Reading a Book for Kids – How To Start and The Benefits.

As are a parent we have all been there, and I am still there, to be honest. On how to start reading books for our children. This article is not going to illustrate how you can get your toddler to read, but you reading to them.

How it can help them in the future, or you might even notice the benefits pretty early. I have done some research to publish this, but I am not an expert, however, I have a toddler on my hands so, I have experience in the field.

I will through my research and experience to tell you how to start reading a book, what types of books you should focus on and the benefits. In the end, I will list 5 books I think your toddler will love to read.

This article is only focused on babies and toddlers. Age 0-4 years, maybe 5 also. View baby books Infants and toddlers about different topics for more ideas.

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How to Start Reading A Book for Kids?

So, for many parents, it can be a bit difficult with this topic. How are you going to start reading to a tiny baby, someone who does not understand at all?

What should I start with and how much should I read to them? All of these questions pop up now and then, which is normal. I was in the same state, but figured it and asked questions.

You should look into these matters:

1. Start with Showing Them The Book.

Don’t read the book you are holding right away. Scroll through it and show them the pictures. This method’s usually used for toddlers. It’s to get them familiar with the book, but also to see their reaction to it

Kids at this age are more interested in images, colours and shapes. Try to show that to them and see if they recognise any of that.

If you are starting with your baby just speak loud, and describe what they are seeing. They will be more interesting if you are speaking loud and smiling. They want to hear mummy`s voice.

Ask your toddler some questions. What they think about certain things and, how the book makes them feel. This can tell you a lot.

If your toddler hasn’t learned to talk yet, seeing their reactions can tell.

2. Start Reading Slow and Loud.

Whether you are reading to your child a bedtime story or any other time this concept is good in the beginning. Read clear and loud for your toddler to understand, and for your baby to pay attention.

Reading this way will make them hear every bit of the story. Whether it’s the names of items you are mentioning or the colours. It’s easier for them to remember the story.

Your baby may recognise the book by visual, but for your toddler, it will be worth ways. I have seen this happening to my toddler.

As long as I mention a certain name or item in a book, she’s aware and goes to bring the book. Reading a book, so that your child understands will also make her love the book.

He or she will always like the book to be read to her.

3. Use Body Language.

So, maybe you have heard of this one before. Body Language is super important. Use face expressions when telling and use your hands or arms to add some action.

Kids love this, and for certain my toddler Ioved and she still does. Try to smile, laugh or make funny faces to explain the story. Your toddler will find it funny and even laugh.

Speak in funny voices imitating different characters. I think you get the point. Try this sometimes and not always. Some serious elements will make your toddler take it seriously.

Using the same mentioned on your baby will make them interested in books.

4. Explaining In Your Language.

Take a pause and explain the book in your language to your toddler. If you are reading English books and you are bilingual then explaining it in your language will make your toddler understand better, and also pick up some new words.

5. Sing A Song About It.

What you can also do is to start and sing a song about the book or the characters. This will make it even more fun and entertaining for your child.

You can also sing instead of reading the book. Make up your rhythmic sounds with your toddler. It’s a way for them to learn the words and recognise certain characters.

6. Find an Activity Book.

The book you are reading may have a colouring activity book. You can find out and together draw, colour or place stickers with your toddler.

If you have more than one toddler let them do the activities together, and quiz them about it. Not a hard quiz and it shouldn’t be competitive.

The quizzes are to awake more interest and engagement.

What Types of Books Should I Read to My Child?

At this age, long books with text is a no-no. The books should be just some pages long and have soft materials. Much better for babies and even toddlers. These books can be:

1. Board Books.

Boards books are important to have. They are sensory activity books. Where your baby or toddler get to feel, see, taste and even smell.

It’s to develop their senses. You can buy boards books with interesting stories. Your baby will love to grab and taste it, and even the images will impress them.

For your toddler, it’s about the sight ad touch part. How certain things feel. Is it soft or hard?

2. Try Different Genres.

Is not always about the same things or topics. Try reading to your baby or toddler a different art style. Manga books or comics.

Introduce new characters. I will tell you to do this once in a while. Because at this age knowing too many things for your young child is too much for their brain.

This is to give them ideas and knowledge about different genres.

3. Books In Your Language or Language of Interest.

Try reading to them books from other countries other than English. Your language may be or a new one you like. We are highly interested in Arabic, so we introduced it to our toddler, and she loves it.

It’s just the basics but she’s learning a lot. Being bilingual can teach your kids about other cultures and expand their minds. This also depends upon how you want to raise your child.

4. Books with Many Pictures and Bright Colours.

At this stage always use books with bright colours and many images. It will awake your toddlers interesting. Too much text will make the reading sessions boring.

Bright colours and funny images always catch babies attention. They are wondering what’s happening, and want to find out more.

This is a good start to make them start listening to you.

5. Size of The Books Matters Too.

How about the size of a book? In my experience make it big and thin for toddlers. For babies, a smaller one is easier, but make it thin also.

They are more likely to have interest,  wanting to grab that book so fast they view it. It’s all about creating interest and bigger, thinner and colourful books are loved by kids.

The Benefits of Reading a Book for Kids.

The benefits are many, and by mentioning them here I will have to make a somehow never-ending list. I will mention how my toddler benefited from it.

Learning new words was one of the benefits. An example of a book I read was My first ABC by DK books. She learned the different animals, their sound and recognising them.

Recognised different items and fruit. Also learned new phrases and could pinpoint these in real life. Also the colours and numbers.

Last but not least of course the alphabets. So, reading to your baby and toddler will make them recognise, memories, learn phrases, words and even speak.

Your baby will eventually do all of this when they grow. It will be easier for them because they now recognise all of these words and phrases.

The benefits are also that when your toddler starts school it will easier for them, and they will start reading without much hardship.

Reading to them and doing an activity with books will prepare them for what’s to come.

List of 5 Books to Start With.

1. Zippity Zibra and The Windy Day.

It’s a board book and suitable for 0-2-year-olds. The Zibra is hanging his clothes, and all of sudden a gush of wind comes towards their way.

Blowing all the Zebras clothes away. Help him and his friend find his wardrobe. An activity book for young toddlers and babies. Read it to them and allow to their touch, and see the images.

2. Wobble Bear Gets Busy.

Perfect for those toddlers who have just started to walk, around 12 – 16 months. Sometimes a bit later or sometimes easier. It’s about the bear learning to walk on his toes.

Rhythmic storytelling your toddler will love to read and learns what the bear is doing. Walking all around the area to test his newfound hobby. Walking.

When he gets tired, it’s time to bed and mama bear has to carry him. Interesting story kids will enjoy reading.

3. Jojo & Gran Gran: Visit the Farm.

Is your toddler a fan of Jojo and her grandmother? Then this book can be good to read to them. It’s suitable from 3 years upwards.

Follow them as they visit the farm, and your toddler gets to meet the farm animals. Bright colours, familiar characters and new phrases and words.

4. Kind. 

A book teaches your child about kindness, it’s also something that your toddler needs to learn. With this book is possible. The book, work you through the different events with people showing kindness.

A bright colour book with nice images to catch your little one’s attention. Suitable for 3-year-olds upwards. Teaching new phrases and words.

It will be easier for them to learn expression with the book. A nice and easy guide.

5. Peppa Pig Wipe Clean Learning, 6 packs.

6 activity and colouring books. Although they don’t involve reading that much, it does have a little bit of it. Let your toddler learn the alphabet, numbers, time, etc.

As shown in the images above. These won’t be wasted because you can wipe them clean, and reuse them. It’s easier to involve a bit of activity to learn.

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