Silver Cross Dream vs Simplicity Plus.

Popular Silver Cross car seats that are award-winning. According to Madeformums, the Dream is the best car seat which offers breathable bamboo fabrics.

The Silver Cross Simplicity Plus is an updated version of the award-winning Simplicity car seat.

If your mind is set on one of these car seats, but wondering which one to go for then in this comparison you will read an analyse on both.

I will compare the similarities and differences for you to see which of these is the best option. First an overview of what each car seat offers.

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About the Silver Cross Dream.

The Dream car seat can be used with the Isofix installation meaning the car seatbelt or with the Dream fix base. It has 5 point harness to keep your baby safer.

5 adjustable headrest positions with Bamboo breathable fabrics. It has deep impact protection to keep your child safer.

Baby inlay with deeply cushioned fabrics and UV canopy to protect baby from the weather.

Silver Cross Dream is quite simple but still packed with beneficial fabrics and features.

About the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus.

As mentioned above the Simplicity Plus is an updated version of the original Silver Cross Simplicity car seat. It’s suitable from birth up to 13kg which I around 15 months.

It has an ergonomic seating position to keep your baby from falling and sitting safely. Cushioned fabrics, headrest and a head hugger.

5-point harness that’s adjustable and has pads to cover it. An adjustable handle and is smooth to grab and carry. UV canopy that’s removable.

Simple, yet quite beneficial with features.

Similarities Between the Silver Cross Dream and Simplicity Plus.

Dream and Simplicity Plus Seats and Features.

Both of these Silver Cross car seats are suitable from birth up to 13kg which is 15 months. Depending on your baby’s growth it can be less.

I found other sites stating it’s 12 months as well. Like all car seats these have UV canopies to keep the sun away and the hoods are removable to be washed.

So can the rest of the fabrics at 30 degrees. This will keep the fabrics fresh and new for some time.

Dream and Simplicity Plus both have 5-point harness systems which are upgrades from the 3-point harnesses some old car seats have.

You have 5 adjustable positions on the headrest and the handles seem to be made from the same material. They are smooth to grab and these are adjustable as well.

The Silver Cross car seats have impact protection like all car seats, to keep your baby safe during accidents.

Both have adjustable newborn inserts which means the car seats are suitable for smaller babies as well.

Installation instructions are integrated into the car seats to best help you install them.

Also, the design of the car seats a pretty similar and you won’t notice the differences that easily. These car seats are also rear-facing which all infant car seats are.

Dream and Simplicity Plus Seatbelt and Base.

The Dream and Simplicity Plus car seats can both be installed with the seatbelt and the base, which gives you a lot of options. Some car seats can only be installed with a base.

Silver Cross has a car seat safety app which you can install on Playstore or AppStore to help you best install your car seat.

It will show you how to best install it with the base or the seatbelt. YouTube is also an option. It has many videos that direct you.

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Dream and Simplicity Plus Stroller and Accessories Compatibility.

The Dream and Simplicity Plus car seats are compatible with all Silver Cross travel systems and some of their single/standard buggies.

Some of these are Wave, Wayfarer, Pioneer, Horizon, Pursuit, Surf 3 and Reflex. You have adapters and a rain cover they share as well.

The different adapters are made for the different strollers. These are usually separately or together with the strollers.

There is a rain cover suitable for the Simplicity, Simplicity Plus and Dream car seats.

Dream and Simplicity Plus Base Similarities.

The bases are the same in their design.  Having four safety clicks, one-click installation and an easily adjustable leg. Has the same colour and simplicity.

Differences Between the Silver Cross Dream and Simplicity Plus.

Differences with the Dream and Simplicity Plus Seats and Features.

The fabrics differ when it comes to these two. The Dream has Bambo breathable fabrics. This means they are softer and easier to be around, especially for newborns.

According to the Madeformums Silver Cross Dream does have the best Bamboo fabrics among all quality car seats in the market.

Your baby will feel safer sitting on it as well. The materials compose of 60% plastic and 40% Bamboo. Silver Cross Simplicity Plus does have breathable fabrics as well, but the Dream seems to be better rated.

The Dream shell has 4 layers to protect from impacts and the handle can be adjusted with 5 positions.

For the Simplicity Plus, you have a head hugger for smaller babies and this is adjustable with one hand.

Differences with the Dream and Simplicity Plus Base/Safety Check.

According to ADAC (the independent car seat testing body) the Dream car seat alongside its Dream base when used offer one of the safest travels.

It scores “very good” and makes it super safe to travel with your child. However, when it comes to the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus it only scores “good”.

This makes it safe to travel in but not the best. The Dream out of the two will provide the best impact protection.

The Simplicity Plus car seat also has the old EU compliant which is the ECE R44.04. The dream has the latest to date which is the R129 compliant.

All of these do make the Dream better in terms of safety, which is what all parents are looking for.

What also differs is that these are compatible with different bases. The car seats have their own bases which they are only compatible with.

The Dream base and the Simplifix Isofix base. The latter is of course also compatible with the original Simplicity car seat.

Dream and Simplicity Plus Weight and Dimensions.

Silver Cross Dream weighs 5.4kg on its own but with the base is 12.9kg. You have the Simplicity Plus weighing 4.6kg on its own but weighing 11kg with the base.

The weightdifferencemakes the SimplicityPluseasier to carry than the one. These are the dimensions for the Dream: L55.1 x W44 x H58.6 centimetres and these are for Simplicity Plus: L54.3 x W43.9 x H58.3 cm.

As you can see it’s almost the same. The Simplicity Plus is a bit tinier.

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Dream and Simplicity Plus Colours and Prices.

The colours are of course on the canopy and body fabrics. For the Dream car seat, you have black, dark and light grey, navy blue and cream. (These are the colours I could find).

For the Simplicity Plus model, I could see a black colour. (This is what I could find). So, you obviously have more options with the Dream or there might be more colours but that available.

These colours also match all the Silver Cross strollers, most of them are designed with these colours.

The Dream car seat on its own costs about £220 and for the Simplicity, it’s £169. It can be less or more depending on where you buy them.

With the bases, the Dream costs £369 on Amazon. In other places, it’s £400+. For the Simplicity Plus, it’s £299 with the base.

So, of course, the Simplicity Plus is much cheaper and if you are on a tight budget you can be leaning more toward it.

The bases on their own cost £169 for the Dream base, and £79.99 for the Simplifix base.

Which One is Better?

In terms of safety and which car seat has the best features and fabrics, then the Dream car seat takes the first position. There’s a reason why it’s on Madeformums top 10 best car seats.

It’s not the best car seat in the market, that’s for sure but it’s better than the Simplicity Plus. These car seats share many similarities though.

Silver Cross Dream is number one if you balance the pros and cons. The Dream matches the EU regulation safety checker.

Who Would Go for the Simplicity Plus?

The Simplicity Plus still has very good features. The original was an award-winning car seat which tells you something. It’s also way cheaper even with the base.

As stated above if you are on a tight budget this one would do.

It’s also compatible with all Silver Cross travel systems just like the Dream, which means you are not missing out on that as well.

It’s lighter and can have the same colours, some of them might not be in the market though.

In terms of fabric availability, it’s the same. A newborn inlay, headrest, 5-point harness, etc.

Although the Dream car seat is the best option overall, you can still choose Simplicity Plus if your options are a bit limited.

Dream and Simplicity Plus Cons.

First of all, these are quite expensive car seats, even without the bases. Nuna Pipa and Maxi-Cosi sell cheaper car seats. These are also heavy.

There are much lighter car seats in the market around 2.6kg or 3kg. Even lighter than that. Carrying these won’t be easy. The Silver Cross car seats are also only compatible with Silver Cross strollers.

You can only use them if you have a Silver Cross stroller or you are planning to buy one. They also fit only one type of base on their own.

Unlike some Maxi-Cosi car seats which fit multiple bases from the same brand. These are the main cons you should reflect on when buying these car seats.


Despite Silver Cross Dream and Simplicity Plus not being the best car seats out there, these are pretty good. Both offer soo many things for many families out there.

Suitable for many lifestyles and offers what’s most important in car seats, which is safety.

Silver Cross Dream vs Simplicity Plus. Which one will it be?

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