The 14 Best Baby Stroller Accessories of 2022- Car Seat and Accessories.

What baby stroller accessories do you need? It has been a while since I reviewed or made a list of only accessories such as car seats, carrycots, stroller boards, etc.

For this post, I decided to do a list of 12 baby stroller accessories you might need in your journey. I will list famous car seats some of which I already did a review on, and others I will make a short review on them.

Carrycots are also included and these will be carrycots for famous prams. Universal rain cover, strollers boards, clips, pram toys and nappy changing bags.

I will only review these and not any other accessories you can use with your buggy. I consider these accessories to be important and helpful.

This list is of my own and I have researched to find out what accessory will best suit most families or all. This does not mean they are the only suitable ones.

Some of these don’t have images, so you have to click the links to view them.

This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you buy through my links. It does not affect the price whosoever. See my Affiliate Disclosure.

Why Do You Need These Accessories?

So, why do you need accessories for your stroller? Well, I have already mentioned in details why all of these accessories are important to have individually.

Let me just summarise it. I have had experience with many of these and I have seen one of these been used by one of my friends and one I have researched.

Car Seats.

Using car seats on the stroller for the first year is one of the best experiences I have had. Even if your stroller seat is from birth the car seat is much better.

You have your baby nearer to you, and if they happen to sleep in the car with the seat you don’t have to remove them. Just transfer them without waking them.

The seat is smaller and sometimes can be way cushioned because of the side impacts. You have an adjustable headrest and body rest. So, your baby sleeps in a nice environment.

It’s also rear-facing, well must car seats are.


If you want your baby 100% laying flat which they should do then a cot is the right choice. This is the reason why many parents always buy prams. 2in1 or 3in1 to get the whole bundle. With cots, your baby is fully covered and they have privacy.

Protected from the cold weather. Some cots have adjustable positions which makes them even better as they grow. Prams are always better to have than single strollers. Your baby should be close to you and be covered.

Stroller Changing Bags.

Nappy/Diaper bags are always useful and if you already have kids then you know how helpful they can be. A place to put all of your baby’s or toddlers essentials.

Even your things for that matter. If you get a quality one it can also be used for your personal life. Nappy bags are either included in the purchase of a stroller or you can buy them separately.

Many are even designed for a specific stroller but can of course be used for any stroller depending on the design.

Stroller boards.

Stroller boards are important and can save you a lot of money if you have another baby. Instead of buying a double stroller which by the way is expensive, a board will do.

Some boards have only a stand or a sit option, and others have both. It can attach to many strollers and it creates a good bond between siblings.

When you ready for the day either you detach it or lift it.

Stroller Clips.

Clips are just used on the stroller to help you hang your bags or other things. It allows you to have more space and will keep things from coming in your way when pushing.

Pram toys.

Only here to entertain your little one. Also used on car seats and carrycots. It helps keep them busy and will calm them down when they are upset.

You have pram toys of animals, vehicles, etc and they made with different materials and also can make different sounds. It all helps in your baby’s development. So, not only are they fun to have but also educational.

Rain Covers.

Rain covers always almost come with the purchase of a stroller if not they can be bought cheap. Some are specifically designed for a certain stroller or strollers.

You can also buy universal rain covers which fit most strollers, but not all. Always check to be sure when are buying a stroller.

The 14 Best Baby Stroller Accessories of 2022.

1. Uppababy Mesa Car Seat.

£199.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

The car seat is suitable from birth and is one of the famous car seats out there. It’s compatible with the Uppababy strollers only.

So, if you happen to own one of them this car seat is perfect. It has side impact protection, an adjustable headrest and a harness system.

The seat offers a ventilation system which some car seats don’t have. This makes it easier for your baby to breathe fresh air and also always to feel fresh air during summer days.

Large canopy with UPF50+ sunshade. The materials are removable and the handlebar is slim and easy to grip.

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2. Evenflo Litemax 25 Car Seat.

£105.65, Amazon. 

Also one of the famous car seats out there and suitable from birth up to 12+ months. A rear-facing car seat with body and head support.

4 positions on the harness system and an ergonomic handlebar. The car seat is perfect for even tiny babies as it can handle 1.8kg babies.

Big canopy with zipping and the fabrics are weather resistant. Compatible with single and double strollers from its brand. One of the best car seats to use in the car.

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3. Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat.

£189.53, Uberkids.

Extremely lightweight and suitable for your baby up to 12 months. The car seat does not have a hood but comes with quality materials and fabrics.

Designed with body and head support and with an adjustable harness system. Side impact protection to withstand any impact it might endure.

It comes in multiple colours and not just black. Compatible with all Maxi Cosi car seats and Quinny strollers as well, so you have more options with this one.

Only rear-facing and the handle is easy to grab and carry.

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4. Maxi Cosi Tinca i-Size car seat.

£139.00, Uberkids. 

Also lightweight and suitable from birth up to 12 months. This one unlike the other has a hood that can be adjusted. The hood has a sunshade.

It also has a seat cover to keep your baby warm and protected. Just like the one above it has head and body support and 3 point harness system.

Easy handle to use and carry the seat. Compatible with almost all Maxi Cosi car seats only.

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5. The Doona Car Seat.

£299.99, Samueljohnston. 

Although a car seat and a stroller can still be used solely for one purpose if you want to buy a separate stroller. It has all the features a car seat has and can be used to stroll with.

Suitable from birth up to 13kg. It has an adjustable handle to make things easier for you. A medium hood for weather protection.

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6. Nuna Pipa Next i-Size Infant Carrier.

£200,00 Uberkids. 

One of the best car seats out there. Suitable from birth to 15 months. It has an adjustable harness system with chest pads. The Nuna Pipa Next has a big UPF50+ sun protection hood.

The hood itself has a pop-out visor to protect the baby’s eyes. Comes with a dream drape to give your baby privacy and it has side protection to give them safety and comfort.

All materials and fabrics are good fire-resistant. A leather handle to give it a nice look but also easy to carry. Soft inlays to provide comfort.

It suits all Nuna strollers, so if you own one then this one will surely be of good use.

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7. Thule Glide Bassinet.

£189.99, eBay. 

If you own a Thule Glide pushchair and want to transform it into a pram then this one will be good to use. Suitable from birth for up to 6 months.

It has a big hood with UV protection and other weather conditions. The bassinet is spacious and big to provide safety for your little one.

With soft fabrics and cover. When not in use it can be folded flat to allow a compact fold for easy storage.

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8. Cybex Priam Carrycot Lux.

€277.25, Samueljohnston.

For all of you parents who own a Cybex Priam Carrycot. It’s suitable from both up to 9kg which is around 6 months. It has an airflow system to allow your baby to breathe better.

A soft mattress for your baby’s sensitive skin and a big hood with UV protection. It has an extendable sun visor and made with an easy carry handle.

The carrycot is big enough and allows your baby to sleep comfortably. Weight around 4kg+.

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9. Icandy Changing Bag

€59.00, Samueljohnston.

Although intended for Icandy strollers the bag can be used for any stroller. Available in multiple colours and is a handbag. It has two big openings and two elastic pockets on the side.

It comes with a changing mat and adjustable straps to help you carry it. You either use it as a handbag, shoulder bag or hang it on the stroller.

Enough storage to store what your baby needs.

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10. Childhome “Mommy” Changing Bag.

€83.19, Kids-room.

The bag can be used to fit all of your baby’s essential and it can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag. Come with a changing mat and has a big space.

One big opening with many inner pockets. Two straps included.

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11. Pram and Car Seat Toys.

Price: 5.99+, Etsy and more.

These toys are a list of 10 toys that I reviewed and will perfectly match any stroller you decide to buy or have. Made with safe materials and are intended to educate and entertained your baby.

Some of these are suited for smaller babies and others are intended for bigger ones and even toddlers.

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12. Bugaboo Comfort Stroller Board.

£81.00 Uberkids. 

Do you happen to own a Bugaboo stroller? If you do, then this board will be perfect for your toddler. Suitable from 3+ years and it has a sit and stands option.

You will need adapters to attached it with except for the bugaboo bee 5 and Bugaboo Fox. You have the option to remove the wheels and seat to site it.

When not in use you can either remove it or push it aside for it not to disturb you. It has a comfortable sitting area for your toddler and comes in black.

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13. Nuosen Baby Stroller Rain Cover.

$12.99, Amazon.

The rain cover is a universal cover made to fit many strollers and it even might be the one for your stroller. It transparent and made with thick and long-lasting materials.

The cover is also black to match any stroller colour. The cover not only protects from the rain but also wind, sun and cold. It straps pretty well on the stroller to keep children from moving it.

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My Buggy Buddy Clip.

£4.49, Uberkids. 

A carabiner clip that’s universally suited. It has a foam cover so that it’s well protected. It can be used for your stroller and pram to attached any bag you want.

It can also be used to attach toys. It’s small and has multiple colours to suit your stroller. The clip can be used for changing bags, shopping bags or your backpack or handbag.

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Which is these baby stroller accessories do you like the most? Have you heard of these accessories or brands?

Remember to always take your time choosing even accessories. It will help you choose the best. 

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