Quinny Moodd Review.

Are you interested in buying a Travel System for your first baby or is this not your first time? Maybe you want something new and modern. Manufacturers are always coming up with new and quality designed strollers to better help families enjoy their daily lives.

The Quinny Moodd 2in 1 Travel System is a nice and modern stroller for families all over the world. The Quinny brand always tries to bring strollers/pushchairS that are affordable and available.

Product:  Quinny Moodd Single.

Price: £479.99

Size of the Product: L 93 x W 64 x H 108 cm

A Place to Buy: Amazon.

My Ranking: 9.5/10


The package comes with the Quinny pushchair/stroller, carrycot/bassinet and car seat. The pushchair is suitable from birth up to 15kg that’s approx 3,5 years and the other two carriages are for your baby depending on your baby’s or toddlers weight and height.

With a large basket underneath for your baby’s things, no need to carry them on your own. You can even fit their things. The Maxi-Cosi car seat is the car seat that comes with the stroller. it comes with the Maxi-Cosi family fix base, which is soo easy to use and fix.

The Quinny foldable carrycot/bassinet midnight blue is also included in it. The best options for your newborn to be in. A spacious environment for your little one to be in.

Quinny Moodd Stroller/Pushchair.

What’s does this stroller/pushchair offer?  A stylish and well-designed stroller/pushchair that’s going to make everyone around to gaze with amazed. The Quinny Moodd 3in1 Travel System offers the best features and fabrics so that your little one sleep and sit in a healthy and cosy place.

A large basket underneath makes it possible to bring along many things with you like toys, extra blanket, clothes and bags. If they don’t fit in your baby’s changing bag just tose it down there.

The foam-filled tyres and swivel front wheels offer your little one comfortable and smooth ride, no disturbance on the way. You have a world and parent facing options and the seat unit has 3 reclining positions that can be fixed from behind. No need to disturb your child.

The 3 reclining positions can be applied in both facing positions, which makes it possible for your child to lie flat and sit when they are facing you or the world.

With just a click the stroller/pushchair is easily folded and can be stored in any place. It can be folded in both facing positions. No need to take it out and turn it to fold. That takes time and it also tiring. With the adapters it can be transformed into a Travel System for yours and baby’s comfort.

Additional Features:

  • Dirt and water seat cover.
  • Rain cover.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • parasol clip
  • Adapter.
  • UV protection Canopy/Hood.

Quinny Carrycot/Bassinet.

The Quinny red carrycot/bassinet transforms your stroller/pushchair to a pram, which even makes it cosy for your little. It offers a lie-flat position for health reasons and your baby faces in a higher position. You will have more eye contact with them and you will be able to keep an eye on them

Your baby gets to see a better view of the world than the one they are used to. It’s also good for their development and it makes them entertained. It’s spacious, provide a secure and comfortable environment and also can be folded. Saves space for you. Suitable from birth up to 6 months. Weight: 5.3kg

Quinny Car Seat.

The Quinny car seat has features that offer protection for your little one and the softly padded fabrics offer a seat reducer. All of it makes your little one feel better and safe.

Belt hooks help to keep the harness away when you are placing your baby on the stroller. The harness makes your baby more secure and it can be adjusted to suit your baby. The Cabriofix can be installed with just one click or you can use the car seat belt to put it in the car.

The car seat can be adjusted to an upright position for older children, it enables them to enjoy the world views, just like sitting on the seat.  This makes it possible for your child to be on the car seat as much as possible, which is a much safer option for younger children. It’s also easier for you.

A head hugger, chest pads and a sun canopy are all included to make your child feel safe and comfortable. An ergonomic handle carrier is also designed with a car seat to make it easy to carry and move. It’s suitable from birth to 12 months and rear-facing only.

  • D 71.5 x W 45 x H 39 cm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg.

A Head Turner.

Yes, this Quinny Moodd 3in1 Travel System is a head-turner. Whether you are using the car seat or the carrycot/bassinet makes it look amazing and fancy. The Travel System looks well designed and it’s eye-catching, you will be looked everywhere you go.

This is the perfect stroller for those parents who love to go out in the city for shopping or strolling, and even for parents who love to travel. You have all of the accessories and features that are suitable for long-distance travels and walks. The colours are design to match the city life and it will even add to your style and make you more stylish.

The fabrics and materials will last for a long time if you are buying it for a long term investment then this one is for you. Make sure wherever you buy it they offer a guarantee in case something happens.

Are there any cons? Well, I can’t say there are any cons to this stroller. Everything seems perfect for me, but I am not here to review it just for myself but mostly for you guys.

The colours are limited and there is no mention of the canopy being able to extend. An extended and big canopy can be useful in many ways. It’s also not that cheap for everyone. If you compare it to other brands the Travel System can be considered cheap or expensive. It all depends on the quality of the stroller.

If you want a quality stroller you will need to spend more. I bought mine for less than this price, but I guess the quality is not the best. It’s up to you. What do you consider to be important?

What do you think about this stroller? Is it worth it or not? Are you ready to go on a journey with your little or little ones with the help of a stroller board?

Anything else you want to add? You are more than welcome to do so.


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