Ickle Bubba Moon vs My Babiie Your Babiie.

Are you looking for 3in1 strollers with accessories such as a changing bag, rain cover and pram toys? Then you need not look any further.

For this post, I will compare two travel systems. Point out the pros and cons of it, and tell you how all of the features can help you out.

I will add on accessories such as a nappy bag, and a pram toy or toys that are suitable for both travel systems. You will have your bundle ready to go.

I won’t be going into the details of all of it, but I will give you enough information for you to decide. I will also inform you which of these two are better in different circumstances.

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About The Ickle Bubba Moon All-in-One Travel System and My Babiie Your Babiie Travel System.

Ickle Bubba Moon All-in-One Travel System. 

Kiddies-kingdom, £299.00.

Size of the Product:  Unfolded:  W57cm x L83cm x H101cm, Folded: W57cm x L76cm x H31cm.

Suitable from birth with both the car seat and carrycot the travel system has a lot to offer your baby. The frame is super lightweight.

With the seat, your toddler can use the stroller for up to 3 years

Easy to fold and unfold with the sit on. Saves a lot of space for you both at home and when travelling. Both the seat and carrycot canopy has UPF sun cover from the sun.

This can also help with other elements such as the wind and a little bit of rain. The Astral 0+ car seat as it called can be used up to 12-15 months depending on your baby.

It also offers a peek a boo window to be able to view your child. The car seat is lightweight weighing only 6kg.

The seat is useable from 6 months upwards and has reclining positions to make it easier for your baby. The Ickle Bubba Moon carrycot comes with an apron and a foot warmer.

Perfect for winter. The seat can face forward and rear and offers a leathery handlebar and a swivel bumper bar. One of the best fabrics that offer easy breathing.

All suspension and lockable front wheels give a smooth manoeuvre. Included with rain cover and safety harness system that is adjustable.

A basket underneath for all of the grocery shopping.

My Babiie Your Babiie Belgravia Travel System.

Uberkids, £599.99.

Size of the Product: Unfolded: H102cm x W57cm x D92cm , Folded: W57cm x D65cm

This stylish stroller is suitable from birth with the seat, but also comes with its car seat and carrycot. The seat has reclining positions to make life easier.

Positions the baby however you like. It can also face the world or you. There’s a footrest design with it. A place to seat their feet after a long day of adventures.

The carrycot comes with an apron in other words a footmuff with 3 adjustable positions in the hood. This applies to the seat and carrycot.

The seats handle is made of leather and it’s adjustable. Compact fold stroller with easy to store away. Do you want even more space?

How about detaching the front and rear wheels? Making it easier for you. The car seat is compatible with many cars and you don’t always have to use a base to install it.

The seat also offers many features such as absorbing foam and the sides are designed to withstand many impacts. A 3 point safety harness, etc.

This car seat is also suitable for up to 13kg which is 12 to 15 months approx. The seat is suitable for up to 22kg that’s approx 3 to 4 years depending on your.

A lightweight frame and a rain cover come with it for weather protection. A large shopping basket underneath the stroller for all of your baby’s things, and even yours.

Differences Between These Two.

1. One Is Suitable From Birth with The Seat.

The first is that the My Babiie Belgravia Travel System is suitable from birth with the seat which the Ickle Bubba Moon Travel System doesn’t offer.

You can use the travel system for your newborn baby, but it is only possible with the car seat or carrycot not with the seat. The seat is from 6 months.

For some parents, this is a big difference, and it can even affect their decisions when buying a stroller.

2. They Both Offer Features That The Other Don’t Have.

When it comes to the Ickle Bubba Moon you can fold it with the seat on. The pushchair also has a peek a boo window to make viewing your child easier.

A swivel bumper means a detachable and easy to use bumper bar, which makes it easier to place your child on the stroller. It has UPF sun cover both on the carrycot and seat.

The safety harness system is adjustable to suit children of different ages. The front wheels are lockable. These are the features that the other stroller don’t have.

When it comes to the My Babiie Belgravia pushchair it has a footrest, and 3 reclining positions on the hood. The handlebar is adjustable, but it does not have a detachable and swivel bumper bar.

The front and rear wheels can be detached for a more compact fold. The car seat offers more features and suitability.

3. The My Babiie Belgravia Travel System Looks More Designed and Offers Bright Colours.

One last difference between these two prams is the look. They have many similar features and both offer unique features, but their design is different.

The My Babiie Belgravia Travel System looks more designed and perfect for the city lifestyle. Both are, but the other has more looks to it.

This can also determine your decision, depending on what you want. The Ickle Bubba Moon has colours that a bit darker, although both offer three different colours.

With its looks, you will notice the Belgravia Travel System is more expensive because of its shiny and design frame.

Which One Is Better?

This question is tough to answer because of how similar the pushchairs are, and every parent is different, so is every child. What you and your baby need others might not think’s important.

I will do a general comparison, taking from different circumstances to give you the picture. However like I stated the choice is yours at the end.

Why Ickle Bubba Moon Can Be Better?

A situation where folding a stroller with the seat can be beneficial is when your baby reaches toddlerhood, or if you have a tiny space.

It will make it easier for you to use the pushchair. If your child is facing the world, having a peek a boo window can be important.

This applies more to toddlers. It’s easier to keep an eye on them, and you don’t have to go front all the time. Do you know that a detachable bumper is important too?

Being able to remove the bumper bar or turn it when putting your child in makes it easier. It’s even more helpful when you taking them out of the stroller.

Removing the bumper will also make storing the stroller easier. More compact. All suspension and lockable front wheels are good for any terrain.

When stumbling upon an emergency you can use the lockable wheels. Even when the pushchair it’s standing the lockable front wheels will make it more secure.

A pushchair this lightweight can move easily. These features can make parents choose this over the other because the other features are similar.

Why My Babiie Belgravia Travel System Can Be Better?

The first thing you notice it’s that the pushchair is suitable from birth which is super helpful. Having to use the car seat or carrycot every time when you go out can be frustrating.

If you are going out for long walks or trips then that’s normal, but sometimes for short strolls using only the pushchair seat takes less time and struggle.

A big and extendable canopy or hood can be a hood for babies and even toddlers. For a warm summer day, it offers shade from the heat.

For a called day it offers warmth. It also offers privacy. Keep your baby covered by strangers. Many parents think of these things.

A footrest is always a bonus if a pushchair offers it. Some toddlers are in more need of it because of their condition.

An adjustable handlebar is super helpful taking it from my experience. When you are going up a hill or have different heights in your family.

Being able to adjust the handle will save you energy, and you won’t have to struggle. Depending on where you live and how often you will use the pram this feature is important.

One more thing is the wheels. They are detachable which is more for saving space. Well, also keeping the house clean.

The Best One Is?

I have to state that the My Babiie Belgravia Travel System looks more promising after analysing both of these. It has features that are more beneficial to the majority of people.

The stroller is more expensive because of its fancy design and its more useful features. However, some might choose the Icke Bubba Moon All-in-One Travel System because of their lifestyle.

Additional Features.

A while back I did a review on three nappy changing bags that are fancy and offer many features. They are from different brands, but the bags can be used separately.

It’s a backpack, shoulder bag and normal nappy bag you can hang on the stroller. So, you have three different options to choose from.

Their prices and quality differ, but all three will last with your baby. View these stylish nappy bags. 

Etsy (MamasSecretShop), £9.99+.

View these pram toys that are made out of wood. Perfect for your new arrival. It’s simple and your baby will be fascinated viewing them.

What are your thoughts after viewing this post? Have you chosen a travel system yet? If not why? If yet tell me about it.  

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