Stokke Xplory Stroller Review.

Stokke is one of those brands that are quite expensive, but they offer quality and modern products that suit your daily life. One of these strollers is the model Xplory.

The stroller is made for the city and travellers. It looks fancy, comfortable and expensive. Good for those parents who just love to have fancy things.

I will review the stroller and add why it’s suited for you based on my own experience. View another Stokke stroller.


Product: Stokke Xplory Stroller

Price: £864.00

Size Of Product: 75 – 102 x 89 – 123 x 56.5

A Place to Buy:

My Ranking: 9/10

The strollers height can be adjusted making it possible for you to have a closer bond with your little one and for them to have a nice view.

An ergonomic stroller with narrowed features and swivel wheels offers your baby or toddler a comfortable place to be in. Can be folded with ease and offers an easy way to handle the handlebar.

It’s suitable from birth with the carrycot.

Stokke Xplory Seat.

An ergonomic seat that offers a comfortable and safe place to be in. Head and hip protection are included to keep your toddler or baby safe in case of an emergency.

Your toddler or baby, have more space to move freely and explore. They can bring a toy with them to make them enjoy their journey more and for your peace of mind.

To make it, even more, relaxing the seat has multiple reclining positions and its suitable for car seats and carrycots/bassinets to transform it into a Travel System.

The carrycot has a perfect comfortable mattress with ventilation to provide a breathable environment for your baby or toddler to feel safe and secure.

The fabrics are water-resistant and a UPF50+ sunshade is included with a canopy to protect your child from the elements especially from that dangerous UV.

3 reclining positions offer your baby a sleeping, sitting and active mode. These options are needed for your toddler to be able to enjoy your journeys. For those of you who already have children, this is obvious.

A 5 point harness safety protection for your toddler and baby. Of course, safety should always be something you should provide for your children.

The harness protects the whole body so, you don’t need to worry that your child might hit their head.

The hard shell design on the seat protects your child from many impacts and soft layers are included to protect your baby’s whole body.

Do you love exploring the city and visit your favourite restaurants? If yes, then you might want this stroller because it’s seat height is suited for restaurants tables.

If you can’t find a highchair then the Stokke Xplory Stroller will do. The stroller is even narrow which makes it take less space.

Less space is important to have when you use public transport and when you are travelling abroad.

Stokke Xplory Frame.

The frame is light and its design looks good, perfect for everyone. The front swivel can be locked to provide a manoeuvre ride and safe journey.

Punched free wheels that are unlikely to get damaged from hard grounds and the frame is easy to fold with just one-click mechanism.

Underneath is a large detachable shopping basket for your daily use. The detachable shopping bag makes it possible for you to carry your groceries without bringing the whole stroller with you.

It also saves you space which you will need when a baby is on the way.

The shopping bag can resist scratches and also it’s water-resistant so that you can clean it anytime you want. You will need to do it if you’re going to use the bag daily.

360-degree reflectable materials. Have you ever been out when it’s dark? If yes then this stroller is good to have. It might save yours and your baby’s life.

Strolling or walking with your baby when its dark is not ideal, but sometimes it can happen. Having reflectable materials can be a bonus.


  • If you want a brand new stroller it’s very expensive. It’s because of the high quality and the brand’s popularity.
  • Does not come with a rain cover and other additional accessories.
  • It does not have all features, like an extended footrest and canopy., Etc.

A Head Turner.

This Stokke Xplory Stroller is another stroller that will make all heads turn when you pass by them. How can you not? The stroller is truly glamorous.

The manufacturer’s of this stroller knew how to capture parents attention and make them fall in love with this amazing stroller. Even though the stroller might not be ideal for all because of its price and structure.

I will not buy a stroller this expensive, but I absolutely love the design and look. If you love the city and spend a lot of your time outside especially during summer times then this kind of a stroller is best suited for you.

Its also lightweight making it easy to push during the winter. Winter times are tough and can be difficult for any parents who are out so, make it easy by buying a lightweight pushchair.

It can be any lightweight pushchair/stroller as long as you find it easy to use.

For some weeks ago I did a review on another stroller similar to this one, but it’s not the same brand and model. Both of these strollers have impressed me and I would have absolutely glaze on it if it ever passes by me.

However, I am content to have found my dream stroller. It was affordable and it has the accessories and features that my baby and I need. Sometimes it’s not always about the looks.

What can you tell me? Have you found your dream stroller and are you here to just explore more options?

Do you think you will notice anyone pushing this stroller or is it just me? What do you love about this stroller? Or maybe you don’t like it that much?

Would you buy an expensive pushchair/Stroller if it meant you will get all of the accessories and features it comes with?

I would love to know what you think. Please tell us in the comment down. If you want to add or ask anything I’m always here to help.

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