Why is a Stroller 5 Point Harness Important?

As you know the safety harness is designed with the stroller and car seat to provide protection for your baby and toddler. A safety harness is used for everyone of course, but it’s especially important to use them on little children.

Why is it important to use it? Should you use it for everyone or can your baby or toddler be without it? These questions might seem unimportant, but they are things many parents think about.

For Strollers And Car seats.

The Safety harness is installed with the stroller and car seat. The Safety harness can vary, some of these products have the 3 point harness and order have the 5 point harness.

I will go into the details of the difference between these 2 down below. Nowadays all strollers and car seats have a safety harness. It’s even a must to keep your baby protected.

There are parents who tend to not use the safety harness because it might be difficult to use it on newborns. They are tiny and sometimes their blankets can make it difficult to strap your newborn.

I don’t use the safety harness to strap my newborn, but it does not mean I think it’s right. However, I do use it to strap my toddler because it’s easier and there are no hindrances. Always use it when your baby or toddler is on the stroller or car seat

This feature is designed with all strollers and car seats and manufactures will continue to come up with more and useful features.

An Important Feature.

Many features are designed and come with a stroller and some are more important than others. Like the safety harness, which is one of the important features.

We are all told that wherever we are in the car or on the bicycle to always think about safety. You should strap yourself with a belt or put your helmet on. These safety reminders have saved lives, it did mine. The same thing applies to your baby or toddler.

The 5 Point Harness is designed into the stroller so it won’t come off that easily and will withstand any impact the stroller might endorse. It has straps that are located between your baby’s or toddlers legs and around the shoulders.

It will keep their whole body protected and it will limit the movement of the rest of the body. The safety harness not only protects them, but it also keeps them from reaching things.

We are all annoyed when our toddlers take something from the store and brakes it. It’s not something we want to happen. The harness can prevent your toddler from being able to move and grab things.

The harness can also be used to strap them if they are causing havoc. We have all been there. When your toddler is causing scenes and they are not listening. Just put them on the stroller and strap them. It works wonders. I have found this to be helpful.

So, the 5 point harness is an important feature not only for safety reasons but can come in handy when you are out and strolling.

The harness can be adjusted to suit your baby or toddler which is good. It grows with your child. Buy the stroller that offers the option to adjust it. The importance of reading reviews done on strollers.

Should You Cover The Safety Harness?

The harness comes with covered fabrics that are soft to keep your baby unharmed. The materials can be hard and unsafe if your toddler or baby bites them. It can also harm them in other ways considering that their skins are sensitive.

So, it is safer to cover it. The softcover keeps dirt away. The Safety harness can’t always be removed from the stroller because it’s designed into it. It’s important to be able to wash the harness to keep it clean and cleaning it using other methods won’t do.

If it’s covered with soft fabrics just remove it and wash in the machine washing. This is only possible if the fabrics can be washed in a washing machine otherwise don’t do it.

Make sure to buy fabrics that can be washed. It’s not only for the cover but also for the fabrics that come with the stroller. Keeping it covered will help your baby in many ways.


The Difference Between A 5 Point Harness And A 3 Point Harness.

A 5 point harness consists of 2 belts crossing the shoulder, 1 between the legs and 2 that are strapped on the hips. A 3 point harness has all of that except the 2 belts strapped on the hips. Without the strapped holding of the hips, your toddler won’t be 100 % steady. They will be able to move a lot.

They will be able to move their hips and some part of their body. So, getting a 5 point harness is better. The good thing is that almost all strollers are designed to have the 5 point harness. Read the descriptions before buying the stroller.

The 5 Point Safety Harness is important to use on your newborn or baby. Because they don’t have strong grips and react to situations slowly or sometimes not at all. So, you will need to strap their body to keep them from falling and hurting themselves.

A 3 point harness belt is still good to have and use on your toddler. They are more alert and often the belts around the shoulders and the belt between the legs will be just fine.

Safety First.

Safety is always first, even when your baby or toddler is on the stroller. You never know what might happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Stroller 5 Point Harness is something good to have so don’t miss out. I should start using it on my newborn. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and I don’t have the time to strap her in it and it was also difficult to use it on my newborn. However, I should try and do it.

Keeping your baby or toddler safe is your top priority. Safety first indeed.

I’m sure you have read about some of the things I have mentioned, it maybe it’s obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to mention them for everyone to know.

It’s also important to be informed of things so that you know what to look for and buy.

Do you prefer the 5 point harness or the 3 point harness? Or you simply don’t mind? If you have questions leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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