The Buggy Travel System – Maxi Cosi Zelia Review.

The famous Maxi Cosi Zelia buggy might be the pushchair you and your family are looking for. This stroller is available in 3in1 Travel System with a unique convertible seat.

Are you looking for a travel system for your soon arrival bundle of joy? Then, look no further because I believe this buggy travel system will be suitable for many.

As always I will do a detailed review of this. Detailing the pros, and pointing out the cons. I will afterwards compare the stroller with other famous strollers, to see its value.

Shall we begin then?

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  • Useable from birth with the convertible seat into a carrycot. (Suitable up to 22kg). Weight: 10.2kg.
  • Forward and rear-facing
  • Carrycot comes with a cover.
  • Big hood. (Sun visor and a window).
  • Harness system.
  • A removable bumper bar and adjustable handlebar.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Easy fold and compact. (Remove wheels and seat).
  • Big underneath basket.
  • Car seat Features.
  • Rear suspension.
  • Swivel lockable wheels.
  • Rain cover included.

Buggy Travel System: Maxi Cosi Zelia2 Pram Review.

Product: Zelia2 Travel System.

Price: £556.98.

Size of the Product: Unfolded dimensions: H103cm × W62.5cm × D104.5cm. Folded dimensions: H40cm × W62.5cm × D85cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9/10.

The Zelia2 is quite interesting and does offer many things you need in a stroller. The Buggy is simple but has features that will make your families journey easier.

Let me first start with that it’s available in multiple colours. To have the option to choose more than one colour is always better.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot up to 6 months, and then you can change to the seat and use it for up 4 years. That’s around 22kg. It can be less than 4 or even more. Every child is different.

Coming back to the cot which is where your newborn will lie completely flat. The best position for them. The cot comes with a cover to keep the baby warm and protected.

It has a bar where you hold and move the cot. A soft mattress included. You have a big canopy with a sun visor and a peek a boo window to keep an eye on your child.

Moving On To the Seat.

Those features mentioned right now are more useful and helpful when you are using the seat. It can either face you or the world.

When facing the world you can use the window to keep an eye on your baby. The sun visor will also be a lot of help for your baby and toddler.

Is an extension to the big hood, which makes it cover your child even more. A 5 Point Harness system is included with chest pads.

It’s there to keep the baby safe by strapping the entire body. To keep the child safer you also have a bumper bar included. The bar can be removed which will also make it easier for you.

Just fix it back after removing or putting the child on the seat. An adjustable handlebar to be used by anyone. Perfect for tall parents, but for anyone who lives up a hill.

Even if you don’t, someday you might need it. (Find this feature super helpful).

So, the lie-flat position is not the only option, of course. Your toddler can sit upright and even tilt a bit to nap better.

More Features.

How about the wheels and tyres you wonder? Well, the tyres are normal standard ones. The wheels however are rear suspension which will give good manure.

You also have lockable swivel front wheels. It’s perfect to navigate through narrow streets. With all of this, you will have it easier to push and steer the stroller in the direction you want.

How about the fold? Well, you got it easy. It’s easy to fold with a click mechanism. It can be folded with the seat and wheels. Saves you a lot of time, and it’s still compact.

However, if you want it more compact then go ahead, and remove the wheels and seat. Perfect store to at home or in your car. Very helpful if you own a small car or live in a tiny space.

This compact fold will also be helpful when using public transport or travelling abroad. Removing the seat unit will keep it away from being dirty.

When folded use the handle to carry the pushchair. You won’t have to hold it awkwardly (a bonus). Stands on its own when folded and it has a one brake system.

Lastly, you have the huge basket underneath. It’s quite big which will fit your groceries or baby’s essentials like the changing bag. The basket is easy to access both ways.

Included in the purchase is a rain cover. To keep the buggy dry and clean. Keep your baby protected as well.

Maxi Cosi Zelia2: Tinca Car Seat and Base Review.

Tinca i-Size Car Seat.

The Tinca i-Size car seat as you can see is included in the I Size car seat family. The seat is suitable from birth up to 12 months.

It comes with side impact protection, inner layers of thick and cushioned head and body support. A sleek handlebar to carry the car seat with.

Harness system with chest pads, which again is to keep baby safe. A big hood with a sun cover to keep your baby from the sun’s heat.

Just like the carrycot the car seat as well a cover. Is again, to keep baby warm and comfortable. Less usage of blankets. The cover is removable to be washed.

To keep it cleaner and longer. Do you know that the Tinca i-Size car seat was checked with the new R129 regulation safety checker?

This means it offers more than the standard safety measurements. It will keep the baby safe and secure. The Car Seat is one the lightest out there, at 3.2kg.

You can carry it or put it in your trolley when shopping with your §1§baby. No need to drag the buggy with you if you want more space.

You can use the seatbelt or the base.

Car Seat Base.

So, you can also use this base which is included in the purchase of this travel system. The base is only designed for the Tinca Car Seat.

You can watch a YouTube video on how to fix it, but a manual is always included. Fix the base on the seat, and then fix the car seat on it.

It has a click mechanism when placing it and taking it out.



  • The travel system is expensive and even the single buggy is expensive around £200+.
  • Not double convertible.
  • Does not offer legrest.
  • Does not have a ventilation system.
  • No all-terrain wheels and foam punctured proof tyres (Basic tyres).
  • When in a sitting mode the basket is not easy to access from the front.
  • Not available in all colours.

Maxi Cosi Zelia2 vs Other Popular Buggies.

What other popular buggies are out there similar to this one? Take note, that I will only compare the pram/buggy, not the whole travel system.

Well, there are many in the market, and Maxi Cosi is one of those brands that’s always at the top. I decided to go with the Kinderkraft Grande stroller, and the Mothercare Journey Pram.

Zelia2 Pushchair vs Kinderkraft Grande Pushchair.

Not much similar when it comes to style and one is simpler than the other, but they do share similar features and these are:

  • Big canopies with extension.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Easy fold And compact.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • A spacious seat
  • A big basket underneath.
  • Have the same weight at around 10kg.
  • Swivel wheels.

The buggies do share many features but the Kinderkraft Grande stroller offers other features as well. These are a leg rest, a bigger seat unit, shock-absorbing tyres, and it has a one-hand folding mechanism.

By viewing above you can see that the Maxi Cosi Zelia2 has features such as forward and rear-facing, travel system compatibility, and canopy with features.

It has all suspension wheels, etc. There’s no doubt that the Zelia2 is better with only the pushchair because it has a lot to offer you, and you can use it for up to 4 years instead of 3.

It’s therefore, more expensive but the pushchairs are almost in the same spot in the market. Simple and standard buggies when used on their own.

Although the Grande stroller is suitable from birth which is a bonus, no need to buy any other additional features except the car seat.

Zelia2 Pram vs Mothercare Journey Pram.

A bit similar in design to the one above when it comes to many things, but they do have differences. First, let’s get the similarities, and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with the carrycot.
  • Convertible seat to carrycot.
  • A removable bumper bar and adjustable handlebar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • All suspension and lockable front wheels. (Swivel wheels).
  • Removable wheels.
  • Stands on its own when folded.
  • Peek a boo window.

Again, many features in common but the Mothercare Journey also offers other additional features such as a swivel bumper bar, and a magnetic patch underneath attached to the basket.

The Zelia2 has a bigger basket, sun visor, compact when folded, the seat unit can be folded with the chassis and its colours are not only based on the canopy.

It’s more expensive as well and the Tinca Car seat it’s suitable for other maxi car strollers.

A Buggy Travel System for the Family.

This one is ideal for many. It’s simple and the price is in the middle. Expensive for some and others it’s fine. It comes with almost everything you will need.

The pram, car seat and base. The only thing that’s missing is the changing bag which you can buy separately. If you are interested in buying just that view my list of 10 fancy baby changing bags.

What are your thoughts on this stroller? I would love to know what you think.


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