The Car Seat Reviews – The 10 Best Baby Car Seats of 2022.

Are you looking for car seats to buy for your soon arrival baby? Then you need not look any further because I am here to provide just that.

I only review or write about car seats that can be attached to the stroller or buggy. So, it won’t be about car seats that are above the age of 18 months.

However, I will give you more details about the usage of these car seat types. I will list 10 car seats that I think will be best suited for you and your baby.

Some of these are very popular, and others I chose, because of their features.

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So, What Two Car Seats Types are There?

You have two types of 0+ car seats that are fitted for the stroller and your car. One type is the one that’s suitable from birth up to 12 months.

These come as a travel system with the stroller and cot, or only the stroller. You can also buy them separately or they also come with a car seat base.

Some of these car seats are designed for only strollers for a specific brand, and others can be used on any stroller with the right adapters.

The other types are the one that’s also suitable from birth up to 18 months which is the same as others ones. Some of these are excellent for tiny babies and as well as big babies.

The car seats are also able to recline flat so that your baby has the option to lie flat as possible. Take a note that not all car seats can do this, this is why medical advisers tell you not to go more than 2 hours.

Meaning, don’t let your baby, sit on a car seat that has no lie-flat mode. According to them, it can be hard for them to breathe. So, you must be careful.

All of these are highly recommended to be rear-facing car seats because it is safer that way. Even when in the car. When attached to the stroller is important they are too.

Car Seat with Base vs Universal Fix.

So when it comes to these two car seat types you have two ways to fix them in your car. I am already sure you aware of or seen at least one of these.

Isofix Base.

As mentioned above some car seats come with the base, and others don’t. Others have to have the base to fit in your car, some can’t be with or without and some can’t have the base.

The base is attached to the car and then the seat on it. With the base, your baby’s seat will well be attached, and some base offers extra features.

There’s a checker that shows if you ha fixed it right or not. Through my research, the base will also make it easier for your baby to be comfortable.

It will keep their legs from being in an awkward state which can be uncomfortable. (A friend of mine had this).

Universal Fit.

The universal fixed car seats are the ones where you don’t need a base, only your car seat belt. You can use it if it’s available. (This is the one I have). This is very convenient and good to have.

It can fit in most cars. I am not going to write all cars because it’s not always true, but it’s most cars. It’s still good it means your car will most likely be one of them.

Besides many cars nowadays are design with this thought. Take your car seat, put it in the car seat facing and then pull the belt to attach it

To help you out car seat manufacturers have installed belt installed guides. These are usually in other colours (Mine is blue). It will show you how to safely put in the belt, which will keep it steady.

With Adapters vs Without.

So, as you know or maybe don’t know some car seats are installed with adapters that are sold separately, and others not. Many car seats that are designed to universally fit many strollers have to use adapters.

An example of these is Maxi Cosi and Britax car seats. Some car seats can be fitted without ones also, but these are most likely car seats for a specific brand.

Some will fit only one or two brands, etc. If you are buying a car they do not always write which strollers it will fit and which not. You have to check by contacting the company.

If you know you might get another pram in the future, you might consider buying a car seat that’s suitable for more than one brand at least.

The adapters are there to save the day for many. This is one of the reasons why some car seat brands are famous than others.

Buy Single or Travel System Mode.

It’s hard to choose, but my advice would be to buy travel system mode. What I mean with this is to buy it with the stroller and carrycot, or just with the stroller.

It’s cheaper that way and you don’t have to waste time buying two separate things. If you do that then you have more time for other things.

It’s also cheaper with the bundle than single. Good and high-quality car seats tend to cost a lot but if you buy them as bundles then you save money.

If you do have the money for it then buy separately if you want. The car seat you use on your stroller might be the best option for your car.

You then need a better one. Also, the seat you buy for your car it’s not always best for your stroller. Some can’t even fit, but it might be the best for YOUR car.

The choice is yours and you need to decide base on your situation. If you want more detailed information on car seat view, my post on Car Seats.

The Car Seat Reviews: The Best Baby Car Seats of 2022.

I have done reviews on some of these, and some others I haven’t. Not all car seats will be suitable for your stroller, but I mentioned them here because they might be for your car, and also they have good features.

These are from top brands. The prices can be also high, they are popular for reason, right?

1. Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat.

£199.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

Product Dimensions: 17 W x 25.75 L x 23 H. (Weight: 4.5kg).

The Mesa car seat is suitable with only Uppababy strollers, but you can use it in your car with the seat belt. The seat is suitable from birth up to 14 months which is very good for a big baby.

It will give your baby enough time to adjust. It has side impact protection these are designed to stand any impact. This car seat has both orientations.

It can face forward and rear which is also good for your bigger baby to face forward. A ventilation system to make breathing easier.

An adjustable harness system to keep the baby comfortable. Makes it more suitable for even tiny babies. It has head and body support.

If not in use for the stroller your baby can still enjoy all of these features in the car. It has a big hood with UPF25+ sun protection. To keep them from the sun’s UV.

The car seat comes with a base so, you will have all those extra features a base comes with.

Read The Full Review.

2. The Doona Car Seat.


£299.99, Samuel johnston.

Product dimensions:  H60cm ×W44cm × D66cm. (Weight: 7kg).

This one is a 0+ infant car seat that’s a universal fit. It’s the best car seat stroller. Yes, you read it right. You can use it as a car or as a stroller.

The car seat can also use a base if you want to be comfortable. If you love travelling then this one can be a good option because it fits in aeroplane seats.

It has side impact protection with foam, etc to make it soft. It will stand many impacts. You can fold and unfold the seat with your baby inside.

It’s suitable from birth to 13kg and only offers rear-facing.

Read The Full Review.

3. Nuna Pipa Next Car Seat.

£200.00, Uberkids. 

Product dimensions: H72-118cm x L67-86cm x W44-59cm.

The Nuna Pipa Next Car Seat is suitable from birth up to 15 months which is 13kg. It’s very light at 2.8kg. How much lighter can it be.

It will be perfect to use when out and about. Even without the stroller. This is also only suitable with Nuna strollers. Use the car belt or the base.

It has a big hood with UPF50+ sun protection against the sun but also other weather conditions. It also has an eyeshade to keep the baby protected.

With foam on the side to make the sides thick and cushioned. As mentioned above this is to withstand many impacts. You have also highly designed fabrics.

You can remove the hood and eyeshade to let your little one breathe better. The handle is lightweight and made of leather. Definitely a head-turner.

With dream drapes installation you can have your baby sleeping comfortable, and you can pull them down without disturbing them.

The headrest has positions you can adjust and there are 10 of them. You can also do it with just one hand.

Read My Other Review On It With A Link.

4. Cybex Cloud Z I Size Infant Carrier.

£191.19, Uberkids. (3-year guarantee).

Suitable for babies that are 45cm to 85cm which is from birth up to 13kg. That’s for most babies but not all of them. So it can be a bit hard to know.

You will need a base with this one to fit in your car. It has been checked with the new R129 regulation check which makes it comfortable to use.

It means all is safe to use. Just like any other car seat, it offers side impact protection with foam designed inside. The seat offer soo many features, and it’s suitable for Cybex and GB strollers, but with available adapters, it can be used with other strollers.

You have a 180-degree rotation with the base and it will make it easier to get the seat out and in the car. It also offers your baby to lie flat and this can be done when using on the pram. Adjustable headrest for your little one’s comfort.

You have thick inlays to keep the baby comfortable, and these are there to make sure your newborn or smaller baby don’t fall. You have the option to choose from two types of fabrics.

You have a soft one and then a harder one. The hood can be adjusted and it offers UPF50+ sun protection. The fabrics are washable which makes them last longer.

Click Here To Buy It. 

5. Cybex Aton Car Seat.

£99.95, Uberkids. 

Product dimensions: L64 x W43 x H56 cm.

The car seat is simple and suitable from birth up to 13kg. It can be used with or without a base and fits all Cybex strollers. The seat also fits other strollers if you buy the available adapters.

It comes with a belt guide that has the colour blue. It’s clear to follow so you won’t miss it. It has a hood or also called a canopy which will protect the baby.

The canopy can be adjusted enough for it not to be visible. Giving them options to have the Aton car seat openly. Good for the summer as well.

The Cybex Aton has soft side impact protection, soft head support and a harness system with pads. It’s designed in a way to make your baby not tip or fall.

To keep them secured and safely seated. Its fabrics are also washing machine washable. It was tested with the R44/ 04 regulation safety checker.

It’s not the newest but the seat is still safe to use. The Cybex weighs 3.5kg which is still light and you would be able to carry it to the pushchair.

Click Here To Buy It.

6. Besafe Joolz Izi Go Modular Car Seat.

€208.74, Samuel johnston.

Product dimensions: L75cm × W44cm × 34cm.

Suitable from birth up to around 74cms. Although it does have a maximum weight of 13kg which is 15 months, and it might not be suitable for your baby from birth.

So, it’s best to check how much your baby’s height will be during scans. It’s to make sure you are buying the right one. The car seat weighs 3.7kg.

It has been checked with the new R129 regulation safety checker. Which as mentioned above is the new one.

You have this Joolz car seat that is uniquely designed. It offers magnetic shoulder straps instead of the normal one. You can use it with the – Size base or with the car seat belt.

It offers side impact protection and cushioned body and head support. It’s soft to keep the baby cosy. An ergonomic handlebar that’s easy to hold.

The handle is made with leather whìch makes it looks fancy.

It has a big canopy with UPF50+ protection and on the front, you have bulky thick fabric. Also, part of the hood to keep the baby protected from the sun.

You are also able to wash the fabrics. Always good to do. You will need to buy adapters separately to be able to use the car seat on the pushchair. Comparable with Joolz prams.

Click Here To Buy It.

7. Silver Cross Dream I Size Car Seat.

£194.99, Kiddies-kingdom. 

Product dimensions: 58 x 44 x 66.5 cm. Weight: 5.45kg.

The dream car seat is suitable from birth up to around 9 to 12 months. It can be used with the base and without them. It has quality fabrics such as having bamboo.

Silver Cross is known for these quality fabrics even on their prams such as the tandem wave stroller. The bamboo is there to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

It has deep inlays that are removable as your baby grows. This car seat safety has been tested with the new R129 regulation safety checker.

It’s pretty new then. It has multiple layers of side impact protection which makes it comfortable for your baby. An adjustable sun cover is also removable.

Lastly, it’s compatible with all Silver Cross strollers. Many happen to own them, so this one might be for you.

Click Here To Buy It.

8. Britax Baby Safe 2 i-Size Car Seat.

£160, 00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Product dimensions: 58cm(H) x 44cm(W) x 67cm(D). (4.8kg).

The famous Britax brand is known for providing the best car seats. Well, the Britax Baby Safe 2 is here for just that. It’s suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15 months.

It’s rear and forward-facing. The car seat also can be installed with base and without. It matches all Britax strollers. It’s said to make your baby lie in an ergonomic position, which is safer.

Just like other car seats it offers side impact protection, it lies flat unlike some car seats, has a sun canopy and the body support can be adjusted.

It also unlike some car seats offer a 5 point harness instead of 3. This included the hips also, and not only the shoulders and legs.

Regarding the adapters, it’s a click and go more which makes the car seat suitable for other strollers. Always check and see. The handle is adjustable and you also have removable covers for you to wash.

The car seat can be used for years.

Click Here To Buy It.

9. Joie I Snug I Size Car Seat.

€115.00, Samuel johnston.

Product dimensions: L67cm × W44cm × H55cm. (Weight: 3.25kg).

Suitable from birth up to around 13kg. It’s compatible with almost all Joie strollers. With the right adapters, the seat can be used with other strollers.

You might have that stroller, so check when you buy. It has a 3 adjustable point harness. The seat covers are also removable to be washed.

Inlays fabrics to protect baby and as usual foam side impact protection. The Joie I Snug is designed in a way to make putting your baby to sleep easier

You can take out all the inlays as well. A nice design handle that has a soft grip. If you using the car you can go with or without the base.

Click Here To Buy It.

10. Maxi Cosi Pebble 360.

€226.05, Kids-room.

Product dimensions: H56cm × W44cm ×D67cm. (Weight: 4.3kg).

Suitable from birth up to 13kg and it’s available in many colours. This one is the upgraded version which can be fixed with the Familyfix installation.

Meaning the base which allows your baby to turn 360 degrees when in the car. Another option is to use your car seat belt. The base is sold separately with this link.

It has side impact protection and an adjustable sun cover. 5 point harness system with soft deep inlays which add more to the security.

An ergonomic handlebar and a so-called Climaflow air regulation are installed with it. This will allow your baby to breathe easily and comfortably.

Do you know what makes this car seat even more perfect? With the right adapters, you can have a travel system. It’s suitable with many strollers. You will have to check with the company before buying. Only rear-facing.

Unfortunately, I was unable to provide an image for this product.

Click Here To Buy It.

These are Truly Amazing, Ain’t They.

Well, do you agree? Are these car seats the ones you are looking for? You can’t buy them all but you can buy one of them. Some have won awards and others are new with excellent features.

I have researched on my own by viewing other lists and reading through many descriptions to know what exactly these car seats are good for.

Being a mum my self I base all of it on my experience as well. What do other parents want in a car seat, and how will it be for their babies?

These are the questions I myself had to answers so, that I could deliver these to you. My choices are also made base on the brands I know and that’s why I listed the seats I have already reviewed first.

If you need any further help, let me know and I will do my best to sort it out.

All the best,


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