has are straps to carry the pushchair when folded. It makes it easier when going downstairs.

The ride on board with the Icandy Lime Lifestyle is designed with It, which means you won’t hustle taking it out or fixing it.

Colours and Design.

Icandy Lime Lifestyle offers 4 colours which are suitable for many lifestyles and the Peach has 8 colours. It gives you more options and is not that limited.

In this aspect, it’s a big pro. The colours are all one pattern as you can see above and are available in usual stroller colours. Like blue, grey, etc.

Their designs will of course be different because these are two different models. It seems Lime Lifestyle has more thick fabrics and the other has thinner fabrics.

With a more detailed design on the Peach.

Weight and Dimensions.

The Peach weight is 12.5kg and the former is 10.2kg which is not much but still, there’s a gap. The Lime Lifestyle has been advertised to have all the necessary things but still have a lightweight.

It’s one of the few standard strollers that have this weight. Helps a lot when using public transport and carrying it. A heavy pushchair is a nightmare.

The Peach offers a folded dimension of  H99cm x W52cm x L55cm and Lime Lifestyle at  L 68 x W 51 x D 30cm folded without the seat unit.

You can see that Peach has more height and it’s wider. Which makes it suitable for bigger children although there’s not much difference.

The height can be for those tall parents who wants a higher buggy. When it comes to the length the Lime Lifestyle is longer which make it take up more space when folded if you put it down.

Price Difference.

Although they offer almost the same things the prices differ a lot.

Lime Lifestyle is much cheaper than the former, so is an easier option for does who can’t afford the Peach, or don’t want to spend that money.

Which of These Two is Better?

Why The Icandy Peach Can Be Better?

The peach stroller is favoured by many parents, and there might be a reason for that. They are always improving and providing one of the best strollers out there.

Both these travel systems offer almost the same things. The Peach can be better in the sense that it has a deeper carrycot and seat.

Well, both of them offer this but the Peach seems to take the cake. It also has a backrest, leg rest, removable wheels and smoother tyres and wheels.

It’s easier to take wherever the journey takes you. So, all of these features are extremely important in our day to day life. These features can make parents choose the Peach travel system.

Many things are listed above.

Why The Icandy Lime Lifestyle Can Be Better?

This one offers softer fabrics but is less detailed. It has also certain features that make it better.

It has a quicker fold system which helps a lot when you are using public transport or travelling abroad. No wasting time and it’s compact when folded.

The bumper bar included, and straps are useful to have. Use them to carry the stroller instead of holding it. With the straps, you can hold the pushchair in the right way.

Many more things are listed above.

Combining all of these and you get a nice stroller.

Which Is One The Best.

Now that we have listed what makes both of these unique, let’s figure which of these is the best one. I will have to state that the Peach lean more into taking the cake

It’s more expensive than the other, but it does offer features that are more useful for parents. By just mentioning the carrycot and wheels.

A carrycot is super important for those first months and having good wheels are super helpful. I have had friends who have complained about their stroller wheels.

It’s important to have good ones to be able to handle and push a stroller as gently as possible. They both offer super useful features, so the Lime is good as well.

The Peach offers more useful features and colours which makes it better, although it’s heavier. When weighing the pros and cons on both it wins.

The Lime Lifestyle Still Stands a Chance.

Many will still choose the Lime Lifestyle, and they still do. Why is that? Well, if it’s not the reasons I stated above then it’s must be that some parents want cheaper and simpler things.

You will save a lot of money buying the Icandy Lime Lifestyle. So the pushchair will still be chosen by many parents for these reasons or other unknown reasons.

I will personally choose the Lime Lifestyle travel system because of how I leave my lifestyle. I choose the Peach because it no doubt has the best quality in looks and features.

Potential Cons.

Well, what the other has the other doesn’t are cons. If the travel systems have had that then it would have been better. The pushchair seats are not suitable from birth

You can use it from 6 months upwards. It means a single stroller for a baby is not possible, although it might be cheaper than a full travel system it’s still not useable.

The single strollers are good for your toddler if you want to buy them alone. What you can do as a piece of advice is to buy a single stroller and then buy a second-hand car seat and carrycot.

This is for those parents who have hard to afford these top branded strollers. They can’t be converted into a double stroller.

The Peach has a separate double, but this one is just made for single babies.

When using the pushchair seat in an upright position it’s hard to reach or use the basket from the front.

You have to go all the way to the back to place things, which depending on your situation can be frustrating.

Although they can be easy to travel with, still not the best travel strollers. The carrycot is bulky and big, and the strollers are not the lightest. Not really travel strollers.

What is Your Stance?

Are you team Peach or Lime Lifestyle? Wouldn’t you agree that these two travel system does offer many things for families all over the world?

Whichever you choose I believe will provide a good adventure for the whole family for years to come. It can’t be easy for many to choose because of the reason I already stated above.

The choice should take time and be analysed throughout because these are big investments so don’t rush. I love to know your choice in the comment section.

Video Demonstration of the Peach:

Folding and Unfolding of Lime Style:



6 thoughts on “The Icandy Prams – Icandy Peach vs Icandy Lime Review.”

  1. I love that the ICandy Peach Travel System can be used for up to 5 years old toddlers.   A five-year-old toddler is robust enough to be pushed in a pram, whilst mommy or daddy take a stroll to stay fit and healthy. This is indeed value for your money.  

    It is nice that the cot is large enough for the baby to sleep close to you and might I add in fine style and comfort too.  This is a cost-effective feature that I am happy to see.

    When you mentioned footrest and chassis, I wondered if we were really talking pram or cars.  The tires that will not puncture keeps the baby and caregivers safe.  This is definitely a plus.  Can you imagine seeing a mother at the roadside with a punctured pram?  Yes, this feature is a big deal.

    The Peach is my favorite because of the extra features such as “peek a boo, backrest, leg rest,” etc.

    I appreciate the share.  Thank you.

    • Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, indeed all of these features are beneficial. Yes the footrest and chassis are also called legrest and frame. 

      The peach is truly amazing, many will love it but the the price can make many parent choose the Lime.

  2. Thanks for reviewing these two prams side by side, as it certainly makes it s lot easier to compare the various features, as you have done it for us!

    There is s huge difference in the price, so for a lot of parents it is the price that will decide which one they purchase.  Thankfully you still give the line a good review, which means parents who do not have a lot of spare cash, can still be confident that they are not buying an inferior pram.  It will be totally functional and serve their needs well.

    With all the expense surrounding a baby, I think that the lime is a sensible buy for most parents.

    • Hey. Yes, a baby dies cost a lot of money, so the Lime will be a better option for them. It does have it’s amazing features, and in my humble opinion will serve families well. Thanks for reading through. 

  3. HI, This is a fantastic well detailed reviews of the two Icandy prams, all the features in my opinion are too far from each other only that they are in terms of cost. The other is quiet pricy lots of parents even me would prefer the lime pram. 

    Thank you for making it easier for those parents and expectant parent that are looking to get a good pushchair for their little ones.

    • Hey Christina. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, indeed the Icandy Lime will be choosen by many because of the price. It’s cheaper and affordable for many. Even for me.

      Thanks for liking my review. Drop by anytime. 


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