The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review- Cybex Gazelle S Modular Stroller.

Have you heard of the Cybex Gazelle S stroller before? You are probably wondering what’s the fuss about, and how come it’s soo popular? Maybe you already know and just want reassurance before you decide to buy it.

Well, stick around because you are about to find about it. This is a review for the Gazelle S stroller only and I will link to that, but I will discuss the whole fully package.

For this review, I will be pointing out the pros in detail and point out the cons. I will also compare the Gazelle S with other popular strollers to see its value in the market.

Now let’s get started, shall we?

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  • Suitable from birth from up to 22kg single mode.(4 years). 44kg duo mode.
  • Basket capacity of 10kg.
  • Underneath and a top shell basket.
  • Multiple reclining positions (3 back rest positions).
  • Double convertible.
  • 20+ configuration.
  • Excellent fabrics and an easy fold.
  • 3 reclining positions on legrest.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Padded harness system.
  • Head cushion on the seat and a safety bar.
  • XXL UPF50+ sun protection.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Peek a boo window.
  • Washable fabrics.
  • Suitable accessories are available.

The Cybex Stroller: Cybex Gazelle S Review.

Product: Gazelle S.

Price: £619.96. (Single Mode).

Size of the Product: L93-106cm x W65cm x H100-110cm (Stroller Open Mode).

Delivery: Multiple options, worldwide.

My Rating: 10/10.

This Cybex pram is truly amazing and I have yet a lot to discuss. It’s straight out suitable from birth with a lie-flat position which makes it convenient for many families.

It can be used from up to 22kg which as seen above is around 4 years. This is just an estimation because as we all know toddlers come in different sizes.

That gives you 4 years to use this stroller. No need to buy another one if it is kept safe and cleaned. When it comes to the design it’s a heaď turner like the saying.

The fabrics are neat and well designed and they look fancy. The colours are plain and it’s available in multiple colours which makes it better for the one buying.

A light frame with sleek materials to hold on to. It’s aluminium and easy to fold by just using one hand. Your other hand will busy doing other things.

A one-hand fold is also stress free if you are in a hurry and it won’t take that much of your time. It differs with two hands fold (which is the one I have on my stroller).

Now moving on the more interesting parts. The seat unit as mentioned its suitable from birth which means it has a lie-flat position. The seat offers other positions.

Your baby and toddler will be freer to explore and have it relax.

More On the Seat.

The seat also offers padded and cushioned harness system to keep baby safe and relax. The harness upper side has pads which makes it more comfortable for your child.

It also offers a calf rest or also called legrest, which can be adjusted into 3 positions. Your child will be able to rest their legs and feet for a nap. Always helpful and relaxing for the guardian.

The Gazelle S also offers forward and rear-facing options. Already from the start your newborn can face you or the world, and you have that same option when your child is growing up.

In certain situations, one facing position can be better than the other. My advice would be to have your baby face you for up to 6 months.

To keep baby more secured a safety bar is attached to the seat unit to make it possible. The bar helps in many ways and especially when your child is being impossible to handle.

More Features.

Now let’s talk about the canopy or hood. It’s big and looks well designed. It has a XXL UPF50+ sun protection which gives your baby and toddleŕ protection from the sun.

This one is bigger and better than the average sun protection canopy. The canopy can be adjusted and it has a peek a boo window.

If and when you decide to have them facing the world then no need to worry. Cybex made it easy for you and your partner. The window will allow you to view them without going in front.

See what your little munchkin is up to while pushing. In addition to this, the Gazelle S has an adjustable handlebar. Perfect for taller parents and everyone really.

Going up a hill won’t be a problem anymore. (I can guarantee that). You have a huge underneath basket that can take up to 10kg of weight.

That’s a lot of groceries or other things. It will make your trip to the grocery store easier and worth it with the stroller. An upper basket is also available.

The basket is behind the stroller hood, between the hood and handlebar as you can see in the picture. In here you can put more valuable things.

It can also be things your baby or toddler would need on the journey. Wipes, nappy/diaper, etc. The Gazelle S also offers all suspension wheels.

Makes it easier to push and handle the pram. You have two big back wheels and two smaller front wheels. A rain cover comes with the purchase of the single-mode.

Cybex Gazelle S 2021: Single and Double Mode.

So, now I will explain the picture you see above. About the 20 configuration system. Whether you are using the stroller for a single child, children of two different ages or for twins this truly has the solutions.

The double mode is a tandem pushchair and not a side by side pushchair.

Single Mode.

The single-mode involves your baby and toddler. When your baby is born you can either use the pushchair seat from birth or you have three more options to choose from.

The Canopy – It has a lie-flat position, soft mattress and apron. It’s spacious for your baby to be and can be used up for 6 months. Carrycots are always recommended to be used by many medical and healthy advisers. It’s the best position your baby can be in.

The Cocoon – Looks similar to the carrycot but it’s wider and can be used beyond 6 months to cover your baby even more. Also, good to have and consider.

Cybex Aton Car Seat – This car seat is famous and your baby can use it from birth up to 12+ months which gives them the time to bond with you. Car seats make your baby nearer to you than the other three options.

Double Mode.

When it comes to the double it’s for children of different ages. It can be a newborn and a 2 year old, etc. For this you have the option to combined and configure the stroller however you want it.

You can have car seat and cocoon for your baby with the seat unit for your toddler. Depending on the age difference you can also have two-seat units.

A car seat with the carrycot or the cocoon. So the options are many all of these options can face forward and rear. Giving your babies and you to mingle and bond.

You can even have the carrycot with the cocoon together. They all can change positions independently which means your children can face each other depending on the accessory you are using.

Twin Mode.

The twin mode works almost like the double mode. Your babies are the same age so, they will use things that are suitable for their age at the same time.

You can have two car seats, carrycots, cocoon and two-seat units. The only way you can combine these is if you use one car seat with canopy or cocoon, etc.

So the configuration won’t be the same as the others. Your twins will still have a bonding moment with themselves and you.

Cybex Gazelle S: Accessories.

Beside these accessories above you have the option to buy other accessories to match with the Gazelle S stroller. These are:

  • A Changing bag.
  • Child tray.
  • Parasol.
  • Insect net.
  • Footmuff.
  • Cup holder.

If you are interested in buying nappy changing bags please view my list of 10 fancy baby changing bags. These are from other brands, but they range in quality, price and suitability but they can all be used independently.




  • Expensive single and double mode. A con many parents think about.
  • The basket above can only be used when using the single-mode and not the double mode. You then only have the underneath basket left.
  • The whole harness does not have chest pads. It would have been better if it did.
  • Although it has good fabrics and materials, it’s not the best out there.
  • The back is too wide open. It can be hard to fit into doors or hallways.
  • Reported to be hard to push when in a double mode.
  • The stroller is heavy even in single mode.
  • It can be a bit hard to see, which is a problem for all tandem strollers.

Cybex Gazelle S vs Other Popular Strollers.

Cybex has really outdone themselves with this stroller. Very eye catchy and impressive, but I am sure it has competition with others.

For this comparison I chose the Silver Cross Wave and the Uppababy Vista stroller (2019 version). Although it came out a while back it’s still popular.

I have already reviewed these other two so therefore I will do a better comparison.

Gazelle S 2021 vs Wave 2020.

Both tandem pushchairs of course and they share differences in many ways, but let’s first look into the similarities and these are:

  • Travel system convertible.
  • Both have configurations.
  • Reclining positions on the hood and footrest.
  • UPF50+ protection.
  • Easy fold.
  • A big basket underneath.
  • Harness system.
  • A bumper bar and adjustable handlebar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • All suspension.
  • Both are suitable for up to 22kg (4 years).

Silver Cross Wave stroller offers up to 30 configurations and it has a Bamboo fabrics on the cot which helps keep the bacteria away.

It has a higher seat, ventilation system, sun visor, chest pads on the whole harness, etc. When it comes the wheels it has all-terrain and thread tyres.

Leather made bars and the chassis is made with lighter magnesium. Although they are both heavy.

As seen above the Gazelle S is suitable from birth which the wave isn’t. You have to use the cot. The Gazelle S also offers a cocoon which gives your baby to lie flat even after 6 months.

It has an extra basket and a bigger one underneath the basket. It has washable fabrics, soft padded cushioned seat, a peek a boo window and the UPF50+ sun protection is bigger and better.

The Cybex Gazelle is cheaper than the former. When looking into it they both take the first spot. Although when it comes to design the wave is better.

They both offer very good y features and the Gazelle S compromises with its features. The Gazelle S is worth buying.

Gazelle S vs Uppababy Vista. (2019).

Less similar than the other one and this one looks bigger. However, they share many similarities and these are:

  • Suitable up to 4 years.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Big canopy with UPF50+ protection.
  • Harness system.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Easy fold.
  • A big basket underneath.
  • Both have configurations.

The Vista has a higher seat position, ventilation system, all-terrain wheels, shock-absorbing tyres and puncture-proof tyres. It’s hard are made with leather and the chassis is made with aluminium and magnesium.

The Gazelle is cheaper and has also it’s own features that are not offered by the Vista stroller. It’s a hard choice but both of these take the same spot.

I also believe these two offers features that are suitable and good for many families. If you choose either of these you will have a nice experience.

So, you see the Gazelle does stand out and it’s cheaper which is even better for you.

A Cybex Stroller Suitable for 3 Modes.

With this one, you have many options and it will stay with you for while. Wouldn’t you agree? The Gazelle S is one of THE strollers that you know has high quality fabrics and materials by just viewing it.

With all of your accessories ready, you will be on your way on an adventurous journey with the whole family.



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