Silver Cross Blue Pushchair – Silver Cross Wayfarer Review.

Silver Cross is still amazing us with their new prams coming out every time. This time is the new version of the Wayfarer pushchair.

I travel system for your baby to grow in and have a nice experience. This one is truly amazing with parents praising how well it’s designed, and how perfect it suits their babies.

If you are planning to use the pushchair for your baby until they start preschool then this pram is ideal. This new version offers more colours for you.

It also has other accessories available for you to use. Perfectly designed for the pram. You can also buy the whole bundle. With the changing bag, adapters, car seat, etc.

You save money and have all it at once. But you may be searching for the colour blue and want that one.  It’s not a deep blue colour, more like the sky. Well, here it comes.

The Wayfarer Travel System is one of Silver Cross popular prams, and today you are going to find out what makes it special. How does it compare to other prams I have reviewed?

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  • Performance.
  • Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System.
  • Cons.
  • Wayfarer vs Other Popular Pushchairs.
  • Is it the best pushchair for your baby?


  • Suitable from birth up to 25kg.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Reversible seat liner (made from Bamboo).
  • Sunshade and vent.
  • Large basket.
  • Perfect for urban life.
  • Travel system ready.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Foldable with one hand.
  • Lockable swivel wheels.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Punch free tyres.
  • Big canopy (UPF 50+).
  • Handle designed with leather.
  • A zipped apron allows more room for the seat.
  • Includes a rain cover (If bough through the link).

Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System.

Product: WayfarerTravel System.

Price: £600.00

Size of the Product: 

The Place to buy: Boots, Click here.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Rating: 9/10.

The Wayfarer Travel System is suitable from birth with the laying flat carrycot. Suitable up to 25kg that’s approx 4 to 5 years. By then your little one is tired of the pushchair and will want other adventures.

The seat offers multiple reclining positions meaning you can adjust it to best fit your baby’s or toddler’s position. You can have it laying flat, adjust it for their back, and upright so they can play or when they want to drink something.

It makes it easy to use a tray for your toddler. The seat also offers both forward and rear-facing. Are ready for them to face the world?

If no, then keep them facing you. Use the position you want to base on the situation and circumstances. If you are in public rear-facing is better in my experience.

Now let’s talk about the carrycot. Suitable from birth up to 6 months it’s the perfect accessory and addition for your baby to use. It’s big, has a soft mattress and offers a quiet environment for your little munchkin.

A UPF 50+ protection and it also has a sunshade, and ventilation to protect your baby even more. A sunshade against the sun’s UV and ventilation provides a good breathing environment.

Nice and healthy fabrics for your little one’s safety. It offers one of the best fabrics and materials for it to last longer and look fancy.

More Features.

A 5 Point Harness System is designed with the seat to offer more protection. It straps your baby’s shoulders, legs/buttock and hips.

The handlebar is designed with leather and offers 4 reclining or adjustable positions. Perfect for any height. It can be hard to push a pushchair that’s not suited for your height.

This option is more beneficial if you live on a hill or push a pram up a hill. Ask me about it.

Folding it won’t be a problem. It has a quick one-hand folding and it’s easy to do it. It’s compact when folded. Easy to store it in a boot or the house.

A compact and easily folded pushchair is good for travelling. Whether using public transportation or travelling abroad. The Wayfarer Travel System offers all suspension wheels.

Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to use on narrower streets, even your house. Good to use when going to many places. Your options are not that limited.

The tyres are punched free and can withhold many impacts. Easy to access locks in case of an emergency.

After using the carrycot and your baby is ready to use the seat, the apron can be zipped through the seat allowing your baby to have more space.

A spacious basket underneath for all of the grocery shopping, or to be used to store the accessories.

The Wayfarer Travel System is compatible with a car seat. The simplicity car seat matches it exactly. A rain cover is included if you buy the pram through the links.


  • Can’t be converted to a tandem pushchair like the Silver Cross Wave tandem pushchair.
  • Does not have peek-a-boo.
  • No adjustable footrest or calf.
  • Expensive (this can put off many parents).
  • The bumper can’t rotate
  • Only compatible with the one car seat model. Simplicity.
  • Not the best pram to travel with. (It can be travelled with, but there are other prams that a more suited to travel abroad).

Wayfarer vs Other Popular Pushchairs.

What does the Wayfarer Travel System offer that other travel systems don’t? Or prams. I will only compare it with the prams I have reviewed and done research on.

Let’s compare it to the egg 2 pram and the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus pram

Wayfarer vs egg 2.

Wayfarer is more designed and offers more features than the egg 2. It offers everything the egg 2 offers except adjustable leg rest and the egg 2 pram is suitable with more than one car seat. It offers a carrycot, can be converted to a travel system, spacious basket, etc.

On the other hand, the Wayfarer pram offers sunshade, ventilation, UPF 50+ protection, lockable swivel wheels, punctured tyres, 4 reclining positions on the handle, etc.

All of these things the egg pram doesn’t offer and the egg pram cost more than this one which makes the Wayfare even better.  So the Wayfarer it’s the winner. It will last your baby for years.

Wayfarer vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus pram offers many features similar to the Wayfarer Travel System. It offers an adjustable sunshade on the canopy, a rotatable bumper bar, handbrake, all-terrain wheels, etc.

It offers a unique feature many brands don’t. A 2 wheel mode. The 2 small front wheels can be removed to offer a better ride, especially on the sand and hard grounds.

The fabrics are machine washable and it is compatible with many car seats from different brands. The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 does not offer a zipped apron and it’s only suitable for up to 17kg.

In general, the Cameleon 3 Plus is better than the Wayfarer Travel System. The Silver Cross pram offers fewer features and colours, but still, the pram does stand a chance.

It depends on what you are looking for.

Cameleon 3 Plus also cost the same as this one. It’s maybe some pound price different.

Is it the best Pushchair for your Baby?

So, after reading this detailed review on the Silver Cross Pushchair what are your thoughts? Is it THE pushchair for your little one? What about you?

I believe it’s important to be able to answer that question right from the beginning. When I was looking for a pram for my then baby it took me time to answer this question.

I finally did and I haven’t regretted it. For me finding a travel system and a light pram was a must. The Wayfarer pushchair is worth It, but the price can be a big put off for many parents.

Before buying it and at the start you will think it’s not worth it, but after using it then you will realise it’s worth every penny. It happened to me.

So, the question still stands. Think about your lifestyle and how you think the pram will improve it when the baby is finally here.

It’s perfect and designed for the urban lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Silver Cross Blue Pushchair – Silver Cross Wayfarer Review.”

  1. Not having an adjustable footrest (or calf as we also call it here) is a kinda big issue for me. But other than that, this push chair is perfect. Thank you very much for reviewing it. I’m actually glad I found something like this. And to be honest, I prefer paying this price than to get a chepear option with way to many disadvantages.

    • Hi Ann. I am glad you liked the review. Yes the calfrest (footrest) is an advantage if you have it. Sometimes it’s better to go for the quality even if it’s expensive.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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