Summer Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids – Ready For More Ideas?

With the current situation, we are all in now, it can be hard to upcome with something productive to do with the kids/children. For this article or post, I will only focus on 2 to 4-year-olds.

It can be easier for older children to be by themselves by doing other home activities or be on the phone, but for young children, I believe it’s much harder.

Being around the TV all the time is not only unhealthy but boring. Summer, it’s coming and hopefully, things can go back to normal.

It’s time for your young child to explore the outside world and have much fun as possible. I have already mentioned and listed plenty of summer activities both inside and outside.

Time for them to have fun with outdoor activities when summer is here.

This article is going to pick up more and add more details on the activities mentioned in the previous post. Ready yet? Join me because we going for a ride.


Like I mentioned in my previous post art is something that’s fun and it’s a good way to spend time with Kids, and for them to spend time with each other.

It develops their senses and they can be creative with it. Allowing them to come with anything and using their imagination. Good for brain development.

Buy a table and white paper, and tape the papers on the table. Place it outside if you have a garden or a backyard and let your kid use different things to do art.

If you also have a sidewalk near you it will do. Some of the things they can use or do are:

  • Oil pastel painting.
  • Using leaves or anything from nature to do art.
  • Watercolour.
  • Playdough (give toys to make it more creative).
  • Salt painting.
  • Mud, sand art.
  • Paint or colour with chalk, crayons, colour pencils and nail polish.


Playtime can be anything from playing sports or doing other playful activities like a race or games to keep them entertained and make them learn.


Sports are the most common thing for kids when it’s summer. Not all sports are suitable for young children, at these times many sports events or places are closed.

That does not mean your kid doesn’t have to play. With the available toys, they can play football/soccer, basketball, golf, badminton, etc. View more on sports to see what your little one can do.

Fun plays.

Besides sports, your toddler can do other activities like playing. It can be activities that involve a lot of moving and others, not soo much.

Relay race – If you have many kids a relay race can be something of fun. 4 kids can even play it. The parents can also play along. It’s a fun activity for the whole family. Can be done in your backyard or the park.

Obstacle course –  Build obstacle courses outside with many toys and make it challenging for your kids to be active and motivated. Let them help you out building it up. That in itself it’s an activity and it keeps them busy and entertained.

Limbo – Limbo is both fun and challenging. It also works as training. Helping your little one to stretch and come up with ideas and solutions. If you have more than one kid this will be a fun time for them.

Tug of war – Also a good game for families. Can be played outside, in your garden.

Guessing Games.

Guessing games are fun to do and when done outside kids a freer to express themselves. Use things outside to come with ideas.


Blowing bubbles or blowing bubbles for them pop is an idea that’s both fun for parents and kids. Add some colouring in the mix to make it colourful.

Describing Games.

When outside you see many things. Vehicles, animals, people and nature itself. Ask your kids to describe what they can see and what they can hear.

It will improve their vocabulary and make them think. They will also learn a lot, and they will recognise their neighbourhood.


Draw a huge bullseye (circle) and have them throw something soft aiming at the bullseye (middle). It can be something competitive if you have more than one kid.


For your 2 t year 4 old this will be fun and challenging because of their tiny hands. You can buy small frisbees. Throw frisbees with your kids or let them play together.


Outside toys are things my kids love to play with. It can be climbing frames, swings and trampolines. Other toys such as dolls and vehicles can be used outside.

You can view outside toys and educational toys for your kid to use.


With the right toys, a sandcastle can be something fun and active for your preschooler. Decorate the sandcastle with seashells and other toys. Like dolls or vehicle toys.

Helping out.

What outdoor activities are you doing at the moment? Maybe a helping hand will make things easier and faster.

Car or Bike Wash.

Does your preschooler love helping out? Or maybe you want to give them tasks? Well, how about helping out cleaning the car or bike.

It’s an activity that’s messy and fun. They can wash their bikes and ride-on car. Teach them responsibility at an early age. It does not mean they should wash it all the time, but once in a while.

Help with Renovation.

Are you renovating outside? A garage or something else? Why not have your kid help you out. It can be anything from bringing things to helping with paint. If you supervise them it can work.

It’s better for them than to sit around and wait for you to finish.

Out n About.

When out with your child what other activities can they do? Besides sports and games. Does it also have to be competitive and challenging? See these out n About ideas.

Go Out and Run.

Have a running day or exercise day. Go out with your kid or kids and in the park or through your neighbourhood. Buy them gym clothes and bring water bottles with you.

You don’t always have to run, use other exercises. Rest and have a picnic or buy ice cream outside. Bring along other sports activities and have fun.


Make your kite at home with your preschooler. Let them do the most work and take them out to play with the kite. Making the kite is also an activity

Allow them to run and walk in the park or other areas. For them to also view other places.


How about doing a cosplay outside? Dress them up as a princess, Spider-Man or any other character and let them mingle outside. Cosplays are good for their vocabulary and imagination.

These things will help your child improve in many ways.

Are You Ready for Summer?

Have you tried one of these activities before with your kid? Which ones have you tried and which haven’t you yet? I will love to know.

Also, not all of these activities can be done by every family. If you don’t live near a park or have a garden it’s impossible to do some of these things.

So, are you ready for summer to come and you can go and enjoy it with your kids? Let’s this summer be different from the summer before.

When the pandemic came people spend most of their time inside and didn’t do many productive activities. Make this summer memorable and let your little one have fun and learn by doing so.

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