Silver Cross Pram Pushchair Combo – Silver Cross Surf Review.

Pram and Pushchair combos are what many parents are looking for. It’s because 2in1 pram systems are better for newborns and tend to make it easy for the whole family.

Silver Cross is always amazing us with their quality prams and pushchairs. For this review, I decided to make research on the Surf pram and pushchair combo.

It’s an elegant and stylish pram that’s loved by many Silver Cross fans. I will do a throughout review where I will detail the pros and point the cons.

I will also compare the pushchair with other popular prams out there similar to it, and compare a new version with the old one. Without any further due let’s talk about what makes the Silver Cross Surf pram special.

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  • Suitable from birth.
  • Carrycot made with Bambo.
  • Magnesium lightweight chassis.
  • Excellent detailed design on the chassis. (3D design textures).
  • One way of folding the chassis.
  • Air sprung suspension makes it all-terrain.
  • 4 positions on the handlebar made with leather.
  • UPF50+ sun protection, visor and peek a boo window.
  • Multiple reclining positions. Seat suitable up to 15kg.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Travel System convertible.

Silver Cross Pram and Pushchair: Silver Cross Surf Review.

Product: Surf Eclipse Special Edition.

Price: £995.00

Size of the Product: 

  • Open dimensions: L98cm W58cm H100cm
  • Folded dimensions: L71cm W58cm H28cm

Delivery: Multiple options, UK only.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

This one is the newest version of the Surf Pram which just came out. Not to confuse it with the Surf 2 which is separate. Suitable from birth with the pram and up to 15kg with the pushchair seat.

That’s around 3 years for most children, and it can be less or more depending on your child’s weight and height. The Carrycot is made from Bambo fabric which makes it anti-bacterial.

The Bamboo fabrics make it easier for your child to have airflow and it keeps it clean. Made with 3D textures which give it an incredible look.

You are probably wondering what I am mumbling about which is understandable. After all the details of textures, fabrics and materials are not easy to understand if you don’t know much in the field.

This means that’s the stroller has quality fabrics that will last longer. The pram comes with all its accessories. The big hood and mattress, which are the important ones.

The canopy has UPF50+sun protection, visor and a peek a boo window. It also offers a mesh ventilation system to make it easier for your baby to breathe.

These same features come with the pushchair seat as well. Silver Cross Surf pram has a cover attached to the bar which is also there to keep the baby more covered.

More Features.

Moving on to the pushchair seat. The Surf Eclipse pushchair has dual positions. Meaning you can either make your baby face you or the world.

Which is one of the best features a stroller can have. The silver cross Surf also offers multiple reclining positions on the seat, which makes it possible for your baby and toddler to have different views.

It can grant them privacy and also a closer bond with you. A harness system to keep the baby safe with chest pads on the top. Now let’s talk about the chassis.

It has 4 reclining positions on the handle which accommodates taller parents. A magnesium chassis which is lighter and detailed design a gross mirror on the frame.

The highlights are made with cold with the Silver Cross brand on the sides. The handle is made with leather giving it a nice look and quality.

Air sprung tyres which makes it all suspension. They are air-filled and punctured proof to make them easier to use on any terrain. It will make the journey with your child easier.

It has a one-way fold making it easy to store in your car or house. You have big back wheels and small front wheels. A small shopping basket underneath.

It’s slightly higher than usual. You won’t need to bend further down to place or take something from it. Black in which makes it match any other colour.

Silver Cross Surf Pram: Accessories.

Three accessories are included in the purchase of this Pram, and these are a changing bag, footmuff and a rain cover. The only thing missing from all of this is a car seat.

The changing bag is the same colour and is a backpack. It’s big enough to fit your baby’s essential needs. The footmuff is there to keep your baby warm during cold days.

Of course, the rain cover not only protects from rain but also the sun, wind the cold.



  • Seat unit not suitable from birth and it’s up to 15kg. That’s 3 years and if your toddler wants to still use the pushchair you will have to buy a new one.
  • Can’t be convertible into a double stroller which is a real bummer.
  • The wheels are big which makes them not compact and not that easy to store, but the chassis is still small.
  • No legrest and backrest.
  • No chest pads on the whole harness.
  • The basket is small and will only fit small goods.
  • No swivel front wheels which can make it hard to navigate through narrow spaces.
  • Expensive stroller.
  • Although it has magnesium chassis it’s still heavy.
  • The reclining positions can be adjusted by using two hands.
  • Hard to reach the shopping basket.

Silver Cross Surf New vs Old.

The difference between these is not major because it weighs the same and has almost the same features. Leather made on the bumper and handle.

The small basket and the amazing wheels. The Surf cot is also the same but the older version is of course cheaper. What makes it different is the chassis, 3D designed textures and Bambo fabrics.

This new Eclipse version has also better wheels and tyres. They are more puncture-proof and are all-terrain tyres and wheels. It makes it easier to use on any ground.

The older version has a seat unit that was suitable from good birth, but they removed it. Silver Cross should have kept it to make the stroller more desirable.

The new is better in many ways that’s why it’s more expensive, and it looks like Silver Cross did listen to the customer’s complaint about the older version.

Silver Cross Surf vs Other Popular Prams.

The Silver Cross Surf pram is true of high quality and deserved the spot it has in the market. It has many webs searches but not enough.

With manufacturers coming up with good strollers every day there are, of course, other popular prams out there that will compare to this one.

The purpose of this comparison is to give you an idea of how well the Surf is performing. For this comparison, I chose the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Bugaboo Fox 2.

Silver Cross Surf vs Silver Cross Wayfarer.

They look similar in design and style because of the brand, but they also have other similarities and these are:

  • Travel system compatible.
  • Made with Bamboo fabrics.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Suitable from birth up.
  •  Sunshade and vent (UPF50+).
  • Punctured proof tyres.
  • All suspension.
  • 4 positions on the handlebar and made with leather.
  • Forward and rear-facing.

The Wayfarer has swivel front wheels and a bigger basket and it’s also suitable for up to 25kg which is around 5 years.

However, the Surf offers better tyres which makes them all-terrain and therefore easy to take anywhere. It’s also a newer version with its magnesium chassis and detailed design chassis and fabrics.

It has more of an urban look than the Wayfarer does. It has also 3D designed textures and a peek a boo window. It’s hard to decide.

I concluded that they both take the first spot. I not only included the features but also designed and look. Also the convenience.

The Wayfarer is cheaper, has certain features that favour it and it’s suitable for up to 5 years (which also depends on your child).

So, for a few, it can better but the Surf pram have things that level its quality. There are parents out there who don’t mind spending to get a fancy and luxurious pram.

Silver Cross Surf vs Bugaboo Fox 2.

A slight difference in style, the Fox 2 has a bigger cot and the pram system is bigger in general, but they still do share many similarities. These are:

  • All-terrain wheels
  • All suspension.
  • Punctured proof tyres.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • adjustable handle.
  • Reclining positions on the seat.
  • Air ventilation on the canopy.
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Peek a boo window.

The Bugaboo Fox has a bigger basket, pockets on the canopy, swivel wheels, extended canopy, one hand two system fold and the front wheels can be removed to allow a better steer.

It also has a higher seat to bond more with your child.

Silver Cross’s pram offers Bambo fabrics, 3D designed textures, cold highlights on the chassis, etc. It also offers UPF50+ sun protection and visor which makes its canopy slightly better.

It’s also cheaper considering it comes with a changing bag and other accessories, while the Fox 2 only comes with a rain cover.

When comparing the features the Bugaboo Fox 2 take the first spot, but when comparing the chassis and price the Silver Cross Surf pram wins.

Both strollers weigh the same around 12kg which is very heavy. So depending on your lifestyle, the choice can be either the Fox 2 or Silver Cross Surf.

Is the Silver Cross Surf THE One?

After viewing the review of this pram system what are your thoughts? Is it THE one? I would love to know what you think. Although it lacks certain features the silver cross pram pushchair combo does have a luxurious style.

Made for those parents who don’t mind spending and for city dwellers. It’s a head-turner and is currently one of the luxurious prams out there.

Hence, the price.


2 thoughts on “Silver Cross Pram Pushchair Combo – Silver Cross Surf Review.”

  1. Thanks for researching the Silver Cross Pram Pushchair. It definitely looks very stylish and I like the color. Lighter weight, smaller wheels and a bit more storage could’ve made for a slightly better product but overall, this product looks and sounds great for new parents. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

    Would you recommend the upgraded version of this pushchair or sticking with the older version? 

    • Hi Will, yes the Surf is one of Silver Cross famous strollers. Is indeed good and very luxurious. Yes, the older version is always still good, but an upgrade is better if you have the money.

      It’s durable and will last longer. So it depends on your lifestyle and savings. 


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