Why are Rain Cover For Strollers Important?

When it’s raining especially heavy rain we all need to cover up or use an umbrella for us not to get wet, and save ourselves from not being able to go out.

Some places get a lot of rain, especially here in the UK where I live.

People need to go out and work or do other daily routines and the rain should not stop you from doing it that’s why umbrellas exist.

The same thing applies to you as a parent.

You need to get out for a stroll or a trip and the rain shouldn’t be an obstacle, that’s why you need to buy a rain cover for your stroller/pushchair or pram so that your baby is protected from getting wet.

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The importance of Rain Covers.

Nowadays your options are many, you have universal rain covers that fit all pushchairs and you have rain covers that are either for pushchairs or car seats.

The cover doesn’t only protect your baby but even your changing bag and it also can protect the groceries you place on your basket under the pushchair.

The rain cover isn’t only for the rain, of course, it’s for the wind, snow, and anything that might be harmful or make your baby or toddler uncomfortable.

This makes rain covers very important, especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot and even snows or gets windy.

Protecting your newborn from harm is more important because they are very sensitive, and protecting the whole stroller is good for you because your baby’s blanket won’t get soaked, and if the stroller doesn’t get wet you don’t need to waste time cleaning it before entering your house.

The rain covers are strap to your pushchairs and the sizes can vary depends on what it is used for. If it’s for the pram then it’s usually bigger.

Rain covers are see-through and have enough space for your baby or toddler to move about without feeling uncomfortable.

Well, those who already have children know this. It is see-through so you can keep an eye on your baby or toddler and the straps make sure that your toddler who is likely sitting can`t remove the cover.

Toddlers are very energetic and will most likely want to remove it, my toddler has tried this many times and she once did manage to take it off, but the straps weren’t too firm, so make sure to always double-check.

The covers don’t always come with the stroller it can be a separate item, and maybe it isn’t big enough and you want a bigger one or you will want to buy another for your car seat.

The rain cover that comes with the package is for the pushchair. Mine was for the pushchair and I use it for that.

When it comes to picking the best rain cover for your toddler or baby don’t only think about what it’s for, think also about if your baby will be comfortable with it and the features it may come with.

For example, some come with a build-pocket that can be used to store in wipes or snacks and still be covered from the rain. It’s right in your reach if you ever need it.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are Pram Rain Covers Breathable?

Yes, many rain covers are breathable. Meaning they have some ventilation holes on the sides. Not all covers offer this, but many universal covers do offer this.

Do not worry about your child getting wet as these holes are further on the side and water cant enter. These are also designed in a way to keep water out.

Air can come and out to make your baby comfortable during heavy rain, snow or even hot days. As you can use the cover to shield your baby from the sun’s UV.

Always check when buying a rain cover.

Are Rain Covers Necessary?

As mentioned above a few, rain covers are super necessary. Living in the city or living in an area where it rains a lot or even where the weather is too much to handle can make it necessary.

Blankets, canopies or also called hoods are not going to do it for you. You will need to 100% shield the stroller, most importantly your baby of course.

So, yes rain covers are part of the strollers accessories one must-have. Many companies sell the cover with the pram, stroller or buggy.

They know its importance. You find many mums pointing out how a cover is not included in the purchase to be a con.

Are Stroller Rain Covers Safe?

Rain covers like other stroller covers should not keep your baby or toddler from breathing.

According to a study done in Sweden keeping your baby or toddler covered without any airflow can create too much heat so it harms your child.

It will be too dry and they will feel overheated making their temperature rising which will get them sick. If this happens with newborns this might make them develop some issues.

So, rain covers are safe as long you have breathable holes, and many of these have zip-out windows as well.

The materials should be also safe for your newborn to breathe near. Keep the rain cover a bit far from your child then you are good to go.

That’s why you should have covers that have good straps.

What are Pram Rain Covers Made Of?

Rain covers are made from PVC materials which are made to keep harmful chemicals from ever touching your child. These materials make it also easier to breathe near it.

If you buy quality ones it will keep the cover from sticking together during hot days or breaking apart during cold days.

Buying PVC of 220 microns it’s made with softer and more breathable PVC. This makes the folding better to keep it clean and long-lasting.

So, a little bit of reading before you buy covers that are from other parts of the world would be safer.

What Kind of Rain Covers Would You Need?

We already established that you will need a rain cover for your pram, stroller and buggy. Strollers have different sizes when it comes to their height and length.

So, some covers are designed specifically for some strollers, while others don’t have one. You will need to buy so-called universal rain covers.

You will also need a rain cover for your cot which is for the pram. Many manufacturers offer rain covers for the cot only. Some are both for the cot and the frame.

You also have rain covers that are only designed for a car seat. Universal covers for car seats exist as well.

You will need all of these while your child’s growing up.


Don’t Let The Weather Stop You.

Those that have children don’t let the weather stop them from going to work, taking a stroll, or a trip.

They have umbrellas or raincoats for the protection you should not let the rain, snow, wind or any other weather condition stop you from going out with your baby or toddler.

Buy the one that will protect not only your baby but your baby’s and your things.

Buy the one which’s for the whole buggy so that you save money, but if you prefer to buy the one that you think will fit and it’s right for your pushchair at the moment go ahead.

Just don’t let the weather be a hindrance and stop you from taking a stroll with your baby.

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Does it rain a lot where you live? Do you find rain covers helpful?

Let us know down below.

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