Sensory Play and Toys for Babies.

So, I already covered in this post here different sensory activities for your baby. Now I wanted to go further explaining and giving you ideas on sensory play and toys.

I believe these 2 methods are the best way to teach your baby and enhance their 5 senses. During this age, the best way to teach them is through play.

The other methods like playing a video and reading books are good to do, but these methods are best to be used for toddlers. Babies need to feel and touch, smell and even taste.

It will help them to notice and recognise that item.

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What Is Sensory Play And Toys?

So, what do they mean with sensory play and toys?

“Sensory play means any activity that stimulates a young child’s senses”, by

What do I mean with sensory play? Well, Sensory Toys and play are the same things, but I will focus on separating the two. Sensory play can be anything from a playing mat to colouring or playing with clay.

All of these things are not toys. It’s important to separate them so that you can focus on teaching one at a time. Both of these sensory activities have the same results, but the work or activity works differently.

Toys work in different ways on stimulating your baby’s senses than the actual sensory play does, and its less messy and hard work.

Why Sensory Play And Toys?

Out of all of the methods I gave in my previews post (see the link above), these 2 methods are best to use when it comes to babies. Like I stated above.

These methods or ideas involve more handwork. They offer your baby to develop or enhance all of their 5 senses which sensory activities are all about.

At this age, babies are curious and amazed by the world that surrounds them. Anything bright and shiny catches their attention and they want to figure it out.

So, it’s up to us as parents to help them on their journeys and make it easier for them. Adding fun to your babies activities is the best to teach any child. Whether babies, toddlers and older kids.

Even adults I may add. So keep them active with their hands and feet for them to boost their energy and at the same keep enhancing their senses.

You buy all of these sensory plays and toys from

Sensory Play.

Sensory plays involve many toys and all of these things that I will recommend are safe for your baby and will keep them interested and occupied.

Playfoam Go:

Price: £11.99. Although it’s used on toddlers, it’s safe on your baby too. Just supervise them. With the Playfoam your child can build or play with it to enhance their motor skill. The foam is durable and long-lasting.

Your baby can use it to stimulate their hands and learn to feel, see and even smell it. It doesn’t stick to objects and neither to them. Comes in multiple colours to make your baby interested.

Melissa and Doug shape, wooden play clay:

Price: £9.95. Suitable for your 1-year-old baby I would say. It can be used for toddlers. Let your little one year old discover their motor skills to discover different things for a fun playtime.

It will awake their interest at an early age.

Galt Toys, activity case:

Image from

Price: £13.00. Suitable for your 1-year-old. It contains dry clay shapes that you can paint. Using a paintbrush allow your baby to discover different colours and let them develop their motor skills. If they are supervised ist safe to use the activity case.

Melissa and Doug, wooden handle stamps:

Price: £6.98. 6 sets of wooden and inks. Its kid-friendly. Although it is intended to use by older children it still can be used by your baby. If they have a good grip and are supervised. Just place a paper in front of them and let discover the different colours and shapes.

It might get messy but they eventually will get the hang of it.


Tiny Love, gymini sunny days:

Price: £44.99. Suitable for your little one. Birth up to 12 months, perfect for babies. It helps stimulate your little one’s motor skills and even enhance the skill they have.

The sense of touch, smell and sight are these 3 senses they will discover. With summer vibes it will make it more interesting. Bright colours, the sun and different shapes and animals.

Tiny Love, Super mat Meadow days:

Price: £31.00. It’s also suitable from birth up to 12 months. A simple yet nice mat for your little one. Nothing hanging above and on the sides. Animals and other things are signed on the mat.

it’s soft a safe place to sit. Give your baby toys and place them there. They will learn to just focus on some things and not be distracted by hanging toys or too many colours.

It also has a mirror.


When it comes to toys the amount you can buy is endless, so there are many different toys you use for sensory activities. It can be bath toys, toys used at home or outside.

Nuby Bath book:

Price: £2.50. Do you want to bathe your baby and teach them at the same time? Well, with this bath book is possible. It’s waterproof and offers your baby to view different sea animals and colours.

Makes a squeaky sound. Read to them and allow them to enjoy their bath.

Badabulle Bath Flower Sand & Water:

Price: £5.99. Suitable from 6 months up to 12 months. 6 sets of cups that your baby can use on water and sand. Allows them to play and enhance their skills.

It also comes in different colours.

Nuby Time, bath net:

Price: Suitable for your baby and safe to use. Let them use the net to pick up other toys from the water. Learning skills and having fun at the same time.

Discovering new textures and senses. Sense of taste.

Other Forms of Toys.

Skip Hope Farmstand, avocado stroller toy:


Price: £10.00. You can attach it to a stroller or bring it home for your baby to play. (If you are interesting in reading about a review on a stroller, see here.) The toy helps coordinate your baby’s hand to eye and develop their motor skills.

It can be closed and open and has a ring above to attach it to a stroller. It’s tiny and has bright but few colours. Allowing your baby to focus on just a few.

In the middle is a plastic shaking ball with tiny balls inside. Making noices. Good for your baby’s sense of hearing

Done by deer pull along:

Price: £36. 95. Animal toy on a slide that your baby can pull with the help of a rope attached to it. It encourages them to walk. (Excellent choice for those baby’s who haven’t walked yet).

Soft and safe materials to use. No supervising is needed. Teaches babies to think and discover.

Melissa and Doug, pound and roll tower:

Price: £12.95. The balls are easy to grasp and the material is not hard. Nice and safe wooden toys that are designed with multiple colours. This toy can also be of interest to your toddler.

Enhances their motor skills and eye to hand coordination.

With Time Your Baby Will Develop Their 5 Senses.

Everything takes time and eventually with time things will happen. With these sensory plays and toys, your baby will start to discover and understand the world around them.

Discover new things that help will them when they reach toddlerhood. Keep them active and busy to stimulate these 5 senses and also make them fun, adventurous and colourful.

Which of these toys or sensory play do you think will help your baby? Can you name 4 toys or sensory play that you liked the most?

If you want more ideas ask me about them through my email. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for this article its quite useful and I think even more for my sister who is currently studying childcare.

    Sensory play and activities is really important for babies and children as it not only provides essential entertainment but helps in developing skills for later on in life and their general development.

    Articles like these should be read by new parents and others alike.

    • Hey Sariyah. Thanks for dropping by. Yes you are right. These kinds of articles can be very useful for new parents or any parent for that matter.

      Drop by any time. Feel free to read other articles related to babies.

  2. Wow! This is a very good post. My friend just had a new baby and she might be interested in hearing about this and reading this article. This is truly been a very detailed article and I have bookmarked it to send it to her. Though I know that she currently doesn’t have a phone so I may be just showing this to her next time I see her. Thank you so much and may the force be with you

    • Hi Misael H. Good to know your friend will find this article interesting. I am always happy to help new mums. Best wishes to your friend.

      Tell her to drop by if she needs assistance. All the best. 

  3. I guess as a mother I was so busy with my children I never thought how important a toy can be to help a baby or a young kid to develop their 5 senses, after reading your article is clear why is so important to buy one or a few of these toys to give them to young children, they will have lots of fun while playing with them and without noticing they will learn lots of thing that will help them to do better in life, today as a grandmother, your article has helped me to make a list of toys to buy for my grandchildren, I’m sure they will love them and they will be asking for more!

    • Hey Alexandra. As parents we don’t really think about these things. We just buy them a few things, but don’t consider others, especially those in the past.

      I am glad you have decided to make a change. Feel free to read other articles, and you are welcome to ask me questions related to babies and sensory activities.

      All the best.


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