Cosatto Giggle 3 Review.

The Cosatto Giggle 3 pram is searched for by many parents and is becoming popular. It’s a nice design pram system that offers families many options.

Are you looking for a travel system for your new arrival? Then why not the Giggle 3 pram system. It will stay with your baby as they grow older.

For this review, I will do the detailing of the pros and then point out the cons. Afterwards, I will compare the Giggle 3 with the Giggle 2 to see what improvement has been done.

I will also compare it will other similar popular strollers on the market, and see its value. Well, now that we have that sorted, shall we begin?

Some of these are very popular, and others I chose, because of their features.

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  • Suitable from birth 3 Wheel pushchair. (Up to 18kg).
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Leather made bars.
  • Bumper bar can be removed.
  • Adjustable handle bar.
  • Carrycot with its features.
  • Car seat with its features.
  • Folds flat and it’s lightweight.
  • Reclining seat unit. (4 positions).
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • UPF 100+ sun protection.
  • Sunshade.
  • Toys on the hood. (Extra accessory).
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Easy to remove wheels.
  • Swivel front wheels.

The Cosatto Pram: Giggle 3 Pushchair.

Product: Giggle 3.

Price: €753.93.

Size of the Product:

  • Pram & Pushchair Open dimensions: L:97cm, W:62cm, H:87cm

Delivery: Multiple options, worldwide.

Guarantee: 4 years.

My Raring: 9.5/10.

You have viewed many prams with similar features and amazing design, but you do know what makes this one soo special? Is the design patterns.

It’s a multi-coloured pattern pram that offers your baby and toddler a beautiful place to sleep and play. Your child would want to sit on the pram and enjoy their ride. Of course your younger baby won’t even know what’s happening.

Your older baby however will be fascinated about the patterns and funny-looking images. I think this was Cosattos plan all along. To make families excited.

The Giggle 3 is suitable from birth with the carrycot up to 6 months. Let’s go more into that later on. Let’s start with the seat unit.

After your baby has learned to sit upright, and can support their head then they can move on to the seat. Which is there from 6 months up to 18kg (3 and 1/2 years approx).

For most toddlers this is the year, but not all toddlers are the same. My 3 year has not even yet reached 15kg. The height also comes into factor and not only the weight.

The seat of course offers 4 reclining positions. This gives your baby or toddler plenty of freedom when it comes to the position they want to seat.

They can lie down, sit upright or sit in another comfortable state. It has a harness system to keep the baby safe and protected.

More Features.

When it comes to the hood or canopy It has much to offer. The canopy is big and has the same colours patterns both inside and outside.

It has a sun visor and every colour choice you make has a toy attached to it. A toy loop as they are called. It will give your little bundle of joy the distraction they need.

To keep them entertained and more excited on the journey. What more can you really do? Sounds amazing. The canopy also offers UPF 100+ protection.

The suns UV can be a problem even for us grown-ups how about the little ones then? The canopy will protect them from it and other minor weather conditions.

Forward and rear-facing is an option you also have. Making the journey even better for many. Depending on the situation you are in both can be needed.

I always recommend keeping the baby rear-facing for the most part.

Moving On To the Frame/Chassis.

You have both the handlebar and bumper bar made out of leather. The bumper bar is removable. It allows you to attached and detach it with ease.

It’s there to keep baby and toddler secure. It will help you out a lot when your baby is growing. A height-adjustable handlebar is included.

Very well designed and it will be best suited for taller parents. It will definitely help any parent going up a hill (that I know for sure).

The frame offers a quick and easy fold. It’s compact when folded and lightweight. Easy to fit in any where you want. Don’t worry about it disturbing you when using public transport, or when in a restaurant.

Cosatto also offers all suspension wheels with the Giggle 3. You will have it easier to stare and push. Making it easy to handle the pram.

Swivel front wheels to narrow the streets of the city. Whether you live in London, Paris or another busy city the pram can fit in. According to manufacturers, it’s perfect for that lifestyle.

Air free tyres and thread tyres to provide a all-terrain ride. You can visit many places and tackle harder grounds. Your destinations would be many.

The wheels are also removable. Which allows more compact fold and makes them cleanable. The Giggle 3 weight 15.2kg in carrycot mode, 10.7kg in pushchair mode and the Frame weigh 7.2kg.

Cosatto Travel System: Carrycot and Car Seat.

Cosatto has designed the Giggle 3 to be suitable for a car seat as well, so that makes it a full travel system. You can have the whole bundle by purchasing the changing bag and rain cover.

Giggle 3 Carrycot.

As mentioned above the Giggle 3 carrycot is suitable from birth for up to 6 months. It comes with a cover and zip apron. These fabrics are removable and washable.

Keeping them clean and longer. You have a big hood with sun protection and the cot also has the same colour patterns as the pushchair seat.

What makes the cot amazing is it’s suitable for overnight sleep. If they happen to sleep their during the night then you can put the cot near the bed.

No need pick them up risking waking them. It’s big for a newborn and just like the seat it will entertain their little minds. Always keeping busy when you are out strolling.

Giggle 3 Car Seat.

The car seat is suitable from birth up to 15 months instead of 12 months which is good. Your baby will have enough time to grow out of it. No need to rush or anything.

It’s compatible with a car seat base which can help out. The car seat has been tested and is safe to use. It was checked with the new R129 regulation safety checker.

Which is one of the best regulation checks, and it makes sure your baby will be safe. The seat has a big hood, side-impact protection and soft cushioned inlays.

Head and body support to keep the baby comfortable. A harness system and an easy grip handle bar. It comes with adapters to attached the car seat.

You can also buy separate adapters to fit other car seats with the stroller.



  • Pushchair seat is not suitable from birth, so must buy the pram or travel system which can cost a lot for others.
  • Not the cheapest.
  • It’s not a double stroller convertible.
  • Has been reported to not match a stroller board also called buggy board.
  • It doesn’t have a peek a boo window.
  • No legrest or also called calf rest.
  • It does not have the option to choose one colour. Some might not like the multicolours.
  • The seat unit is small.

Cosatto Giggle 3 vs Cosatto Giggle 2.

So, when it comes to the accessories is the same features which is good, but an improvement would have been better. The accessories are already amazing though.

The difference between these two is that the Giggle 3 upgraded some of the things the Giggle 2 had and also added some extra.

There’s are differences in the hood. The Giggle 3 hood offers UPF 100+ sun protection instead of UPF50+ which makes it bigger and better.

The new version also has a sun shade. To make those UVs stay further away. It’s suitable up to 18kg while the older version is up to 15kg.

It can be a year of in difference or less. Giggle 2 pushchair does not offer leather made bars but the former does, but however it’s lighter around 6.5kg with the puschair only which is good.

Other than that the pushchairs are very similar in design and features. The older version is if course cheaper. With the added features the Giggle 3 is better.

With the pushchair alone it’s lightweight compare to many other light ones. It will be easy to push around, and will make a better companion than the Cosatto Giggle 2.

It’s called an upgrade for a reason.

Cosatto Giggle Pram vs Other Popular Prams.

Although the Giggle 3 Pram is amazing and all, there are other prams it has to compete with in the market. I do my own comparison and don’t always compare it with the usual prams they are compared with.

So, I therefore chose the Oyster Zero Pram and the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Pram.

These prams cost almost the same and are in the same spot on the market. Let’s see what they offer and how the Giggle 3 will do compared to them.

Giggle 3 Pram vs Oyster Zero Pram.

Different in the style of course. The Oyster Zero is a bit shorter while the former is higher built which makes them targeted for different reasons, but they do share similarities. These are:

  • Travel system convertible.
  • Both are lightweight.
  • Easy to fold and compact when folded.
  • Big hood.
  • Leather made bars.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Swivel front wheels.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Carrycot seat high on the seat.

These are many similarities and there is more, but the Oyster Zero offers a seat that’s suitable from birth for up 20kg. It’s just 2kg in difference.

It has a legrest, a bigger roomy seat, extended hood with pockets behind and it can be folded with one hand. The carrycot has rocks bars for you rock your baby to sleep.

The Cosatto although don’t have those it offers air free wheels and thread tyres. It makes it easier to use on many grounds. As seen above it has removable wheels, UPF100+ sun protection and sunshade, etc.

Its carrycot is hood for overnight sleeping. Cosatto also offers a toy loop to entertain the baby. It’s multicoloured which many parents prefer.

The Giggle 3 offers forward and rear-facing which the former don’t which makes it better in that sense. It’s also lighter.

So, it’s hard to choose but both take the first spot. If I had to choose one I would choose the Giggle 3 pram.

Giggle 3 Pram vs Stomp V4 Pram.

These are also different in style and design, but they do share many features and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with the carrycot or car seat.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Leather made bars. Adjustable handlebar and removable bumper bar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • All suspension.
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Easy fold.
  • Harness system.

The Stomp V4 offers a lighter chassis at around 6.5kg and the chassis has cold designed. It looks fancier and it’s eye-catchy.

It has foam wheels, foot warmer and the canopy is thicker. The canopy has an removable bar and the stroller is up 4 years which is around 22kg.

As seen above the Cosatto Giggle 3 offers more features and although it does not offer the same design on the chassis it’s colours are nice as well.

The Cosatto pram is the winner because of the features it has. It’s also a bit cheaper , so it’s very good for those who are not planning spend too much money.

The Ideal Pram Families are Looking for.

Wouldn’t you agree? That this pram is the one many families are looking for. It’s fully packed with features and comes in single and bundle mode.

With all the features and accessories in set you and your family will be ready for your journey. What features did you like most on the Giggle 3?

Would you choose it for your family?


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