Silver Cross Clic Review.

Silver Cross is also known to provide lightweight buggies that are perfect for babies and toddlers. The Clic stroller is another lightweight stroller that’s manufactured to make life easier for many lives.

In this article, I will review the Silver Cross Clic single stroller. Write the pros in detail and point out the cons this buggy has.

Like a always do, I will also compare it with another lightweight stroller.

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight buggy then this one can be for you. Released in April 2021 this buggy has risen to popularity. Let’s see the reasons why.

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  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg.
  • One-hand fold
  • 5 point harness system.
  • One-hand recline + multiple reclining positions.
  • Straps to carry.
  • Leather made bar.
  • UPF50+ canopy with ventilation and pop visor.
  • Adjustable legrest.
  • The basket has the capacity of carrying 5kg.
  • One system brake and easy to apply.

Silver Cross Clic Review: Stroller.

Product: Silver Cross Clic.

Price: £200.00.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: L82cm x W46.5cm x H105cm. Folded dimensions: L54cm W46.5cm H25cm. (Weight: 5.9kg).

Handle height: 105cm.

Delivery: To Europe only.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

Clic Seat Unit and Canopy.

The Silver Cross Clic is a good stroller to use if you are taking a quick swing to the store, and even good for everyday strolls if you are not an adventurer.

It’s suitable from birth with a lie-flat backrest. Allowing your baby to lie flat comfortably without harming their necks. The complications are less if your baby lies flat.

Besides that, the seat is designed with soft quilted fabrics. Suitable up to 4 years or 22kg. Making the Clic a good buggy both for babies and toddlers.

As seen above the recline can be done with just one hand. Making it relaxing for the parent who’s busy with the other hand.

What makes the buggy more comfortable is the adjustable legrest for your toddler. They can rest their legs without having them dangling around.

A 5 point harness with chest pads and also harness pads. Surrounding baby with soft things. It’s of course also for protection.

You have the leather made bar. Not only does it add the strollers stylish look, but it keeps your toddler from falling and makes it safe for them.

These are the colours available, Lila, Aqua, Black and Brown. You have an extendable canopy with a pop-out sun visor and UP50+ protection.

Ventilation is also installed to keep the air flowing during hot days. With these features, your baby or toddler will feel comfortable on their daily strolls.

Clic Frame/Chassis.

The height of the handle is 105cm which is good for tall parents, they struggle most when it comes to strollers. Clic is a light buggy weighing around 5.9kg.

Being one of the lightest buggies. This makes it easy to carry and handle. Like one mum said, it’s like carrying a bag of potatoes.

To help with that Silver Cross designed it with shoulder straps. These are well stored away when the buggy is open. You can use the straps to help you carry it.

Going upstairs or using public transport will be much easier. Silver Cross Clic offers a one-hand fold system and according to the designers, it’s quick and easy.

Making it easier when you are out and busy. It also offers a compact fold. If you have a tiny boot then Clic will fit in perfectly.

Like most umbrella strollers the wheels and tyres are small. It does well on even terrains and offers a less bumpy ride on simpler grounds.

Lastly, you have the underneath basket. It’s mostly reachable from behind and offers good space. It can take up to 5kg of weight.

This is enough for some groceries and your babies changing bag.

Silver Cross Clic: Accessories.

The Clic has its own fitted rain cover. Besides the rain cover, you can buy other accessories to make things easier for you. Like a cup holder, a changing bag and toys for your baby.

You can also buy a child tray that might fit. Adding more accessories will help you and your child put during the journey.

A footmuff is available to buy as well.



  • Forward-facing only.
  • It can’t convert into a travel system. (Meaning no car seat and carrycot).
  • The handlebar is not height adjustable. The height is too high as well for short parents and the average human height it can be a bit difficult.
  • One of the biggest cons is the wheels. These don’t offer that much suspension, are not swivel and the tyres a small like most umbrella strollers. It’s not an all-terrain buggy which can be hard for some.
  • It’s not an everyday stroller for some, and if you use it in some places the ride will be bumpy.
  • Mostly a travel stroller and not a day to day stroller.
  • Some parents trust having a carrycot or car seat for their babies and not just a seat unit, which makes it only suitable for their toddlers.
  • The price can be high as well for only a single buggy without any other additional things.

Silver Cross Clic vs Silver Cross Jet.

Another famous Silver Cross stroller is the Jet buggy. Although it’s more famous than the Clic. These are similar in their design and someone who has no clue will mistake the Jet for the Clic.

I will only do a quick comparison between these and see which of them is better. Looking at the main features.

First, looking at the similarities it’s a good way to start, and like most umbrella strollers they share similarities and these are:

  • Both offer forward-facing only.
  • Suitable from birth with a lie-flat mode.
  • A 5 point harness system with chest pads.
  • A UP50+ extendable canopy with ventilation panels and pop-out visor.
  • Suspension on all wheels.
  • A medium-sized basket.
  • One brake system.
  • Leather made bars and one hand steer.
  • Both don’t have adjustable bars.
  • They both only offer 4 colours each.


What differs is that the Jet is only suitable for up to 15kg, but its travel system is convertible. Meaning it’s suitable with some car seats from Silver Cross and other brands.

However, not with a cot. It has more of an ergonomic seat unit and the Jet also offers a peek a boo window on its canopy. It offers a more compact fold as well, but the height is the same on both at 55cm.

Looking at the Clic, you have an age range from birth up to 22kg, offers one-hand recline and one-hand fold. The folding system is easier and quicker.

Clic also offers shoulder straps to carry it. It has a lighter weight, with the former weighing 6.2kg. Although not that much. The Silver Clic also offers an adjustable legrest.

So, which one is better? When looking at the price the Clic is cheaper. Being compatible with a car seat and having a more compact fold makes the Jet stand out.

However, the Clic offers a better seat unit, it’s lighter, cheaper, better folding system and offers straps to make things easier. This also makes it stand out.

I will put both in the same spot. As I think they both have valuable features.


Although it’s not really a day to day to stroller for some because of the wheels, the Clic is good enough to use for many families.

Are you one of them? Tell me all about your thoughts.


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  1. Hey a great insight!

    You are correct they both do look similar especially to someone who doesn’t know what they are looking out for! After reading the specifications, I definitely prefer the clic pushchair over the jet. It’s the lightweight and affordable pricing that does it for me.

    As I don’t use push chairs much now due to the weather I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider purchasing one of these.


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