egg 2 Pram Review.

The egg pram is one of the famous and expensive prams out there. The Babystyle design on certain strollers is unique because some of their strollers are known to look like an eggshell.

I have previously done a review on the egg pram, but for this review, I wanted to review the newer version. To show you which of these prams are better and why it’s good to buy them.

If you have searched for this brand and model then you probably are familiar with it, or you heard of and want to know what all the fuss is about.

Well, I will detail everything and you can see why soo many parents love this specific model.

The most important thing I do with all of my reviews is to state the pros by describing the pram and also state the cons later on.

For you to see if the pram is worth buying and how it can help you and your baby if you decide to buy it.

So, are you ready to find out what makes this stroller soo popular, and why it’s soo expensive?


  • Performance.
  • The egg Pram.
  • The Carrycot.
  • Cons.
  • The egg 2 vs Other Strollers.
  • Have you decided yet?


  • Suitable from birth with the carrycot. (Seat is suitable after 6 months).
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • 7 Configuration.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Foldable with one hand.
  • Stands when folded.
  • Big and spacious canopy.
  • A seat liner.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Medium size basket.
  • Small front wheels.
  • Nice design.
  • Carrycot is Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Leather handle designed with the carrycot.
  • Convertible to tandem pushchair.
  • Rain cover (If bought through this link).

The egg Pram.

Product: egg pram.

Price: £1108.

Size of the Product: 106.5cm x 59cm x 88-98cm

The place to buy: Kiddies-kingdom.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

The egg 2 seat is not suitable from birth but if you use the carrycot then it’s perfect. When your baby is 6 months by then they can support themselves and are ready to sit upright.

With reclining positions, your little one can enjoy sitting up, sleeping and have a place to play with their pram toys. The reclining positions give them privacy.

A reclining footrest is designed with the seat to make it much easier for your toddler. When they are sleeping they can adjust their feet and sleep better.

With the egg prams canopy, your baby or toddler can be protected from the elements and have more privacy. It shields them from many things.

The canopy has UPFO50+ sun protection to protect your baby.

Do you want the option of your child facing you and the world? Well, with this it’s possible. You have a forward and rear-facing option.

Having both options is better because sometimes both are needed. After coming home from a whole day of adventures and exploring fold the pram with just one hand.

It’s compact when folded which is extremely good. If you also use public transport or travel a lot then this pram can be something you can use.

Although it is not the best pram to travel with. I will state why below.

The pram is travel system ready which means you use not only the carrycot but also a car seat. Sometimes a car seat is much easier to use than a seat.

Car seats are also suitable for your baby until 12 months.

More Features.

A sunshade is also included. Which is more suitable to protect your little one from the sun, and not only that. A sunshade is good for insects. Keeping the insects from biting your child.

You have a medium-sized basket underneath to make things easier for you when buying groceries. It’s more reachable at the back than front.

4 wheels on the pram and the front wheels are smaller which can mean it’s swivel and easier to push. A good pram for the city because of its design.

It’s truly a high quality designed stroller that will turn heads wherever it passes by people. It’s available in many colours and the pram is designed with only one colour. Meaning there are no multiple colours on the pram.

Which many parents prefer. It’s also modern and the newest version of the brand. Excellent and long-lasting fabrics and materials. It’s up there with the Bugaboo Donkey and Uppababy Vista pram. 

What makes this version more than good is the fact it can be converted into a tandem pushchair with help of adapters.

Suitable for twins and children of different ages. One the best strollers for the urban lifestyle.

The Carrycot.

The carrycot is lightweight and easy to carry with ĺeather design handle. At just 3.4kg it’s suitable from birth up to 6 months. The carrycot has its own rain cover.

If you live in rainy areas like the UK a rain cover can be important. It’s more needed for your baby. The carrycot has the same colours as the pram and it also offers some features similar to the pram.

A big canopy and nicely design fabrics and materials.


  • Expensive. (this can be something many will think about).
  • Chunky handle.
  • The seat is suitable for 6 months. Having the seat suitable from birth would have been better. Like the 2 strollers, I mentioned above. Sometimes attaching the carrycot all the time can be something many will find frustrating. If you are in a hurry it’s understandable.
  • It can be heavy (not the best option to travel with.
  • Bulky carrycot. It can take up space when travelling or even at home.
  • Suitable up to 15kg. (Depending on your toddler maybe they can’t use it until they 3. You might need to buy a lightweight stroller.

The egg 2 vs Other Strollers.

Egg 2 vs egg stroller.

So, what makes this stroller different from the other model. They look the same but there must be a difference otherwise there won’t be another model right?

Well, the models are the same. After reviewing both these models and doing much research there is much to say.

Comparing the egg strollers is easier because they look the same, but there is more difference to this than the other one. Let’s first start with the colours. You have 9 colours to choose from.

The fabrics are well designed. Have ventilated system which makes it easier to breathe and the seat is higher to give toddlers a better view.

UPFO50+ sun protection is design with the fabrics which the old version didn’t have. More protection from the sun. Unlike the old one, the new carrycot has also a peek a boo.

Which makes it easier to keep an eye on your baby when they are facing the other side. The new egg 2 can be converted into a tandem pushchair, which makes it even more amazing.

The frame is bigger now and can handle one more seat or carrycot. You only need a tandem adapter and then you are good to go.

You only need to buy the extra seat or carrycot to have yourself a tandem pushchair for your twins or two children of different ages.

The new model also has its own car seat which can make it a 3in1 Travel System. The car seat is separate to buy to fit many cars.

Although the new one is more expensive than the older version it’s still worth it because of how well design it is. The other one only has 3 colours to choose from.

As you can see this is one, is better, and just because of the convertible system. If you take the details, fabrics and materials into account then it makes even worth it.

Egg 2 vs Uppababy Cruz Stroller.

Comparing with the two above the Cruz Stroller is different in design, and size.

These two strollers cost almost the same and offer families all over the world quality materials and fabrics. These are the similarities they share:

  • Both are suitable from birth with a carrycot or car seat.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Comes in more than one colour.
  • Leather handlebar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Big and spacious canopy.
  • Chunky carrycots.
  • Sunshade and UPF50+ protection.

These are the similarities, but the Uppababy Cruz offers you a height-adjustable seat, the seat can be adjusted with one hand, more compatibility to car seats with adapters

The egg 2 stroller also offers features such as adjustable footrest, seat liner, can be folded with one hand and stand when folded to give a compact fold, peek a boo, can be converted to a tandem pushchair, ventilated and more breathable fabrics.

Both offer the important features as stated above. It depends on what you think is important. Is it important for you to have a more compatible stroller and height-adjustable seat?

Then, the Uppababy Cruz is for you, but if you want a footrest, seat liner, etc and want it easier when using public transport the egg 2 is the one.

I will have to choose the egg 2 again because of its ability to convert into a tandem stroller and it does offer more features that will suit your baby or twins. Otherwise, both of them are equally good in terms of quality usage.

If you are having twins then egg 2 is the choice, but if you want more options view the other strollers above.

Have you decided yet?

So, have you decided yet if you are going to buy the pram or not? What features of the egg pram do you think your baby and toddler will benefit most from?

I have a friend who has recently bought this stroller and she likes it. She hasn’t done much strolling with it because of the pandemic, but so far she hasn’t complained.

The pram perfect is for city life and for those parents who love to have nice and designed things.

The pram will last longer than many prams because of its high-quality fabrics and materials and it also fits many lifestyles. It is forward and rear-facing and the fact the pram can be converted to a travel system and tandem pushchair makes it much better than some other prams.

However, it’s not the best pram out there and you have many prams that are better than this one. I rated it 9.5/10 base on my lifestyle and liking. I also rated it because of the accessories and features it comes with.

It’s not a 10/10 because it has cons that can not be ignored even for a high-quality pram.

Although I believe the pram is one of the best prams out there, it makes your and your baby’s life easier.

If you are interested in buying the bundle view it also at

10 thoughts on “egg 2 Pram Review.”

  1. This looks very adorable and I do wonder if the range comes in different colours or styles?

    I think that this egg pram is completely versatile and at the top of the range that fulfils all of your baby’s needs and then some. It certainly will not let you down for the range of benefits and features entailed and stands out! Great for strolling through the park with or when shopping, great images included! Many thanks:)

    • Hi Farah. Yes it comes in 8 more colours. Some of them are grey, black, brown, red, etc, and it’s only available in this style. The stroller is indeed amazing, and many parents love it 

      Thanks for dropping by. Any questions, I am here to help.

  2. You are correct the egg Pram would be a very good carrier to have for city life, especially for someone who lives downtown and who walks most everywhere and does not spend a lot of time lifting their carrier in and out of vehicles. On my trips into the city I see these frequently, they are pretty popular there.

    • Hi. Yes, it is. It’s one of the best pram for the city indeed. The style also matches the city life. Heads will be turning everywhere you go. You have the ability to use any colour you like. Well, many colours any way. 

      Any else you need, give me a notice. 

  3. Thank you for honestly reviewing this newer version of the egg pram. I know that of the bat, this will be expensive. But I’m impressed with the set of features available. One of them is their 7 configurations. And also that it has forward and rear facing options. 

    I like to make well informed purchases. And you have helped me make up my mind on this one. Thank you!

    • Hi Ann. Yes with these features available is definitely expensive, but can be worth it for many families though. I’m happy that you like the review, and made up your mind.

      Anything else let me know. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. This egg pram looks wonderful. It seems to do everything you need a carriage to do and then some. I like how you layed out the pros and cons and made it very useful for the reader. I’ve never used one or even seen it, but I’m sure I would have considered it when I was having babies. Maybe I’ll consider one when we finally have grandchildren. Thanks for the review. It was very thorough and useful to the consumer.

  5. Another beautiful pushchair from you, I recent silver cross tandem pushchair and fell in love with it. This too looks very good, it’s suitable from birth using the carrycot. And the carrycot is lightweight, with its convenience to carry.  Although it also falls in the category with a little high cost, but good things don’t come cheap 

    • Hey again, I happy you liked this one also and still hanging on to the Silver Cross tandem pushchair. Both are good investment indeed.

      Yes, quality and trendy things unfortunatelyalways expensive. Buying it now will save you money for years, and you will give your baby the best experience.

      Hope to hear from you again, thanks for dropping by. 


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