5 Sensory Activities For Babies.

When a baby has already learned to crawl, roll over and just started to sit they are sure ready to explore more adventures and see more things the world around them can offer.

Your baby is going through many things now. They will like to explore many things, but I believe it’s important to do it one of a time. Give them the time to learn and observe objects and the elements around them.

I remember when my baby would look at me every time I held something or when I gave her new things she was wondering what these things were and was fascinated.

I will give you ideas on how you can develop your baby’s 5 senses or make them use it more, and at the same time make it fun for them and even for you.

I believe you should spend time playing with your baby or engaging in many of these activities. It will help you bond with your baby and you will also have fun doing it.

This post is only for 6-12 months babies. If you want to view sensory activities for your toddler click here. It’s safe for babies to play with all these ideas that I will give but supervise them anyway.


With books, your baby will start developing many of their 5 senses and even enhance them. TouchThinkLearn Books or cardboards a way of helping your baby’s sight, touch and hearing.

These books are often soft so it’s safe for your baby to use them. With it, they feel how different animals four or how different object’s feel. They develop their sense of touch.

Such as softness, hard and squeezy objects, etc. They can find these things on objects or animals they see daily. It helps them recognise when they see it in real life.

Let your baby explore the book or cards, turning pages and feeling the materials.

Their sense of sight will also develop. Seeing different things and your baby exploring the book or cards will help them identify things by visual.

This is how shiny things look like?

You can even use the book to explore their hearing. If it’s a book about animals or vehicles. You can make noises to mimic the sounds of these things or animals.

My daughter learned and wanted to explore more by me using this method. It will keep them entertained and interested.


Now, toys are a good way of developing all of their senses. There are many different toys out there that a baby proof.

Mirror balls: This is a toy your baby can use to explore. It’s often made from soft materials and a mirror on top of it. It’s also colourful and inside it a soundbox.

Not all of the mirror balls have the same things. With it, your baby will explore their sight, touch and hearing. Which are the 3 first senses most babies first learn.

Other toys that can help enhance these senses or help discover their other senses are:

  • Activity cubes.
  • Glittery flashy balls.
  • Threading beat (bigger beats)
  • Big legos.
  • Soft gift sets (squeezy keys) (To discover or enhance their sense of taste.).
  • Big puzzle (It’s to help them explore more sense of touch).

Playing Mat.

Playing is fun for all ages, even with toddlers. You can find playing mats that have many things. Put your baby on a playing mat and let them wander around to explore.

It has toys and different sensory plays where your baby can explore squishy, stretchy, puzzling and flashing things. View these playing mats which can help your baby on their journey.

Sensory Play.

Time to explore more things with these sensory play ideas that many people have given, and I will also add more things. Get ready things are about to get messy.

A basket: You can use the basket to put many things in there. Like sand, mud, water and clay or foam. Give them a plastic spoon and they are ready to begin. Put also in toys in there to make it interesting.

Explore with food: Sitting on their high chair you can place food and drinks like spaghetti, rice, crisps,  juice, etc in front of them. They can play using their hands and at the same time explore their sense of touch, taste, smell and sight. Using the chair will keep them from messing up the house.

Painting: Hand painting or feet painting. Buy white paper and some eatable paint colours. Place it in front of your baby and let them be free. It will help them discover different colours as well.

More Creative Ideas.

Hang different materials: Place your baby in front of hanging toys and let them touch and feel all of it. Hanging it will also make it more exciting. They will try to take it. You will keep them busy and ready to explore.

Clay: With their hands, they can play with clay. Let them mix it up, build something with and smell it. Supervise them.

Bottle with something inside: Take a small bottle and paint it with eatable paint to hide transparency. Take something small like a mini lego or some kind of toy that can make a sound and place it inside. Put the lid on and give it to your baby. Let them shake it and wonder. The bottle won’t harm them, but it will make them curious. What can be inside this thing? Their sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight will enhance.

Glue and glitter: Paper glue is not harmful to your baby if you supervise them. Put some paper glue on and give them glitter. Show them how and let them play. They will explore shiny colours, sticky materials and at the same time have fun.

A ball pit: Put them in a secure and tiny ball pit. They will certainly use all of their senses even the taste part. So, just keep it clean and let them have a fun time.

A jar with lights: Do you want to make it more interesting? Buy or if you have a small jar put their flashy toys and water, close the lid, and give it to your baby. Discovering many things that will help their skills develop and at the same time make it playful.

Sponge and water: This one is similar to the first idea, but instead put water and give sponges. Let them soak it and squish it. If you have other materials or clothes laying around let them explore how these things react with water. Be creative and allow them to be creative.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts.

That’s it parents, keep your baby busy and let them be joyful. What are your thoughts on these ideas? Have you yet tried one of these ideas with your baby? If yes, I would love to know which ones.

Like I stated above don’t try all of these things at once. They can try a few at a time and they move on to other ideas. Every baby is different and even though they love to explore, different things work differently in all of them.

Let them grow with it and don’t worry if your baby is not interested in some of these things. Just explore the others. If you have twins let them play together exploring these ideas.

It will even make it more exciting and easier when they reach toddlerhood.

If you are interested in starting to teach your baby the alphabets view here.

6 thoughts on “5 Sensory Activities For Babies.”

  1. Hey there,

    Thank you this great article and wonderful ways to help develop a baby’s 5 senses. I think that it is so important they develop these senses at a very early age. It is the foundation to their better future. I never thought that playing with food could be so uselful to help develop their sense but it makes sense. We are soo used to thinking like adults and want to avoid a mess not realizing it could be beneficial to a baby.



    • Hi Lawrence. Yes food it’s a good way to teach children, but not the only way. We can use it time to time for education. Thanks you for stopping by.

  2. This article was very interesting to read because it evoked memories of a time when my little daughter was between 6 and 12 months old and we were discovering the world with her (she will now be two years old soon, so it’s not that long back).
    I remember whenever she took something in her hands, she checked to see if it rumbled. We also tried various activities, including some of the ones you list. Ever since, and still today, she likes everything related to water.
    These processes are really interesting, when the baby and the small child get to know the world, and you see this world completely anew because you start looking at it through the child’s eyes.
    Great tips for first activities with babies to encourage their development!
    I wish you all the best

    • Hey Nina. Nice to hear about your daughter. My child love playing with water too. Kids love leaving a mess I guess, but that’s good sometimes. They will learn a lot.

      Thanks for the wishes and for stepping by. If you need any further help I am here. 

  3. This is a great selection of different items that parents give their babies without even realising that they are actually helping their development.

    Taking time to play with your baby isn’t just about amusing them or keeping them quiet.  Everything is an important part of their development.  That’s why it is so important to talk to them continuously and explain everything that they see.

    All of the books and toys you list are very important to help them develop different aspects of their brain.

    Every day is a learning day for a baby and no time spent playing and talking to them is wasted time.

    • Hi Geoff. You are soo right. It’s important to talk to babies even if they don’t understand. It will benefit them greatly and you are also righ about explaining things. Apply these rulings for your kids and they will learn a lot.


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