Silver Cross Wayfarer vs Pioneer.

Silver Cross has been a British brand for years proving the UK with luxurious strollers and prams. Even, for the royals.

In this comparison, I will look closer to the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Pioneer. Compare the similarities and the differences in every aspect.

It’s to see which of these is better. Both are good and excellent prams which will be with your family comfort for years. Let’s see what they have to offer.

I will only give a quick review of both but do a deeper comparison.

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About the Wayfarer.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot and car seat. The seat unit is suitable from 6 months up to 25kg which is around 4 and a half to 5 years for some toddlers.

With multiple reclining seat positions for babies comfort as they grow. You also have a reversible seat liner that has bamboo fabrics on one side.

The other side has ventilation. Bamboo has been known to keep bacteria away. A big UPF50+ canopy with sunshade and peek-a-boo window, and a large deep basket.

There’s a zipped apron to allow more room on the seat. It faces you or the world. All suspension wheels and punctured-proof and shock-absorbing tyres.

It has lockable swivel front wheels as well. Removeable bar and 5-point harness system to keep baby safe. The Wayfarer is folded with two hands. (Claim to be one hand also).

With adjustable handlebar and it’s made with leather. Included with the purchase is a rain cover.

Open dimensions are: H:100cm–107cm W:53.5cm L:94cm. Folded dimensions: H:33.5cm W:53.5cm L:84cm. (Pram Weight: 10kg.

About the Silver Cross Pioneer.

Suitable from birth with the cot or car seat. Later on, you can use the seat from the time your baby reaches 6 months up to 25kg.

It has a reversible seat liner. One with bamboo and the other side has ventilation. It’s forward and rear-facing. Multiple reclining positions.

A 5-point harness system and a removable bar. A big extendable canopy that has a peek-a-boo window.

A big and deeper basket underneath for all the groceries. All suspension wheels and swivel lockable wheels. Punctured proof and shock-absorbing tyres.

Multiple terrains wheels. Folded with two hands.

Open dimensions are: L82cm x W54 cm x H93-107 cm. Folded dimensions: L 87 x W 60 x H 33 cm. (Weight: Stroller mode: 10kg and pram mode 9.7kg.

Similarities Between the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Pioneer.

Seat Unit and Canopy.

Both have the same seat unit. Suitable from birth up to 25kg which is a long time. The Wayfarer and the Pioneer are available to provide a journey for your baby up to that age.

Your toddler around 5 years will be tired of the stroller. This might even happen earlier. This is good, as others will only take you up to 3 or 4 years.

Both have multiple reclining positions on the seat and have forward and rear-facing. They also have 5 point harness system with chest pads to keep the baby safe.

These Silver Cross prams have Bamboo fabrics with reversible seat liners. You have minimal worry about bacteria and it also regulates their temperature.

The fabrics are washable to last longer.

With the big UPF50 canopy that’s extendable and a window to view children when they facing forward. A bumper bar that’s removable as well.

It keeps the child safe and it’s easier to use.

Design and Style.

These two strollers or prams are very similar. Someone who has not studied them won’t notice which is which. They have the same aluminium chrome chassis and bamboo seats.

Washable fabrics and the colour patterns are the same. The same design canopy and seat unit. Leather-made bars and the underneath baskets are also similar.

The basket takes up to 5kg capacity of weight. That can include a changing bag and some groceries.

However, there’s a difference in their design and features.

Folding Mechanism.

The folding mechanism takes two hands by just releasing the hatches and the pram or the stroller and they fold by themselves. Unfolding it also takes two hands, although not difficult.

They can be folded with the seat and without it. Making them compact and easier to store. (Although they are bulky with the carrycot).

Car Seat and Carrycot.

Besides the Silver Cross own car seats which are the Dream and Simplicity Car seats, these are also compatible with these:

You just need to buy the right adapters and you will be able to choose from different brands.

Moving on to the canopy it has the design as the seat unit with a soft and comfortable mattress. It has a big canopy with the peek boo window just like the seat unit.

A bar which the cover is attached to keep the baby covered and warm. Suitable from birth up to 6 months (6kg). Both carrycots also have Bamboo fabrics.


Both these 2020 updates are available in four new colours and these are Sky, Sapphire, Peppers and Clay. It’s a little bit different from other colours the older versions offered.

These are nice city and suburban colours.

Similar Accessories.

Lastly, these two also share the same accessories and these are:

  • Changing Bag.
  • Footmuff.
  • Car seat adapters.
  • Winter pack.
  • Rain cover.
  • Cupholder.
  • Seat liner.




Differences Between the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Pioneer.

Weight and Dimensions.

The Pioneer weighs 9.7kg with the pram mode and then 10kg with the seat unit, making it 300kg lighter with the pram. When it comes to the seat unit + chassis both have the same weight.

Wayfarer chassis weighs 6.5kg and others 7kg but there’s a difference in the weight of the seat.

When looking at the dimensions you can also see a difference. At H:100cm–107cm W:53.5cm L:94cm with the open dimensions on the Wayfarer.

L82cm x W54 cm x H93-107 cm on the open dimensions of the Pioneer. This makes the Pioneer less long but slightly wider when standing.

It also has a different height from the former when in a standing position. Folded height of L 87 x W 60 x H 33 cm with the Pioneer makes it less compact than the former.

H:33.5cm W:53.5cm L:84cm is the folded dimensions of the Wayfarer. They have the same height but it clearly shows the Silver Cross Wayfarer fits more in tiny spaces.

Handle Height.

Both have adjustable handlebars but the length differs. The Pioneer has from 93cm to 107 which is quite a lot and the Wayfarer has from 100cm upwards.

This shows the Pioneer accommodates more parents and families. It’s perfect for both short and tall parents.


Although both have all suspension wheels, lockable swivel front wheels and multiple terrain wheels they differ.

The Pioneer’s wheels in the back are bigger than the front. With the Wayfarer, they are almost the same size. Bigger wheels mean better manoeuvrability.

You can use the Pioneer on more terrains and it won’t give you bumpy rides.

Silver Cross has themselves said the Wayfarer is a city pram while the former is a multi-terrain pram. Working more in suburban areas.

Mums who have used the Wayfarer said it does not offer a better experience on uneven grounds. It makes the Pioneer more possible to take almost anywhere.

Price Difference.

The Silver Cross Pioneer cost more than the Wayfarer. It’s £650.00+ and the other one is £600.00+. Their prices depend on where you buy them.

Making the Pioneer more pricey which is not a good thing for some.

Which One Is Better?

So, after analysing all of these you can see that the Silver Cross Pioneer is better. The wheels and handle height makes it better.

Having more sturdier wheels and tyres make it possible to visit soo many places with your pram. It will allow you to use just it.

It’s lighter as well, although not that much it’s still something. When it comes to the seat unit both of them recline enough to accommodate under 6 months old babies.

This is reported by parents. Silver Cross Pioneer also has a better handle height, Which I mentioned earlier is better. Making it win in this situation as well.

The Wayfarer is cheaper, has a better fold (although both are bulky) and it has been reported for the seat unit to be from 3 months (information from Kiddies-kingdom).

Pioneer is more expensive but it does offer more in terms of features. Although in general both are good and have more similarities than differences.


Both are highly expensive even without the pram and other accessories. Both can’t be converted to double making them only suitable for two children at most.

They don’t have an adjustable legrest and the seat unit is only suitable from 6 months or less in some cases.

Although reported to offer a compact fold the buggies are still bulky and heavy.

The Wayfarer is not suitable for uneven terrains which is a big con for many lifestyles. When in some positions the baskets are a little bit hard to reach.


Although they look like two sets of twin prams it’s noted they are not 100% similar. If you are only a city dweller and don’t plan on taking other adventures.

If you are please with only using public transport and strolling down the streets then the Wayfarer is fine. It’s cheaper so, it will save you money.

The stroller has the same look and style as the Pioneer so you won’t miss that part.

If you plan to take more adventures and visit more terrains and if you are a bit taller then the Silver Cross Pioneer is more suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Both are good and excellent and just came recently. It makes it modern and in trend.

What are your thoughts on both of these? Will they suit you and your family? Which one is better according to you?



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  1. Wow, reading the specs on the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Pioneer show me just how far things have come in recent years! There are so many options it feels like it’s choosing a car or bike!! Good to know that the Pioneer is a better model and might hold up better for those who plan to take their little one on more rugged adventures. 


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