Silver Cross Jet Review.

The new 2020 Silver Cross Jet came out with a little bit updated from the previous model made in 2019. Silver Cross Jet is one of Silver Cross lightest buggies and a good buggy in the market.

Advertised to suit travellers and city dwellers. If you are one of those and you are looking for a light buggy for your toddler then maybe this is it.

In this article, I will detail the pros and cons base on my own experience with buggies and mostly on my research.

I will compare the old version with the new one. Also compare it with another popular lightweight buggy to see its value in the market.

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  • Stated to be suitable from birth with the seat unit up to 15kg.
  • Travel system compatible.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Big canopy with peek a boo window, UPF50+ protection, pop-out sun visor and ventilation panel.
  • Leather made bumper bar.
  • Leather made handlebar.
  • Ergonomic frame/chassis.
  • A sizeable basket underneath.
  • All suspension wheels and durable tyres.
  • Flip flop friendly brakes.
  • Two hands folding system. (Stands when folded).
  • Lightweight and one hand steer.
  • Quality fabrics and aluminium chassis.

Silver Cross Jet Review: Buggy.

Product: Silver Cross Jet 2020.

Price: From £294.99 – £344.99. (Depends on colour).

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: L90 cm x W45cm x H96cm. Folded dimensions: H55cm ×W30cm × L18cm. (Weight: 6.2kg).

Delivery: UK (including Ireland).

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Silver Cross Jet Seat Unit.

Silver Cross present to you a light buggy to make life easier for those on the go. Because of the lie-flat option, you can use the seat unit from birth up to 15kg.

This is around 3 years depending on your little one. You can also use the car seat with the available adapters to buy. (I will get to that later on).

Jet also offers reclining positions for when your baby or toddler wants to sit upright, play, etc.

The recline lever is near the seat and reachable when the buggy is not moving. You have a 5 point harness system with thick chest pads and click and lock butting.

It’s easy to attach and release. A leather made bar is also included keeping both baby and toddler safe. The leather material adds to the look.

Silver Cross designed the jet only forward-facing which is not a problem for some families and considering that some might only use it for their toddlers it does not matter.

The Jet is designed with 4 colour fabrics sets. Black, Dark Grey and Silver and Ocean blue. These are easy to clean by just using wipes or some kind of clots.

According to a mum, the seat was sturdy and helpful enough to keep their toddler satisfied.

Silver Cross Jet Canopy.

The canopy is not the biggest but enough to cover the face and shoulders for some. Depending on your child’s growth it can be more.

It’s just like the seat units fabrics which makes Jet a one colour pattern stroller. It’s UPF50+ meaning it protects from the sun and is durable enough to withstand rain, wind, etc.

Jet offers a peek a boo window on the canopy, with a ventilation panel to keep the air flowing. Because the seat is forward-facing the window will help out a lot.

Keep an age on your little one without having to go forward. Lastly, you have a pop-out sun visor keeping the sun further away. It will be very comfortable for a sleeping baby.

Silver Cross Frame/Chassis.

As mentioned above the handlebar is also made with leather, and according to some parents is good for the average human height.

Perfect for those who are 5’6 and 6’1. The leather material makes it also easy to grab and push the buggy.

It’s super lightweight at 6.2kg which is not the lightest but is one of the lightest buggies out there. You can easily carry it without that much hassle.

Silver Cross made it not easy with the fold as you need two hands, but when folded it can stand on its own and you can use the bumper bar to push it ground.

It operates like a suitcase and making your travel journeys much easier. Because of the lightweight as well it gets easier.

When folded it provides one of the best compact folds just like the Babyzen YoYo at H55cm ×W30cm × L18cm. The open dimensions are L90 cm x W45cm x H96cm.

Making it not that small or big buggy but just in the middle. It is said to fit perfectly in tiny areas like your hallways, restaurants and if you own a tiny boot.

The Silver Cross Jet also has a one brake system near the right side of the wheels. It’s flip flop friendly and according to a mum, it does not get in the way of things.

The chassis is ergonomic making it more sleek, durable and easier to handle. Giving it a sturdy handle to make the horny easier.

It’s approved by many airlines and you can just tuck it in the cabinet and enjoy the ride.

Silver Cross Wheels and Basket.

Like almost all umbrella strollers the Jet has small wheels, but they are good enough to use on grass, parks and other ground.

It offers a bumpy free ride in the city and on your travelling journey. All suspension and the tyres are made out of rubber. (Not the best, but will take you to different places).

The underneath basket is not that big but can carry a few essential things like nappies, bags, etc. Is not made for those who carry a lot of things all the time.

Silver Cross Jet Review: Accessories.

Car Seat and Adapters.

With adapters, you can use car seats to attach to the Jet. These adapters are compatible with these car seats:

These are some of the top brands offering quality car seats. If you don’t want to use the seat unit, one of these car seats will be perfect for your baby up to 12 months+.

Other additional accessories the Jet comes with or is compatible with is a travel bag, seat cover, rain cover, footmuff, cup holder, changing bag, etc.

After folding the Jet you can use the cover and push it.



  • Seat unit only suitable up to 15kg.
  • It’s only suitable for single babies.
  • Quite expensive as a single stroller.
  • The folding mechanism is with two hands and is somehow complicated. (Many have reported).
  • It does not offer an adjustable footrest.
  • The canopy is not the biggest.
  • Silver Cross Jet has a small basket that’s easy to access from behind.
  • It does not have an adjustable handlebar and the current height is not that suitable for tall parents.
  • The wheels are not all-terrain and it does not have swivel lockable wheels.
  • The pushchairs seat and chassis might be low for taller parents.
  • Not compatible with a cot.

Silver Cross Jet 2020 vs Silver Cross Jet 2019.

67 updates have been done for the 2020 version and the majority are not that visible. Both cost the same which they kept, but they made other factors better.

Looking at the wheels you can think it’s the same, but Silver Cross made the wheels more durable now. Offers more suspension, and wider wheels to make the pushing easier.

It can handle terrains better than the previous model. The 2019 version had more variety of colours which were bright and dark.

The Jet made in 2020 only has the 4 colours mentioned above and these come in premium colours making them more quality. They also offer UPF50+ which the previous model didn’t offer.

A downgrade from the variety of colours otherwise Jet 2020 is better.

There’s a difference with the seat as well. It’s wider, more durable and structured in a better way. This makes it last up to 15kg while with the one it was less.

The Silver Cross 2020 Jet version weighs a little bit more than the previous model which was 5.8kg and that’s a downgrade. The dimensions are basically the same. The height is less when folded for the 2019 version.

Lastly, you have car seats. The 2020 version, needs new adapters but can use the same car seat models.

These new adapters make it easier to attach the car seat and make it sturdier, but it does not fit the 2019 version. This is also a nice update, although it might not be noticeable for many.

There are more pros than cons with the 2020 version which makes it much better.

Silver Cross Jet vs Bugaboo Ant.

I have not seen these strollers been compared to each other, so I thought to try it out. Both are advertised being travel strollers and can be carried around like suitcases.

Lightweight and perfect for the city. How will the Jet perform when compared to one of the best light buggies out there?

Like many umbrella strollers these have similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth up to toddlerhood.
  • Big canopy with UPF50+ and extended.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Backrest and multiple reclining position seats.
  • Can be pushed as a trolley.
  • Car seat compatible.
  • 5 point harness system with chest pads and click and release buttons.
  • Quality premium materials.
  • One-piece fold.


These also share many differences. The Bugaboo Ant is suitable for up to 22kg which is around 4 years. It has a forward and rear-facing seat unit.

Comes in more colours and have an adjustable legrest. The handle is adjustable but only two positions, it has a more ergonomic seat and has a larger basket

The wheels are swivel on this one.

When looking at the Jet it’s much lighter, the other is 7.2kg. It has a peek a boo window and a sun visor. It offers a more compact fold and when open it has a good height.

Jet is cheaper. Although the Bugaboo Ant is better than the Jet it does lack certain features some parents value more. It does quite good against this buggy.

The colours on the Jet is both the seat unit and canopy for the Ant is only the canopy, which some might not prefer. However, the weight and dimensions are what stands out the most.

Both are made for air travel and the city, so depending on your lifestyle one might be better than the other.


Silver Cross Jet is a simple buggy yet quality one. Made to make things easier for those who are frequently on the move and for those who love quick strolls.

It’s best suited for toddlers with the seat in my opinion and for newborns, the car seat is better. Although expensive to some degree it does offer valuable features and fabrics.

Easy to handle and will serve you for does years your toddler will need a buggy.

What are your thoughts on this one? Will it be suitable for your lifestyle?


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  1. Hi there,

    Awesome article on the silver cross jet. Never used it before, but with the awesome specifications and quality described in your article, I believe I will have to check it out with my wife. I will definitely be recommending this to families and friends too

    I can’t believe that price for all the specifications. This s certainly great value for money

    Please advise, just in case I have a question from family and friends, is possible for someone with the older models to take it in for an upgrade?

    • Hey. It’s good you are interested in the buggy. Contact Silver Cross and see if that’s possible. If you someone you know has the 2019 version and wanted the 2020 version, it might be possible.

      They will most likely pay less, but I think its best to ask the company. Anything else let me know. Thanks for reading.


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