Silver Cross Reflex vs Clic.

Silver Cross is a beloved brand among the British people and their strollers are quite famous. Some of these famous are the Reflex which resembles the Silver Cross Zest and Pop a lot.

You also have the Silver Cross Clic buggy. If you are wondering whether to go for the Reflex or the Clic then, in this article you will get the answer.

I will be comparing the similarities and differences and state the cons. There are often comparisons between Pop, Zest and Reflex.

In this article, however, I wanted to see how the Silver Cross Clic will go against the Reflex and vice versa. The Clic is not really similar to these.

Let’s find out.

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Similarities Between the Silver Cross Reflex and Clic.

Reflex and Clic Seat.

The Silver Cross Reflex and Clic are both suitable from birth up to 4 years. For the Reflex it states 25kg or 22kg, but according to the manufacturers, it’s still up to 4 years. (Further explanation down below).

Whichever comes first. Your child will be able to use either of these for 4 years of their lives. Thanks to the backrest and lie flat both these offers.

Silver Cross has advertised both of these to offer lie-flat modes which accommodate a newborn baby. These have the same way you can recline your seat.

The one-hand drawstring recline mechanism. You can use one hand to recline the seat even while your baby is sitting on the seat.

You won’t be able to disturb them because this feature does not make much noise when using it. This way you can move from position to position keeping baby comfy.

Both offer the same style of harnesses. The harnesses have a click sound when attached and are covered with chest pads to keep them clean and soft on the baby’s skin.

These are of course adjustable to accommodate your growing baby. In addition to the safety harness, you have also bumper bars on both buggies.

The bumper bars are made of leather to give it a nice design and smooth surface for your baby to touch.

These bars can also be detached and attached when needed. With both the harness and bumper bar your baby is safe from falling off the buggies.

Adjustable legrest on Silver Cross Reflex and Clic to keep legs safe and it also offers a relaxing mode. Both seats face only forward.

This means facing the world. Silver Cross designed these strollers with quality fabrics and these are inspired by different objects from top designers.

The inspirations differ of course because of how the strollers look, but the strollers are meant to inspire people and awaken different feelings.

Reflex and Clic Canopy.

The canopies are UV50+ and this means they protect from the sun’s rays and also from other weather conditions. This can be mild rain and the wind.

Both can be adjustable when not needed and are extended which gives more coverage to your sleeping baby. These are also quite spacious to accommodate your growing baby.

Silver Cross Reflex and Clic offer ventilation panels, keeping the air circulating during hot days. Which can be needed for your growing baby.

Reflex and Clic Frame/Chassis.

Both harnesses are of leather as well and offer easy grip. Shopping baskets underneath the strollers that offer storage.

For the Reflex it can take up to 5kg of weight according to the manufacturers. The Clic shopping basket is the same size as my child’s stroller shopping basket.

It can also take up to 5kg of weight. Giving you plenty of space to store the essentials that are needed.

Both have been stated and reported to offer easy folds, but they differ which I will go through below. Both also offer footrests.

These are underneath the legrest and are of course not adjustable, but it’s good for your growing toddler. Keeping their feet off the air.

If you have or end of having a tall toddler is a place for them to put their feet on while sleeping. Because these are lightweight buggies you have small wheels.

The wheels are puncture-proof and hard. Swivel front wheels to make it easy when manoeuvring narrow streets.

You have a footbrake on both buggies and these are located behind the seat. On the wheels for the Reflex and between the wheels for the Clic.

You got a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturers on both buggies.

Reflex and Clic Accessories.

The Silver Cross buggies do come with rain covers that are included in the price. You are available to buy other accessories.

The most common is the footmuff for your growing toddler, which will keep them warm during the winter or late-night strolls. You can buy a cupholder separately as well.

Changing bags (Buy on Amazon) and boards that are offered by other brands are also available to use with the buggies.

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Differences Between the Silver Cross Reflex and Clic.

Differences Between the Reflex and Clic Seat.

According to some reviews I read and things that are also stated, the Reflex can be up to 25kg which exceeds 4 years. Depending on your baby it can be more than 4 years.

4 and a half. This means your toddler would last more on the Reflex more than the Clic. Silver Cross Reflex offers a so-called baby curve technology.

This is a back curve meant for your baby’s back keeping it comfortable and secure when the buggy is moving. It’s a feature the Clic lacks.

Silver Cross Clic Seat it’s flat, but does have cushioned fabrics. The Reflex is also praised for having a roomy seat.

Silver Cross Clic has more fabric covers on the sides than the Reflex which some would prefer because it keeps your child more enclosed.

The Silver Cross Zest also has a pocket behind the seat. You can use this to put your phone, keys and other small items which means more storage.

It’s much closer as well.

Differences Between the Reflex and Clic Canopy.

Silver Cross Reflex offers a wider canopy than the former. The canopy also has a peek-a-boo window on top of it which the Clic does not offer.

It has a sun visor instead which extends the hood a bit. The Reflex buggy has side panels which means it’s on both sides.

When adjusted forward the Reflex offers more shade. It has a zip extension meaning you can zip and unzip it.

Differences Between the Reflex and Clic Chassis/Frame.

Silver Cross Reflex has static handlebars and these are also adjustable, however, the Clic has normal handles and these are not adjustable.

Around 105cm which is quite high and more suited for parents who are 165cm upwards. The Reflex handles adjust by clicking on a button underneath each handle.

The handles can be 111cm which accommodates much taller parents and it can also adjust downwards accommodating more parents.

I tried searching for the heights but could not find them. However, according to a review, I read the heights are suitable for the average female and male heights.

Silver Cross Reflex has double tyres on all wheels sets, which the Clic does not have. The footrest on the Reflex is flatter than the former.

When the Clic is folded you can use a built-in strap to carry it. Making it easy to carry on your shoulder when you are out and shopping with your little one.

This feature is not available for Reflex.

Reflex and Clic Weight and Dimensions.

Silver Cross Reflex weighs 8.5kg and the Clic 5.9kg. This makes the Clic one of the lightest buggies in the market. One of the ideal umbrella strollers.

The Reflex is a bit middle-weight buggy, but it’s still lighter than standard buggies. These are the dimensions for Reflex when unfolded 85 x 50 x 111 centimetres and when folded these are the dimensions 33.5L x 19.7W x 43.7H centimetres.

These are the unfolded dimensions for the Clic 82 x 46.5 x 105 centimetres and these are the folded dimensions 32.3L x 18.3W x 41.3H centimetres.

Reflex is wider, longer and higher than the Clic, which means it’s a bigger buggy. Although not that much. This also explains the seat being able to carry older toddlers better

When folded the Silver Cross Clic offers a bit more compact fold and it’s easier to store. The Clic is flight approved according to the manufacturers.

You can carry it in when boarding. Silver Cross Reflex is not confirmed to be flight approved, but considering the compact fold, some flights might allow you to bring it in.

I have a similar buggy and I was allowed to bring it along on some of my flights. The chances are more on the Clic though.


Reflex and Clic Folding Mechanism.

You can fold the Clic with just one hand while the Reflex with both hands.

With the Silver Cross Reflex there’s a foot handle between the brakes which you need to push upwards and then press a flat surface near the end of the wheels and then push the stroller forward so it collapses.

It has a safety click to attach it to.

You need to hold both handlebars but only use one foot. It might be done with one hand if you practice enough I guess.

To unfold the Reflex you will need to do the whole process but backwards, also using both handles.

On the handlebar of the Clic, you have a safety button and the main button. First, you press on the safety button and the main button which folds the stroller halfway through.

Then it folds all the way down on its own and auto clicks. According to a reviewer, it helps if you adjust back the canopy and press the brakes.

To unfold the buggy you need to pull the safety click and use your hands to fold up the stroller. The folding is as quick as some buggies, but it’s done quickly.

After folding the Clic there’s a strap underneath the seat fabrics which you can pull to use.

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Reflex and Clic Travel System Compatibility.

Silver Cross Reflex is compatible with two Silver Cross car seats. The Simplicity Plus and Dream I-size (Buy on Amazon) which you can attach using adapters that are sold separately.

You have to remove the bumper bar on the stroller frame and then attach each adapter to the frame. You only need to place the car seat in it

Simple and easy. The stroller seat must be reclined for you to place the car seat. You can also buy a so-called baby pack for Reflex.

It resembles a carrycot, although it’s not it. You can buy it and place your smaller baby if you don’t want to use the seat.

Unfortunately, the Silver Cross Clic does not have these accessories, so your baby can only face forward with it.

Reflex and Clic Colours and Prices.

Silver Cross Reflex has black, dark and light grey, dark blue and light blue. For the Clic, you have black, light and dark grey, pink, aqua and purple colours.

It offers more colours and bright ones as well. The prices are £274.99 – £285.9 for the Reflex and it depends on the colour you choose.

You have £219 for the pink Clic colour and then £362 for the Clic black colour. The Clic is cheaper if you choose certain colours and can be expensive when you choose black.

Which One is Better?

These strollers are different and can be used for different things. Overall the Reflex is better if you are going to use it for your day-to-day life.

Its seat last longer, is still compact, peek a boo window with more extended hood, and a pocket behind the hood, it’s compatible with car seats and baby pack and has adjustable handles.

It does come with what most of us are looking for in buggies, which is why the Reflex just like the Pop and Zest are Silver Cross’s most bought buggies.

These bring much value and the Reflex is compatible with excellent car seats. Car seats that have won awards.

So the Silver Cross Reflex will bring more pros than cons than the Clic.

Who Will Go for the Clic Then?

Well, do you need a travel stroller? If you love using lighter buggies for shorter trips to the park, grocery shopping, etc then the Clic is ideal.

More ideal if you have a toddler. You can use the strap when your toddler gets tired of sitting. Clic is also much lighter at 5.9kg is much lighter than many.

As stated travelling with it by train and plane is going to be superb.  For the day to day life Reflex is better, but for travelling the Clic is better.

Reflex and Clic Cons.

There are many pros but the cons are also there and these are:

  • Silver Cross Clic is not compatible with a car seat.
  • The wheels don’t have enough suspension and are not all terrain.
  • Is not easy to reach the Reflex basket if the seat is in a lie-flat mode.
  • You need to bend to unfold the Reflex.
  • Clic does not have an adjustable handle and its canopy does not have a peek a boo window.
  • The Reflex and Clic are quite expensive with only the buggies if you compare them with other strollers in the market.
  • For the Reflex the brake feels a bit stiff sometimes. (Experience this through similar brakes type).


Although the design of the strollers differ the similarities are huge and these share many features. Based on what you need right now the Reflex and Clic can be of good use.

What is it going to be? The Silver Cross Reflex or Clic?

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