Stroller Hooks – No Need To Struggle.

Hooks were not that common for parents to buy, but that has changed because of how beneficial it can be for mums. We in general use hooks to hang our things in the house or other places. They make it possible for things not to just lay around. It can be messy.

All About Stroller Hooks.

Have you ever gone shopping with your baby or baby’s and had many bags? Sometimes all of the bags can`t fit in the shopping basket, so you will need to hang it somewhere.

The hooks and clips can be used for your baby’s changing bag if it has become heavy. You have to see if the hooks or clips are compatible with your stroller. Not all of them are.

There’s no more use for the hooks really beside to just help you with your things and the changing bag. I’m sure there might be an additional use for it, hey why not strap your jacket and keys to it. It’s reachable and maybe you won’t need to have a pocket behind the stroller seat.

Just let your imagination float I guess.

Wifun 3 Pieces Stroller Hooks.



Product: Wifun 3 Pieces Stroller Hooks.

Price: £8.99

Size Of Product: 16 ×10cm+ 14 × 8cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: Unknown

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The hooks/clips are easy to use, just clip and unclip when ready to use. Is not complicated, anyone can use them and its safe to use. The hooks are made from aluminium, its sturdy to use.

There are two sizes to the clips, and both of them come with the package. You have the option to use which is more suitable for your stroller or your things. Some clips or hooks can be too short or small to fit, with these you can use the one that’s suitable depending on the things you are carrying.

The clips do save you money, you can use them on other things like wheelchairs, trolleys, to hold your baby’s toys, etc. The clips are wrapped with smooth foam to prevent any scratches on your things and even make it comfortable for you when you hold them.

Happy Mummy Hook And Stroll.

Product: Happy Mummy Hook And Stroll.

Price: £7.99

Size of Product: 10.16 × 10.16 × 3.81cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: Unknown.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The Stroller hook is attached to a stroller with a Valcro strap and it stays in place when it’s attached. The happy mummy hook and stroll fully rotates and carries weight up to 5kg per hook. There are two hooks in the package.

The hook being able to rotate makes it easier for you to reach your things without needing to struggle. If you use it to hang the changing bag, and you need to take something on the other side you just rotate it. No need to stop and take it. It’s very helpful.

Lastly, the hook fits all strollers/pushchairs, so no matter the stroller type and size you can use it.

Brown Buggy Clips.







Product: Brown Buggy Clips.

Price: £8.99

Size Of Product: 15.6 × 8 × 2cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: Unknown

My Ranking: 10/10

These brown buggy/stroller clips are award-winning and there’s a reason for that. The straps a strong which makes it fasten well. Strong stitching for durability, adjustable straps so that it can fit any pushchair/stroller and 8 cm circumference for best fit.

Each hook can hold up to 5kg and can carry up to 4 or more shopping bags. The stroller hooks fit horizontal and vertical pushchairs. The hooks fit all stroller types. It can be prams, lightweight pushchairs, etc.

Its lightweight and can be strapped and unstrapped with just one hand, very convenient for your daily use. Do you want to stroll with your friend and shop for clothes? No problem, do it with these hooks.  You don’t need to carry your things and you can even save your friend from headaches.

Save Yourself From Headaches.

We all know it can be tiring to carry around bags when you are out and shopping. Too much weight can be unbearable. Nowadays manufactures have a solution to everything.

The hooks are good accessories to your stroller, they may not directly help your baby or make the stroller more appealing but they will help you out. If you are relaxed then your baby will relax and it will make your strolls more enjoyable.

I have done some heavy shopping in the past with my baby and let me tell you it becomes tiring with a heavy pushchair and no space. If you even have space on the shopping basket, it’s low and you have to always bend to get something. With the hooks or clips, you can reach what you want without putting any effort.

Just like the title above, you should always reach to save yourself from headaches. Don’t make your life with your baby more difficult, if you can make it easier why not try it.

Have you ever used hooks or clips before? Please tell us about it, and if you have, how was your experience? We love to know!

If you have any additional questions or you want to add something on this topic, please do on the comment section below.

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