Why are Stroller Hooks Important?

Stroller hooks or also called clips were not that common for parents to buy, but that has changed because of how beneficial it can be for mums.

We in general use hooks to hang our things in the house or other places. They make it possible for things not to just lay around. It can be messy.

All About Stroller Hooks.

Have you ever gone shopping with your baby or baby’s and had many bags? Sometimes all of the bags can`t fit in the shopping basket, so you will need to hang them somewhere.

The hooks or clips can be used for your baby’s changing bag if it has become heavy. You can see if the hooks or clips are suitable for your stroller.

Meaning they won’t make the stroller or buggy fall.

There’s no more use for the hooks really besides to just help you with your things and the changing bag. I’m sure there might be an additional use for it, hey why not strap your jacket and keys to it.

It’s reachable and maybe you won’t need to have a pocket behind the stroller seat.

Just let your imagination float I guess.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do Buggy Clips Work?

Buggy clips come in many designs and styles, but they all work the same. It’s there to give you more storage for your bags and other things.

You only need to release the clip on the side and place it in your item or hook it in. After that use the same end and attach it to the stroller.

It will hang on the handlebar, and this works with a static handlebar and a normal joined handle. Do not put too much weight otherwise it might tilt the buggy backwards.

This is common with lightweight buggies.

Some other clips or hooks have two release ends. So you attached it to the stroller with one end and the other you use it to place the bags in.

Are Stroller Clips Necessary?

Pram clips are not one of the accessories that come with a pram when you buy it, so they are not essential, but if you have other kids and you carry too much weight going out then clips are necessary.

It’s there to make things easier for you. It’s not only the bags you attached it with. The things are endless and it will give you some relief.

They are not necessary for every parent, but I will highly recommend them to those who have to carry lots of things with their hands.

Can you imagine you pushing a heavy pram because you have to carry your item with the other hand?

Sometimes it all can’t fit in a shopping basket, so you will need to improvised to help yourself out. Stroller clips will help you out in your daily walks with your kid or kids.

What Type of Pram Clips Should You Buy?

If you are not familiar with buggy clips then you might wonder which ones to buy and why they are important to buy. Well, not all clips are made with the best materials.

Some are cheap and others expensive. My advice would be to buy a clip that has rubber-like and cotton-like material attached to it.

Clips that have two ends and not just one end. Made with aluminium and are not hard to attach. I recommend not to buy a clip that has foam attached to it.

This will get damaged easily and not last that long. I think stroller clips should also have a close end and not an open one.

Madeformums did a 7 list of the best stroller clips you might want to check it out and see.

Save Yourself From Headaches.

We all know it can be tiring to carry around bags when you are out and shopping. Too much weight can be unbearable. Nowadays manufacturers have a solution to everything.

The hooks are good accessories to your stroller and they may not directly help your baby or make the stroller more appealing but they will help you out.

If you are relaxed then your baby will be relaxed and it will make your strolls more enjoyable.

I have done some heavy shopping in the past with my baby and let me tell you it becomes tiring with a heavy pushchair and no space.

If you even have space on the shopping basket, it’s low and you have to always bend to get something. With the hooks or clips, you can reach what you want without putting in any effort.

Just like the title above, you should always reach to save yourself from headaches. Don’t make your life with your baby more difficult, if you can make it easier why not try it.

View Stroller boards and know why this stroller accessory it’s important as well.

Have you ever used hooks or clips before? Please tell us about it, and if you have how was your experience? We love to know!

If you have any additional questions or you want to add something on this topic, please do on the comment section below.

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