The Baby Double Stroller – Icandy Orange Review.

We first had the Icandy Peach single and twin stroller now the Icandy Orange is rising in popularity. Are you looking for a baby double stroller?

Then, the one mentioned above can be the one for your family. It’s quite expensive, so it’s for you, parents who love to spend and want something of high quality.

For this review, I will review the Icandy Orange duo pushchair. Give you the latest ins and outs of it. Detailing the pros and pointing out the cons.

As we all know all pushchairs have both of those things, no matter how well designed it is. I will also do a quick comparison with other popular double strollers.

This one is an upgraded version of the old Orange. A 2021 design makes it one of the best double out in the market right now. Hence, my title ” The Baby Double Stroller”.

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  • 30 Configuration.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Forward and rear facing.
  • Luxurious and excellent fabrics and design.
  • Lightweight chassis.
  • Excellent carrycot features (extended zip, peek a boo, soft mattress, ventilation system, 9kg).
  • Convertible carrycot.
  • The seat has a pocket.
  • Elevated seat.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Bumper bar.
  • Seat unit suitable up to 25kg (single-mode, double mode up to 15kg).
  • Extendable handlebar.
  • Big basket.
  • Easy and compact fold.
  • Rear and front suspension.
  • 2 car seat adapters.
  • Ride board.
  • Rain cover.
  • Changing bag.
  • Footmuff.

Let me first begin by stating this double stroller is a tandem stroller. For single and children of different ages. It only comes with a carrycot and seat unit, so it’s not for twins.

You can buy the one with two carrycots for your wins on the site via the link.

The Baby Double Stroller: Icandy Orange Review.

Product: Orange Double Pushchair.

Price: £1095.00

Size of the Product: Seat dimentions: L:83 x W:37 x D:23cm. Carrycot dimensions: L:83 x W37 x D:22cm

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

The Orange duo is suitable from birth for your newborn arrival and the one you already have. If you are only having one child the stroller is also perfect as it can be used as a single stroller.

Praised for having 30 configurations, meaning it has many purposes and usage or you can benefit from it in many ways. Suitable from birth with the cot.

The carrycot is big and spacious for your newborn and fits well up to 9kg. It comes with a soft mattress, apron and liner to turn into comfort to sleep in.

If they happen to nap there during the night, no problem. It’s made for that too. It offers an extended position with a zip, a peek a boo window and better airflow.

Also called a ventilation system. More breathable fabrics are always good for newborns. Moving on to the seat for your toddler.

The cot converts into a seat by changing fabrics. It offers 25kg of usage for a single child and 15kg for when using as double mode.

That’s roughly 5 years for your single child and 3 years for double mode. You have the option to place both the carrycot and seat forward and rear facing.

Allowing your child to view the world and also protect them and bond with you. The seat has a pocket behind it. Closer to you for you to keep there whatever you want.

A useful feature indeed.

More Features.

The features are more and truly amazing. You have also the option to have an elevated seat. How you wonder, well with the purchase adapters are available to use.

Use the adapters to elevate the seat. Making your baby or toddler nearer to you. A good opportunity for parents and their children.

A point harness system is also included with chest pads. Always there to keep baby safe and pads will also keep the harness clean.

Making it last for years and you won’t need to clean it all the time. Moving on the chassis. Designed lightweight and it offers luxurious materials and fabrics.

As mentioned this upgraded version just came out, so all details are included making it truly amazing. You also have a bumper that can be rotated.

Allows you to place your child or children on the cot or seat at ease. A height extendable handlebar. If this is not your first time you will know this feature is very useful.

Rear and front suspension wheels for a smoother ride. A big basket underneath for your many groceries. Also reported to offer compact fold and it’s easy to fold.

Icandy Orange: Accessories.

With this purchase, you have many accessories. The first one that hardly comes with many strollers is the ride board. This one is for your little toddler.

If they are tired of using the stroller or they can’t use it anymore because of their weight, then the board comes to the rescue. Creates a nice sibling bond and you get to keep an eye on both of them.

Ready to turn your duo into a Travel System then you have 2 adapters to use from. This option can make it possible to purchase the duo pushchair for twins.

Use the two car seats for the twins. Later on, when they grow you only need to convert the cot into a seat and you will have two seats for them.

Also with the purchase is a rain cover. Excellent for any weather. Parents use it for rain, of course, the sun and wind. When cold the cover can protect your child even if not specifically designed for that.

A footmuff for winter and fall/autumn. It’s good to keep your child warm and relaxed. Add a blanket and you will keep them extra warm. Lastly, you have the changing bag.

A backpack which is medium-sized, but can fit the essential things. Things that are more important to have.



  • The double is only up to 3 years. Some might need it more than that, especially if it’s used for twins.
  • Not all-terrain wheels. Can’t be used in all places.
  • Very expensive. Good quality but the price will make many parents rethink.
  • No UPF50+ protection. Not that much weather protection.
  • When using the double the basket can be blocked.
  • No lockable swivel front wheels.
  • It can be a bit hard pushing when using double mode. The other seat might make it hard for you to walk near the chassis.

Icandy Orange vs Other Baby Double Stroller.

The orange duo has much to offer, so it won’t be easy to defeat right? Is it the best double stroller in the market or one of the best?

To find out a little bit of that I decided to compare it with other compelling luxurious strollers. Many in the UK and outside are familiar with it.

We have the Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair. It’s the same brand, but it does rival the Orange duo. Although both are made specifically for different conditions. One is for twin and the other a duo.

Both can be used for both if you buy the right accessories. Another competitive that came out in 2020 it’s the Silver tandem pushchair wave.

Icandy Orange Duo vs Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair.

Both are tandem pushchairs, so they are similar in that sense, but of course, their design differs. Like many famous strollers they share similarities, and these are:

  • Suitable from birth with the cot or cots.
  • Travel System ready.
  • All suspension.
  • Swivel bumper bar.
  • Used on a single baby.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Convertible carrycot.
  • Excellent fabrics and materials.
  • Peek a boo window, extendable hood and better airflow.
  • Pocket on the back of the seat.

These are the main features they share. The blossom offers a footrest, bigger hood, classier design and both seats can take up 25kg. Which means it will last longer for your children.

It has punctured proof tyres, 4 reclining positions on the seat and one hand recline and you also have an auto-lock fold. As seen above the Orange offer lighter chassis.

You have also an elevated seat and an integrated built inboard. The Orange is cheaper than the Peach Blossom twin pushchair.

You can see that the Peach Blossom is the winner because of the extra features it has. However, depending on your lifestyle the Icandy Orange can be ideal.

It’s lighter which many parents want, and it does have all the essential features and accessories you will need for a single child and two children.

Icandy Orange Duo vs Silver Cross Wave Tandem Pushchair.

These are more alike in the sense they a both for children of different ages. Similar in how they are set up, but the design, of course, differs. These are the similarities:

  • Suitable from birth with the cot or car seat.
  • 30 configuration.
  • Ventilated carrycot (peek a boo).
  • 5 point harness system with chest pads.
  • Elevated seat.
  • Forward and rear facing.
  • Easy fold.
  • Height adjustable handlebar.
  • Spacious basket.

Many similarities indeed. The wave offers more features such as UPF50+ protection, leg rest, fabrics are made with bamboo, and sun visor.

You also have a magnesium + aluminium chassis, 5 positions on the handlebar, zip on the apron and tread tyres. The wheels offer all-terrain.

These are all the things the Icandy Orange lack. However, it has a bigger basket, integrated board, and a pocket behind the seat that the wave lacks.

The Orange also is lighter and offers easier compact fold.

Both cost similar, but the wave looks to cost more if you minus the Orange Duo accessories. I will have to say the Silver Cross tandem pushchair does look more promising considering what it offers.

It looks like another loss for the Icandy Orange pushchair. However, it does still offer good and quality fabrics and materials. It’s cheaper than both of these above.

So, that’s also a big deciding factor.

The Journey for Your Family.

You can see that the baby double stroller is the journey your family needs. Although not the best in the market, it still has its place.

You can see why the Icandy orange pushchair is good and loved by many. The upgraded version is new and not soo well known, but the Orange is rising in popularity.

Having this will give your little one the ride of their life’s, especially with a ride onboard included. Your toddler will love standing and feeling free.

What do you think? Will this double stroller be ideal for families? What features did you like and why? What about the other strollers?

I would like to know your choices. We all differ in preferences, so there are no wrong choices regarding this.


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  1. This double stroller is ideal for not only twins but also if you have two young children. It is very difficult to go out when you have a pram and a young child, especially when you are on your own. With this stroller, you can simply place both children in the pram and not have to worry about one of them running off in the opposite direction.

    I also like that there seems to be ample space for your groceries. I think this would be a valuable addition for any family with more than one young child.


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