Why are Stroller Boards Important?

Stroller Boards, what are they? Well, I like how it sounds like boards that are used on strollers. Boards, in general, can be anything that’s used to produce a product, but when you put the stroller in front of the word it can mean something different.

Let’s see why these types of boards are a huge benefit for you and your toddler.

All About Stroller Boards.

Let’s first look into what a stroller board is and then maybe name a few reasons why you might need them. The boards can be used in the stroller by strapping them on the back of the stroller.

It’s strapped above the back wheels or between them and it’s therefore important to find the right board for your specific stroller. Not all of them match.

The boards can also depend upon the pushchair type you have. It’s a huge difference if you have a jogging stroller from a pram.

The shape and size can come into play. Don’t worry, nowadays it’s easy to find the right match for your stroller.

Stroller Boards are used by your stroller. If your toddler has a strong grip and can stand up well then it will be a wonderful experience for them. Kids at that age are easy to entertain.

The more your toddler has entertained the less stress they will give you when you are out and about. The boards also save you money.

If you only have a single stroller, not a double one you will most likely need to buy a double if you have two children and your toddler still rides on the stroller.

A new stroller cost money and especially a double stroller, so-called “tandem strollers”.

You know some toddlers are stubborn and want to ride on the stroller, they find it relaxing but they can’t do it if you have a baby and just have a single stroller.

Avoid arguing with your toddler, or else it might put you off from going out or even taking them out. Now you have boards your toddler can sit on.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it Worth Getting a Buggy Board?

Well, as I mentioned above it is worth it. If you have a single stroller and two kids then your toddler will benefit much from having a stroller board.

He or she can sit on it or stand. This is also more worth it if you have more than two children with a double stroller or a single stroller.

Buggy boards can save you a lot of money. Instead of buying another stroller, you can use much less money to buy a universal board.

So, yes it’s worth it.

Do Buggy Boards Fit All Pushchairs/Strollers?

The answer is no. Some boards are universal and fit many strollers, and others only fit some stroller models.

The Bugaboo comfort stroller board for example is only compatible with the Bugaboo prams. Such as Bugaboo Bee models, Fox, etc.

It’s not made for other strollers from other brands. The same goes for other brands. Some strollers are also not compatible with stroller boards.

These are most likely umbrella strollers because of how they were built. This is the reason why some tend to buy universal boards to use in case they change strollers shortly.

What’s the Difference Between the Buggy Board Mini and Maxi?

The Buggy board mini is designed for smaller strollers and these can be the Babyzen YoYo+ or My Babiie MB51. It’s made to handle the lightweight because the boards themselves are light.

When it comes to the Maxi it’s the opposite. It’s made for heavy strollers such as Uppababy Vista and Cruz, or also Babystyle Oyster 3.

It’s heavy which makes them handle the weight of the strollers. A heavy buggy board would tilt the lightweight stroller and the pushing won’t be that easy.

What Age is a Buggy Suitable for?

Age 2 to 5 is the age range for buggy boards. Your child must be able to stand on their own independently and balance well. They also should be able to support themselves.

At the age of two, all toddlers likely can do this that’s why you must use a board from that age. Boards are also designed in a way to suit even a 5-year-old.

This allows you to use a pram for more than one-two kids as well.

What’s the Best Buggy Board to Get?

If you have no experience it can be hard to know which buggy board to buy. Well, the best you can buy is the one that offers seating and a standing area.

When your toddler gets tired they can use the seat to sit down, and if they want a closer bond with their sibling the standing point it’s great.

If you are out on a long stroll standing all the time can’t be easy for them, so you need to get a “2in1” buggy board. (Just called it that, by the way).

Having a board you can push aside and not detach when not in use it’s also useful. At times it can be hard to always detach the board when not using it.

How about a board that can be attached to the stroller all the time? This is becoming a trend. Read before buying to see which board offer these features.

Some of these cost more though, so if you want a cheap there’s no wrong with buying a simple buggy. It will still help you out.

View some of the beat buggies on Amazon.

Give Your Toddler The Journey Of Their Life.

Some toddlers are jealous of their younger siblings for using the stroller, and to be honest it’s understandable. Who would not want to sit comfortably and be pushed? Well with the boards they won’t need to walk all the time.

Them using the stroller makes them bond with their siblings if your baby faces you. They can play together making the journey more entertaining for both of them.

Standing on the board makes them able to view long distances and view them differently. This adds more joy and adventure to the journey. The more your children relax the more time you have for yourself. Nagging kids can consume a lot of your time.

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Have you used stroller boards before? I would love to know your experience with it. Has it helped you in any way or form? Leave a comment below.

If you have anything else to share, please do.

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