Silver Cross Kensington Pram Review.

The Kensington pram is a classic British pram that has been used for years, and one of Silver Cross first prams.

It seems that vintage prams are in trend nowadays and many parents would love to have one of these.

Although the Silver Cross Kensington pram is a little bit different it’s still suitable for babies and provides a lot of quality.

In this review, I will detail the pros and point out the cons. I will also compare it with another vintage pram to see its value in the market.



  • Handmade detail designed pram.
  • Suitable from birth (Weight of the Pram is 21kg).
  • Leather made handle.
  • A square like-canopy.
  • Adjustable support when the child sits up.
  • All suspension wheels. (Chrome wheels).
  • Folds down and detachable pram.
  • Soft mattress with cotton liner. (Pigue cover).
  • Big white tyres.
  • A foot brake.
  • X-large shopping basket.

Silver Cross Kensington Review: Pram.

Product: Kensington Pram.

Price: £2000.00.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions:  L 133 x W 58 x H 120 cm. Folded dimensions: L 89 x W 58 x H 48 cm (27kg).

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Silver Cross is famous in the UK for providing luxurious and safe prams or strollers. The Kensington is here delivering just that.

It’s handmade and has been sewed with detailed fabrics and painted with a glossy look. Suitable from birth you have the pram that’s stylish and embedded with a soft mattress.

A cotton liner to make it a safe haven for newborn babies. A huge pram set to fit babies of different sizes.

All the set is in white and the cover comes with a so-called pigue cover. Also, hand-stitched with soft fabrics. It’s there to keep the baby safe.

Covered from the wind and act like a blanket. The Kensington pram has an adjustable seat for the baby.

When getting up they can have a place for support. So, as your baby grows up they would be able to seat and see other views.

Moving to the canopy you have a huge square canopy. Good to keep UV away and also the wind from harming your sleeping baby.

The canopy is adjustable as well and provides an open view for your older baby if they need it.

It has been reported to provide a very good place for newborns to sleep, which your little one will do most of the day.

The pram is available to buy in blue, brown, black and pink which are 4 colours mostly bought by many parents


You have a leather made handlebar which also adds to the luxurious look. It’s soft to touch and the handle is a bit longer and looks to be higher than the average handlebar.

Excellent for taller parents but it’s also easy to push by any parent. What makes this vintage pram amazing is that it can be detachable and folded.

Something Silver Cross has added which makes it to suit this day and age. When the pram is detached you can fold the frame/chassis and remove the wheels as well.

With all the parts attached it weighs 21kg which is on the very heavy side, but detaching it can make it easy to carry.

The chassis is made with silver, which looks amazing and is a real head-turner.

Anywhere you go you see people looking at not only the chassis but the unique design it shares with the Balmoral pram.

A huge shopping basket is underneath. Reported by a parent on Netmums to be very useful. You can buy many groceries with it.

It’s also easily reachable both ways given the pram can’t be adjusted.

With all parts attach the pram is huge and has a bigger built than modern prams, which I guess was the trend back then.


Wheels and Tyres.

The wheels are all suspension which is for a smooth ride. It makes it easier and it glides better when you are pushing.

With huge chrome wheels, you can compare it with a jogging stroller although it’s not. It’s a good thing you can remove them to store away.

It has bigger back wheels than front wheels but both are big.

The tyres are big and white as well which again is unusual for tyres. Making the Silver Cross Kensington a classic pram.

Works well to push on even grounds. A foot-operated brake is available to use near the wheels. It’s easy to reach and use.

Kensington Pram: Accessories.

Rain Cover and Sun Cover/Parasol.

Available to buy separately are these two accessories. A rain cover or shield will give your baby more protection from the rain and also wind.

The Kensington is a little bit more open than other prams so it won’t be able to hold the rain and the fabrics are not reported to be water-resistant.

You also have a sun cover or parasol which also has a vintage look and design. It’s only inserted when the canopy adjusts.


  • It’s not really suitable for toddlers.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • It’s highly expensive and it’s only the pram.
  • It’s very heavy and won’t be easy to carry upstairs (stated by a mum).
  • Kensington is a vintage baby carriage so a seat and car seat cant be attached.
  • Big in its size so it won’t fit many places.
  • You won’t be able to use it on all terrains, only on even ones because it’s not all-terrain
  • Pushing it through the city’s narrow streets will also be a challenge because of the lack of swivel lockable wheels.
  • Suitable only for one baby.
  • It does not have an adjustable handlebar and it’s not farther from the chassis which can make the pram not easy to push.

Silver Cross Kensington vs Silver Cross Balmoral.

These two classic vintage prams look identical when you glance at them for the first time. There must be a reason for two separate prams right?

Let’s find out which of these two vintage prams is better and why. Like many vintage baby carriages they have many similarities and these are:

  • Hand-stitched hood and apron. Also painted with hand.
  • Both are highly expensive.
  • Leather harness.
  • Soft mattress with pigue cover.
  • The wheels are big.
  • Comes with the same accessories.
  • Chrome wheels and white tyres.
  • Available in the same colours.


Although they do share many features and look the same they also differ. Let’s first look at the Balmoral.

It has white leather made handles than brown ones. These are not common but they serve the same purpose.

Balmoral also has a little bit of higher height which is 125cm while the other is 120cm. It comes with an aftercare kit so you can look after it.

Though it’s more expensive at £1800 which is £300 more and it weighs more at 37kg which is 16kg more than the former

Silver Cross Kensington offers an adjustable seat to support your sitting baby. The pram can be detached from the chassis which makes also the frame foldable.

It has a foot-operated brake and has all suspension wheels and some might prefer brown leather. As seen it’s also cheaper and weighs less.

Well, if you do want a more vintage pram then Balmoral is the one. It came out first and still has vintage qualities. It’s also more popular.

If you are looking for a day to day pram with vintage features and qualities then the Kensington is much better.

If you look at both from many angles the Silver Cross Kensington does offer much more and I would therefore recommend it.

Kensington Mixes Vintage and Modern Features.

What better way is there than to combine the two. Vintage prams are classy and good but they are not for day to day lifestyle in this day and age.

Kensington does mix making it easier to push the pram and uses it for your daily activities, and at the same time, you get to experience pushing an old school pram.

This is why is rising in popularity among many. It and the Balmoral are one of the well searched vintage prams.

It’s expensive though but I think you are ready to spend. The reason why rated it soo low is because of the many features it lacks although the design is 10/10.

What made you interested in the Silver Cross Kensington pram? I would like to know your story behind it.


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