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Stroller Boards, what are they? Well, like how it sounds, boards that are used on strollers. Boards, in general, can be anything that’s used to produce a product, but when you put the stroller in front of the word it can mean something different.

Let’s see why these types of boards are a huge benefit for you and your toddler.

As the owner of this site, I`ve tracked down the products I think will suit you and your baby. When you use the link or the links on these pages to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around.

All About Stroller Boards.

Lets first look into what a stroller board is and then maybe name a few reasons why you might need them. The boards can be used in the stroller by strapping it on the back of the stroller. It’s strapped above the back wheels or between them and it’s therefore important to find the right board for your specific stroller. Not all of them match.

The boards can also depend upon the pushchair type you have. It’s a huge difference if you have a jogging stroller from a pram. The shape and size can come into play. Don’t worry, nowadays it’s easy to find the right match for your stroller.

Stroller Boards are used by your stroller. If your toddler has a strong grip and can stand up well then it will be a wonderful experience for them. Kids at that age are easy to entertain.

The more your toddler its entertained the less stress they will give you when you out and about. The boards also save you money. If you only have a single stroller, Not a double one you will most likely need to buy a double if you have two children and your toddler still rides on the stroller.

A new stroller cost money and especially a double stroller, so-called “tandem strollers”. You know some toddlers are stubborn and want to ride on the stroller, they find it relaxing but they can’t do it if you have a baby and just have a single stroller.

Avoid arguing with your toddler, or else it might put you off from going out or even taking them out. Now you have boards your toddler can sit on.

Elternstolzs Buggy Board With Seat.

Product: Elternstolzs Buggy Board.

Price: £59.99 (free delivery in the UK)

Size Of Product: 45 × 37 × 20cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee:  Yes, 30 days return policy.

My Ranking: 9/10

The board is practical and can be fixed in every stroller with its 360-degree attachment.  Can take weight up to 20kg and no tools are needed and it can be fixed with or without a seat. It has a nice design to it, with LED lights on the wheels that cause flashes.

The angles are adjustable and the straps help to bind your board handle on the pushchair. Elteebstolzs stroller board is easy to attach and remove but it only matches with certain pushchair seats. Wide seats with padding.

Elternstolzs board will fit these brands:

Hartan, teutonia, Gesslein, Uppababy, Emmaljunga, TFK, ABC design, Knorr, Anex, Silvercross, Mclaren

Lascal Buggy Board Maxi Universal.

Product: Lascal Buggy Board Maxi Universal.

Price: $71.10 (+$59.00 shipping, free shipping in the US)

Size Of Product: 47 × 26 × 10cm

A Place to Buy: ebay. Click here.

Guarantee: No returns, but a money-back guarantee.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The buggy board is designed to suit universal strollers. It has been redesigned to be better and easier for mums out there. You can easily attach the Lascal Buggy Board on the stroller without any tools.

Heavy duty and independent suspension make it possible to have a smooth and comfortable for your toddler.  It has a large rubberize, anti-slip surface which gives your toddler a safe foothold and larger wheels makes the ride smooth.

Reflections on the board make it visible in the night and the large ground clearance is easy for walking. The board has a lift system, it’s used to lift the board if it’s not used. No need to remove the board if you are not using it. You can just attach it ones, only need to remove it if you are going to fold the stroller.

Fits toddlers from 2 years to 5 years, maximum weight it’s 44 Ib (~20kg)

Bumprider & Sit Pushchair/Stroller Board.

Product: Bumprider & Sit Pushchair/Stroller Board.

Price: £129.99

Size Of Product: 52.5 × 45 × 67.5cm

A Place to Buy:

Guarantee: Yes, 1-year guarantee.

My Ranking: 10/10

The Bumprider sit will fit all stroller types. The stroller board comes with a detachable seat, giving your toddler the choice to either sit or stand. Whatever they are comfortable with and choose to do. It can be tiring to stand all the time.

No tools are required to attach it and the standing platform is huge, perfect for toddlers that are built differently. Toddlers can be in different weight and height. The seat comes with a handlebar.

You can also adjust the seat and standing board base on your toddler’s height and weight. What makes this stroller so unique is the universal connectors and adjusters. They fit into strange shapes seats and models with rear axels. The Bumprider sit has a unique suspension giving your toddler a comfortable and smooth ride.

Suitable for 2 years and over, even for 6-year-olds and I bet 7 years- olds too.

Give Your Toddler The Journey Of Their Life.

Some toddlers are jealous of their younger siblings for using the stroller, and to be honest it’s understandable. Who would not want to sit comfortably and be pushed? Well with the boards they won’t need to walk all the time.

Them using the stroller makes them bond with their siblings if your baby faces you. They can play together making the journey more entertaining for both of them.

Standing on the board makes them able to view long distances and view them differently. This adds more joy and adventure to the journey. The more your children relax the more time you have for yourself. Nagging kids can consume a lot of your time.

Have you used stroller boards before? I would love to know your experience with it. Has it helped you in any way or form? Leave a comment below.

If you have anything else to share, please do.

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