Silver Cross Wave Tandem Pushchair – Silver Cross Wave Review.

Another pram for the whole family. This Silver Cross Tandem Pushchair offers your baby or babies many things. Parents from many places have been praising it.

I have seen it and thought what makes it good? So, I decided to search it up, and I did like the results. I will review it detailing the pros and then do a list of cons.

Every pushchair has cons it doesn’t matter how good it is. Whether you are expecting twins or one baby. Tandem Pushchairs are good to buy.

I have two sisters who decided to buy tandem pushchairs from top brands, and they haven’t regretted it. It was truly helpful. The Wave pram is new and also comes in a bundle.

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  • Suitable from birth with the carrycot.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Converted to tandem pushchair.
  • 7 configuration.
  • 30 configuration.
  • Reclining position.
  • Big canopy.
  • Ventilated carrycot. (Bamboo and seat liner)
  • Visor and UPF 50+ protection from the elements.
  • Seat offer adjustable footrest, 5 point harness system,  and chest and harness pads
  • A seat elevated system
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Easy fold And compact.
  • Rain cover, bumper bar and insect net( if bought through the link).
  • Magnesium chassis + extra lightweight.
  • 5 adjustable positions on the handle. (Leather)
  • Quality-designed wheels.
  • All-terrain and all suspension wheels.
  • Tread tyres.
  • Zip on the apron.
  • Spacious basket.

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2020 Wave Tandem Pushchair.

Product: 2020 Wave Pram.

Price: £1075.00

Size of the Product: L111cm W60cm H95-109cm.

Buy carrycot, seat and accessories: Amazon. 

Delivery: Multiple options, next-day delivery.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

There are soo many details to cover with this pram. Let’s first start with the carrycot which is suitable from birth for your baby or babies.

The carrycot is designed with Bamboo and has a canopy that offers a visor and ventilation. Providing a cool place for your baby or babies to be in.

A big canopy with UPF 50+ provides further protection from the sun’s UV. A nice feature to have during summer. If you only buy it for your one baby, and after having another you can buy the extra carrycot and fix it.

30 configuration system. After your little one or little ones are ready to use the seat a zipped apron can make it more spacious.

The seat is designed to have more space because it’s wider and open. Give your baby and toddler more space to move around. It’s both forward and rear-facing.

Having 2 options it’s better. It was helpful for me. Sometimes you just want your baby or toddler facing you or the other way. A seat high adjustment is included.

Adjust the height of the seat to have your baby or toddler near you. Good for bonding but also if you want to keep an eye on your child. It’s good if you want to give them something like their bottles or toys.

More Features.

5 points harness on the seat to offer protection from any impact and the straps have pads. A chest and harness pads. After a long day of adventure, the reclining footrest gives your little one comfort.

The frame or also called chassis is super lightweight and made out of magnesium. Most pushchairs have aluminium which makes this one a little special.

A lightweight frame is easy to carry and push when travelling. I have been there. Pushing a heavy pram especially a double is not easy and it becomes harder during winter.

If your family have people of different height then this tandem system can work well with you. The Silver Cross Wave pram offers 5 reclining positions on the handlebar.

This is something new because the older pushchairs offered less than this. It’s helpful for many. I have found this to be useful when going up a hill.

Perfect for tall parents who will really benefit.

Easy to fold and easier when compared to some double strollers. It fits many large and medium-sized cars or spaces. The tandem takes more space than a single pram, but still, it’s less space than many would think.

Quality designed wheels where all the details are thought of. All-terrain and suspension and the tyres are punched free. Suitable for many families.

Suitable with the dream and simplicity car seats which makes it ready to be transformed into a travel system. You can use the car seat for your baby and the seat for your toddler.

A spacious basket underneath for your daily or weekly groceries, or you can put there the changing bag or rain cover.

If bought through the link a rain cover, insect net and bumper bar is included in the package.

A stand is available to buy for the carrycot, which can be used for your baby to sleep in the night.


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  • Expensive. That’s the most important con. This tandem is expensive, although it’s understood because of the design and all.
  • It’s only available in 3 colours. Many parents might want multiple colours or in pink for example.
  • No backrest, Although the seat is spacious enough.
  • You can’t run with it.
  • No cup holder is attached or designed with it.
  • Carrycot is bulky (Not the best option to travel with.
  • There’s are chance the cot will not last for 6 months for some babies. If you have a tall baby. (Tiny babies can last even more).
  • Heavy Pushchair. Not the lightest there is.
  • Adapters are needed, so it does not come with them.
  • When using the duo mode it’s hard to have access to the basket. Which makes it a bit useless. (Seem to be the problem for many tandem strollers).
  • Does not offer that much compact fold, which means it can take up space.
  • To hands to fold the stroller, which can be frustrating for some. (Many double strollers have this option).
  • Not that compact when folded it and it can be hard to fit tiny spaces.
  • Can’t stand when folded so it cant be easy to store. This is also hard when using public transport.

2020 Wave Tandem Pushchair vs Other Popular Pushchairs.

The Wave tandem pushchair sounds truly amazing, but are there any other tandem prams out there that will stand a chance? Or is even much better?

I will only compare it with tandem prams I have reviewed before and now more about them. For this comparison, I chose the Uppababy Vista V2 tandem pushchair and Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair.

2020 Wave vs Uppababy Vista V2.

When comparing these two I saw that they a quite similar. They offer the same things, but just some minor differences. Similar features and design, and both can be used for single and multiple babies.

They offer compatibility to the canopy, car seat. Share similarities in having reclining seats, sun visor, UPF 50+ protection, bumper bar, adjustable handlebar, spacious basket (Although the Uppababy Vista V2 is bigger), all-terrain wheels and excellent tyres.

Both tandem pushchairs even offer a stand for the carrycot. Many more features are similar.

2020 Wave have things that the Uppababy Vista V2 don’t:

  • Height adjusted seat system.
  • More designed detailed wheels.
  • Zip on the apron.
  • Suitable up to 25kg when using single more, which is 5 years.
  • Combines aluminium and magnesium. Both options are available.
  • Bamboo fabrics are what makes this stroller amazing. Is there to help with your baby’s health.

The Vista V2 also offers things the 2020 Wave doesn’t have. Like:

  • Extendable canopy.
  • More colour choices.
  • The seats are suitable for babies from 3 months.
  • Stands when folded.
  • It’s suitable with more car seats.
  • Lighter at around 12kg.
  • The basket offers more space than the former.
  • Offers lighter usage and it’s easier to assemble and build.

This is a tough one. People will choose differently because of their lifestyle. What do you consider to be important? I will personally choose the Uppababy Vista V2 because it offers more features that suites my lifestyle.

The prams share similar prices, but the Vista V2 is cheaper than the former with some £100 difference or so which is very much to many.

2020 Wave vs Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair.

Both of these also offer similar features, but some features are not included in the Wave Tandem Pushchair. Some of these features include:

  • Pockets behind the seat.
  • Auto chassis lock.
  • The bumper bar is made out of leather and swivel.
  • The shopping basket is more spacious.
  • Offers more bright colours.
  • Straps to carry the pram when folded.

Other than they are much similar, but the Wave is designed with more details, offer more accessories, a zip-on apron, a lighter, etc.

The Silver Cross Wave is cheaper than the former and it’s easier to assemble than the wave.

The Icandy Peach Blossom has been noted for its heavyweight which is a big con for many.

Both both of these have a height-adjustable seat which the Vista V2 didn’t have. This choice is also not an easy one. Going from my lifestyle I will choose the 2020 Wave Tandem Pushchair because of the accessories and its light.

However, the Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair sounds good. These prams are also at similar prices, Although the Icandy pram is more expensive.

Will your Family be Content?

After reading this whole detailed review what are your thoughts? Do you think this Silver Cross Tandem Pushchair will make your family happy, and offer you a nice experience?

I will love to know your thoughts because so, far my sister’s have not complained. They are much satisfied. Although they bought from different brands, the features and design are the same.

According to manufactures, this pram is truly amazing and good for many lifestyles, with the available features and accessories it seems true.

You can see that Silver Cross Tandem pushchair has many cons, but this mostly is the case with many tandem pushchairs.

Reading reviews from parents, they are still satisfied after buying it because when you have two babies whether it’s twins or not a double stroller is super helpful.

If you think the double is expensive the pushchair is still good for single babies. You can buy a board to go with.

You are more ready to take your little bundle of joy or joys for an adventure. Many ones are on the way.

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10 thoughts on “Silver Cross Wave Tandem Pushchair – Silver Cross Wave Review.”

  1. This is a great choice for a top-of-the-line pushchair that is built to handle life on the go. The roomy design and variety of ways to customize the configuration means that it can travel almost anywhere with ease. Thanks for pointing out the potential downsides/cons, but aside from the cost, there aren’t any other dealbreakers on that list. Excellent find and great choice for new parents!

    • Hi. Yes, these strollers are quite impressive and if you think about it there are no downsides except the price. The 2020 Wave tandem pushchair will definitely make things easier for parents. 

      I am here to help. Step by anytime.

  2. Thank you so much for this excellent 2020 Wave review. They all look great, and I think the quality is nearly the same. I will go for the one with the most features. The 2020 wave Tandem Pushchair is excellent with all the extras. 

    The price is right. I like the design, and I love the classical color. Multicolor or even pink is not so my style. 


    • Hi Monique. The stroller is indeed amazing, but a pricey also. I guess the features and design are the reason for that.

      I agree with you. I too love the classical style and look. Multi colour strollers are not my thing. I even have only one colour on my baby’s stroller. Simple, but classic.

      Step by anytime. 

  3. I like your review. These are definitely good strollers. Our child is just on our way, so my wife and I are looking for something good.
    I really like these. I don’t know if it’s because of them or because you described them so nicely. But I know I will definitely look at your reviews one more time.

    • Hi there. First of all congratulations on your new arrival. I wish you  all the best. Yes, the strollers are good for every lifestyle, but it’s just the price…

      However I am happy you liked the review. Step by anytime, I am here to help if you need something. 

  4. One thing about babies is they can get cumbersome to carry. Having a suitable Pushchair is worth the investment. I love all the features that the Wave Tandem Pushchair has. I like the part of the handlebars being adjustable for the person who is pushing the cart. Babies and children love going outside, and this is the perfect cart for taking them out.

    • Hi Sharon. Yes the Wave is truly amazing isn’t? Perfect for many parents to use. That’s one of the reason I love about strollers, the handle bar. 

      Thanks the read. 

  5. I am in search of an idea gift for my sister who is heavily pregrenant, I think the silver cross tandem pushchiar will make an appropriate gift. With the way you described the protection from the 5 points harness on the seat, it’s portability to carry and push when traveling. Top of it, it will be convenient with her height. I believe she will love it 

    • Hey. Congrats your sister on her arriving baby. I am soo glad you liked this one. You are welcome to ask questions and the Wave will be perfect for her.

      It can be used for single babies and then later on for children of two different ages. You will save her a lot of money indeed. Thanks for dropping by.


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