The Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Pram.

If you are expecting for the first time and wonder what you should think about and what to worry about, then you have come to the right article.

Through my experience and research, I will try and answer your questions. One of the few questions that are asked by soo many parents are these:

  • When should I start looking at prams?.
  • How to buy your first pram?.
  • New or old prams?

I went through what you are going through right now and it’s not that easy. Prams or strollers are investments so buying the right one is important.

There are soo many brands selling strollers out there, and many of these are in different types. So it can be stressful, wondering which of these to take.

Consider Your Baby’s Needs First.

A Lie Flat Option.

The first thing you need to look at is the pram that will best serve your baby. Some single strollers have a lie-flat option which means they can be used from birth

However, this is not always the best experience. Using a cot or a car seat in the first 0-6 months is best for your little one.

Carrycots have the best lie-flat options so your baby will lie down and be safe. Not risking hurting their necks. Car seats are easier to use when transferring from car to pushchair.

So buy these accessories that will make your baby safe. They don’t have to have all of these extra features which means they are expensive, as long it has some to keep the baby safe.

6 Months – Toddlerhood.

After the first worry is done, you should think about the second step. This is what is the best stroller for your 6 months old baby upwards.

It should have 5 point harness, a bit wider and longer, adjustable legrest, ventilated frame or canopy, and it should not give your baby any difficulty.

If a stroller lack some of these it’s still good, but it won’t offer the best experience. Keeping your older baby and toddler safe is also a priority.

I, therefore, think strollers that have bumper bars, easy to handle harnesses, big canopy plus features and multiple reclining positions are the things to do consider mostly about.

A reversible stroller is also important after 6 month’s to let your little one explore the world.

Can Any Accessories Be Attached?

What are the most important accessories your baby or toddler might need? Pram toys, stroller boards and child trays are important.

Rain covers can always be used, even if you need to buy universal ones. So, they do count. Changing bags can be hanged or place underneath the basket, and all strollers offer either a handle or basket.

However, not all prams or strollers can carry toys, so buying one should be something to consider.

This is not that important, but it can be for your child’s entertainment. Stroller boards and child trays are made to make life easier for you and your child.

Having a pram where you attached the board will save you money, time and it will make your toddler join in with the fun. The same goes for the tray.

In conclusion, have a pram that has the possibility to have accessories that are beneficial for your baby.

Are You Having Twins or a Single Baby?

If you are having twins, then, of course, a double is what you are buying, but which one? Well, you have side by side prams and then tandem pushchairs.

There are many things to consider when buying either one of them. I did an article on this topic, please view to consider the options.

The best way to go is to buy a buggy that suits your twins and if in the future you have a single baby. This decision can save you money and time.

So a buggy for single babies and twins.

Consider Your Needs As Well.

Your Lifestyle.

So now that we have covered your baby’s or babies needs then your needs are also important when buying a pram. What’s your lifestyle like?

If you live in an urban or suburban area then the prams you buy most accommodate your lifestyle. The kind of house or flat you live in as well.

Your needs and your height it’s also important. You are the one pushing so the type of stroller you buy is important to help you out.

If you live in a suburban area, then the pram you choose must include all-terrain wheels, puncture-proof tyres, swivel lockable wheels, etc.

This is to make it possible for you to push it on grass, sand, mud, etc.

If you live in a tiny area and have stairs. A lightweight pram that’s easy to fold and is compact will make life much easier. I hope now you get the picture.

Choosing the right pram depends entirely on where you will push it and when. Not all prams are best suited for any lifestyle.

Your Budget.

Some prams are cheap, others in the middle and some others are expensive. What’s your budget?

Just because expensive strollers are well designed and offer top quality features does not mean they are for you. You will have much cheaper ones with the same features and similar quality.

I have had people complaining after buying prams.

I have a friend who constantly bought expensive ones believing they are the best, but she always regretted it. Some of them lacked what she wanted.

Buy a pram that ticks all your checklist, so you won’t have that much regret later on. I will also recommend that if your budget allows it to buy quality.

Do not also always go for cheap ones, because some of them do not always offer the best experience for both of you. Travel systems can be between £250 – £500 which are good.

The question above can pop up. A new or old pram? Is it necessary to buy a new pram? Well, not really. Second-hand prams can be good as well as long as they still have the same quality and amazing features.

If you don’t mind having something used or old, then why not. The most important for many is the features.

When Should I Start Looking at Prams?

It’s important to cover this one as well. I think it’s best to start when you are 3 months pregnant. Although some might think it’s early I think is a good time.

If you have a lot on your checklist then make sure to search for the best-suited pram. Sometimes you won’t find a pram ticking all the boxes, but choosing the one near to it is good.

If you consider these tips above then you will find the one that’s good for your lifestyle and your baby will also find it comfortable. Testing the pram can also help.

If you are able to go to a store and test drive it then you should take the opportunity. It will help you decide earlier. Buying it early and setting it up is good.

After the baby arrives you will only need to take it out, even if it’s unsuspected.

Different Types of Strollers.

Twin/double strollers.

Lightweight strollers.

Travel Systems.

Standard Regular Strollers.


View these stroller types to get started. If you are already are aware of them then start thinking of which of these will best suit you.


What I intended with this article is to give you a simple answer. Give you the important points you need to consider when buying your first pram.

It should not be that complicated, but it takes time to find the perfect suited pram for your lifestyle. Again, the perfect pram for you does not have to be expensive or that cheap either.

It also means you should look at your OWN life and your baby’s potential needs. This way you will choose a good one.

Read the Independent take on this topic so you can get more help.

I hope you found the article useful. Please let me know in the comment section. What other points are you thinking of?

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  1. Thanks for this really helpful guide to buying a pram for the first time. I will not be purchasing this for myself, rather I’m looking for something for a dear friend, and the things that I should look for are not exactly obvious to me. This article has helped me quite a bit to let me know what is available and what features will be most important for new parents. I appreciate the guidance! 

    • Hi Aly. I am happy you liked my article and I hope with it you can help your friend. If you need more help let me know. Thanks for reading. 


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