Silver Cross Pop Stroller Review.

Are you looking for a lightweight chassis for your little bundle of joy? Then you know the Silver Cross Pop stroller is the one for you and your baby.

Being praised by many, and it’s one of the most searched lightweight strollers out there.

It might not have the best features out there and qualities, but Pop does have its place in the market.

For this review, I will review the Pop pushchair. Detailing the pros and also pointing out the cons too. No pushchair is perfect.

This is to give you an idea of what to expect when you buy it. I will also do a quick comparison with other popular strollers.

Pushchairs that are at the same level in the market.

I am not making you choose another, it’s just to give you an idea of how well the Pop stroller is doing. The choice is always yours.


    • Performance.
    • Silver Cross Stroller: Review.
  • The Pop Stroller: Accessories.
  • Cons.
  • Pop Stroller vs Other Strollers.
  • Lightweight and Suitable.

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  • Suitable from birth (lie-flat seat, up to 22kg). (Weight at 7.5kg).
  • Big canopy and extendable with UPF50+. (Peek a boo on the hood).
  • One-hand fold (carry handle).
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Softly padded fabrics on the seat.
  • The bumper bar is included.
  • 5 point harness system (chest pads and harness pads no included)
  • Static handlebar.
  • 5kg weight of basket underneath.
  • Two brake system (One-touch only).
  • Comes in many colours.
  • Forward-facing only.

Silver Cross Pop Stroller: Review.

Product: Silver Cross Pop Star

Price: £200.00

Size Of Product: 80 x 50 x 107cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Ranking: 8.5/10

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As you have heard of the Pop Stroller before, and know its ins and outs but you just want to read it again. Maybe you have only heard of it and what to know why it has been one of Silver Cross famous, and best selling stroller.

Well, here we go. Suitable from birth the pushchair can lie flat to fit your newborn. It also offers other reclining positions for when they are growing up.

The Pop pushchair can be used up to 22kg which is around 4 years. Did you know that other famous strollers don’t have these? These are expensive and well-designed strollers.

So, this feature is very beneficial and can start with the family for years. It has a big hood or canopy with UapF50+ sun protection.

Keeping the sun’s nasty UV from touching your little one. The hood also will shade them from other elements and will give the privacy a newborn needs.

Your toddler can also benefit from this, with the addition to the leg rest or calf. It’s adjustable for them to use for their afternoon or morning nap.

As we all know toddlers are busy dancing around, so they get tired all the time. This feature will in handy in the future or now if you are buying it for them.

The seat also offers softly padded fabrics. This means it’s extra soft and cushioned, unlike many other strollers. Some seats are usually a bit harder, but still soft.

This one, however, is softer. Providing a comfortable and cosy place to lay in or sit in. Which is also good for newborns when their skin is sensitive.

A 5 point harness system with chest and harness pads. A way to keep them safe and secured. The chest pads provide comfort and cleanliness.

More Features.

Moving on to more features you have a bumper bar. The bar is covered with softly padded fabrics. The bar is also there to offer protection and cleanliness.

The handlebar is a static version which means it can’t be adjusted but can be used to hang your bags. (Not too much though as might weigh down your stroller).

After you are ready for the day, Times to fold the stroller and store it away. Well, you can do that with just one hand. Pull the straps.

Easy to fold and it’s super compact when folded. You have two system brake but with one touch. Meaning there are two brakes on the back wheels, but touch one to brake the stroller.

Underneath there’s a basket which allows you to carry 5kg weight. 5kg weight is many groceries, but not ideal for that many. Put there a small bag too or other personal things.

Available in many colours which means you have the option to choose from a variety of colours. Some famous strollers don’t always offer this.

Forward-facing only, means your baby or toddler can only face the world. Because the stroller is tiny and not that big this can be fine for most.

Pop Stroller: Accessories.

A rain cover is always useful to have. So that’s an accessory that’s suitable for many strollers. Another accessory that available for the Pop Stroller is a footmuff.

Its to keep the baby warm and relaxed. Can also be used on a toddler. Clips or hooks can be needed when you are carrying bags. It’s a way to help you hang them.

This way your things won’t come in the way if you are pushing, otherwise, it won’t be easy for you. Have you considered buying a nappy changing bag?

I reviewed fancy bags a while back that might interest you. Check them out.


  • Not travel system convertible. It means no car seat and carrycot.
  • Forward-facing only. If you ask my opinion rear-facing is better for newborns.
  • The wheels are tiny and not all suspension, swivel and no all-terrain. It will be hard to use it in some places. The wheels are not removable
  • When fully recline the seat blocks your access to the basket from behind, and when it’s positioned upright you can’t access it from the front.
  • It’s still a bit pricey for a single stroller. If you add other accessories it can cost much more.
  • Static handle. This is not the best option for a pushchair in my humble opinion, but a static handle is easier for many parents.

Pop Stroller vs Other Strollers.

So, now after analysing the ins and outs of this stroller let’s get to defend it or see its worth. What makes it stand out in the market. I will just give you a glimpse of its worth.

Analysing it with two other strollers won’t give you all the answer. For that, you need a depth comparison. We are here for a quick comparison.

I, therefore, chose the Chicco Echo stroller and the Joie Nitro Lx pushchair. Similar strollers in the market and all of them proved a static handle.

Are almost the size, so it’s best to compare them.

Pop Stroller vs Chicco Echo Stroller.

Share similarities in style but not design, and are suitable for your baby and toddler. They also share more similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg.
  • Lie flat.
  • Both have padded seats.
  • Extended hood.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • leg rest.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Only forward-facing.
  • Not travel system convertible.
  • Padded bumper bar.

Some extra features the Chicco Echo has lockable front wheels, a rear hood that is removed and has a backrest that has 4 reclining positions.

The Echo is cheaper and weighs 7.6kg which is 100kg more than the other one, but still, it counts. The Pop Stroller has more soft padded seats, a harness system with pads and many other things.

It looks fancier and nicer than the former. It has also more colours to offer you. Its hood is bigger and Silver Cross has more well-designed fabrics and material.

This is the reason it’s more expensive than the Echo and loved by many. No, doubt it’s better. Again, it depends on what you want but if you here for Pop then you can see it has its value.

Pop Stroller vs Joie Nitro Lx Pushchair.

Joie is another brand that many in the UK love and recognise. Therefore, their strollers are always searched and one of these is the Joie Nitro L pushchair. Similar in design style but the design is different. The shared similarities are:

  • Suitable from birth.
  • Lightweight chassis.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Static handle.
  • Extended hood.
  • Carry straps.
  • Leg rest.
  • Harness system with chest pads.

The Joie Nitro Lx Pushchair has all suspension wheels, front lockable wheels, a hood that can be removed, a one-hand recline and the static handle has ergonomic foam.

It’s cheaper than the former too. When looking into the Pop Stroller you have a padded seat, UPF50+ sun protection, more extendable hood, peek a boo on the hood, one-hand fold and it offers more colours.

The latter is suitable for up to 4 years and weighs less than the Nitro Lx pushchair which means it offers a more compact fold, easier to carry and it will stay with the family much longer.

Again, no doubt that the Pop Star is better. The Nitro Lx pushchair is a stronger competitor because of the wheels, but the former has durable and well-managed wheels.

Well, yet again It’s up to you what you want and needs. You can see now that Silver Cross pushchairs do have their place in the market and are one the best lightweight strollers in the UK.

Lightweight and Suitable.

Well, that’s it, parents. Here you have a lightweight and suitable pushchair for the whole family. Some parents only buy this one for their baby’s to use up to toddlerhood.

It will save them a lot of money, and the stroller is good to use on public transport because of the carry straps and its weight. Perfect for those who travel abroad.

The wheels and tyres are a bit of a setback, but hey it’s not easy to have all in one. After you buy other additional accessories then you are set for years.

Depending on your future situation that is. You save money and preserve your precious time and dedicate it to your little bundle of joy.

What do you think? Is the Silver Cross Pop Stroller the one for you and your family? What are your thoughts on the others? Leave some comments below, it will be much appreciated.

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