The Graco Baby Car Seat – Graco Snug Car Seat Review.

Do you own a Graco pushchair and want a cheap and quality car seat with It? Well, then why not try this out?

This Graco baby car seat that’s compatible with some Graco strollers.

For this review, I chose the Graco Snug Car Seat or also called Snugessentials. It’s a simple and basic car seat.

I chose this because I only review car seats that are compatible with pushchairs.

For this review, I will detail the pros and, and point out the cons. After doing that I will compare it with another similar car seat in the market to see its true value.

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  • Suitable from birth up to 12 months.
  • Lightweight car seat at 3.6kg.
  • Suitable with or without a base.
  • Matches the latest regulation. (R129). (I Size)
  • Ergonomic Lightweight handlebar. (Adjustable handle).
  • Shock impact foam.
  • Washable covers.
  • Head and body cushioned fabrics.
  • 3 point harness with chest pads.
  • Medium size hood.

Graco Baby Car Seat: Graco Snugessentials I Size Car Seat Review.

Product: Snugessentials I Size Car Seat.

Price: £74.95.

Size of the Product: L 46.9cm x H 57.5cm x W 57.5cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9/10.

So, the Graco Snugessentials is an i- Size Car Seat. You are wondering what that means which I was too when I first heard about it. This a new law the EU made.

This just means that the car seat is safer and offers more safety and comfort. We will get more into that later on. Graco Snugessentials is suitable from birth.

Your precious little one can use it for up to 12 months because of the 75cm height limit, but the car seat itself maximum weight is 13kg.

13kg car seat can usually take babies up to 15 months, so it depends entirely on your little one. As we all know babies come in different height and sizes.

What does the car seat come with when you purchase it? Well, it’s available in black which is a colour many strollers and cars match with.

It has a medium-size hood that’s made with a soft fabric, and easy to wipe when it gets dirty. The hood is simple but will protect from the heat, wind and minor rain.

However, a rain cover is always better to have.

More Features.

The handle is ergonomic and lightweight. Graco also provides an adjustable one. Nowadays many car seats have adjustment.

This is to make life easier for the parent of course. The handle adjustment is meant to be used for carrying or when placing in the car.

Let’s move on to real safety. The shock foam sides are there to keep the baby safe when the car seat bump into something. Is to keep the baby from tilting and falling off.

Is also there to keep them from getting hurt while they are sitting. Head and body support with soft and cushioned fabrics. These are there to make the baby comfortable.

Your baby needs to of course lie down in a soft area. At the feet area, you have a washable cover. This cover gets dirty the most, so it’s important to be removable to be washed.

If you want more safety then, the harness is just there for that. 3 point harness is there to give cover to the buttocks/legs and shoulders.

Just enough to keep the baby safe and not fall. The harness has chest pads that can be wiped. It’s good that they are soft because babies tend to bite on them.

The pads are there to keep it clean, so you won’t have to wash it all the time. Very lightweight at just 3.6kg. Carry it and buy your groceries.

I- Size, What is That?

So, as I mentioned above the I Size means that the stroller is checked with the new EU safety regulation. It’s called the R129, which means many things.

The Graco Snug Car Seat is easier to fix and easier to remove. It also means they have better side protection and is to keep the car seat rear-facing.

Rear-facing car seats, especially for babies are what’s advised by many professionals. So this car seat provides just that. This also means that it’s an Isofix.

It means you can fix it into your car with the seatbelt without any base. Makes it super convenient for many Graco stroller owners, and any car owner.

However, check with the company before buying to see if it’s compatible with your car, which it’s most likely is.

Graco Snug Car Seat: Compatibility.

As mentioned above the car seat is compatible with a base. This gives you the option to have both. With some cars using a base, it’s better.

It’s an easy base where it has a click mechanism. Install the base and then install the car seat on it. Simple and no hassling needed.

When it comes to stroller or pushchair compatibility it’s very few. It’s compatible with the Graco modes double stroller,  Graco stadium duo, Graco Evo pushchair and the Graco Mirage.

It’s good because these Graco strollers are famous strollers, which means many parents have them. You need adapters when fixing the car seat to complete your travel system.



  • Does not offer a peek window and airflow.
  • The hood material seems a bit thick and will keep the baby warm (bad for summer days).
  • The canopy is not big and doesn’t offer a sun visor.
  • No 5 point harness with hip protection.
  • Other features missing. Although it’s checked with the new R129 regulation safety checker it’s plain and simple. Some parents might not want it.
  • It’s up to 12 months. The best is 18 months.
  • Its base compatibility is simple.
  • Seem to be available in Midnight Black.

Snugessentials vs Joie i-Gemm Car Seat.

Graco does offer a simple, yet very good car seat but are there other car seats that could compete? There are many such car seats out there.

For this comparison, I chose the Joie i-Gemm Car Seat to see which of these are good. I have already made a review of this car seat.

So when it comes to visual looks they are pretty similar, but they of course share differences, which we will get more into later on. First, let’s look into the similarities and these are:

  • Both are suitable from birth up to 12 – 15 months depending on your baby.
  • Both have medium size hood.
  • The maximum weight is 13kg.
  • Compatible with only its stroller brand.
  • Side impact protection.
  • Head and body support.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Washable covers.
  • Both go with a base or seatbelt.


Let’s first look into what the Joie i-Gemm can offer. It’s compatible with an aeroplane seat which means it can be used travelling. The seat also doesn’t need adapters, and it’s compatible with all Joie pushchairs.

It has blue guidelines. The guidelines show where to fix the seatbelt. Suitable for up to 15 months which has a height of 85cm.

Joìe i-Gemm car seat also has 5 point harness instead of 3 point harness system. Other than it lacks other features. It’s not an I Size Car Seat like the former.

This means the Snugessentials offers more foam side impact protection and the former is way lighter which makes it easier to carry.

Just because it offers more safety it cost £7 more just now. So, which of these is better? They both win because of what each of them offers, although the Graco Snug Car Seat seem to be better.

Safety is what makes car seats better, and it is what many are looking for, so the car seat that offers just that is most likely to be better in many parents eyes.

Graco Offers Simplicity, Yet Quality.

What do you have to say about this Graco baby car seat? Is it true, and if you own a Graco stroller do you think this car seat is ideal for you? Well, many would agree for sure.

It might not be the best looking car seat but it sure comes with many benefits. Sometimes it’s not always about the looks and such, but the quality.

When comparison the looks the Joie i-Gemm would win because it looks nicer. It’s more likely to turn heads but does it offer the best safety for your child though?


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