Play Kitchen with Toddlers – My 10 Picks.

Does your toddler love to play with ýour kitchen sets? Well, mine does and she always leaves a mess when she’s ready. Is not easy to figure out why they are soo drawn to playing with it.

When your toddler plays with the kitchen set is also a way of an activity. A sensory activity. They are using their 5 senses which means they are figuring out the noises, etc.

It’s a way to teach them how these object’s work and for them to be familiar with things. When playing they also tend to use their imagination, which at this age is important.

The kitchen set toys can be used to do other sensory activities. Like playing with dough, mixing colours, playing with coloured rice, etc.

It’s a way to keep them busy and a way for them to also develop their brains.

I will list kitchen playsets that I believe your toddler will enjoy playing with and at the same time they will learn much from it.

See other playing sets outdoors and indoors.

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Play Cleaning.

Do you want your little one to learn to clean at a young age? It shouldn’t be that much but it can be important for them to clean their rooms and also help with tidying up other rooms in the house.

It’s a good way to teach them responsibility. Make them learn these things through playing. View these 3 cleaning sets

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set.

Suitable for your 3-year-old plus. Its the perfect play kitchen toy to keep them busy. It comes with 6 pieces set and chemical-free. 2 brushes one for the stand, a mop, a duster and a dustpan

These are only toys and should not be used as real things for cleaning. Your toddler will learn hand to eye coordination while playing with It, and motor skills.

It’s a good way to teach them that cleaning is part of life. Perfect to use in the kitchen.

£26.94, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Caddy Set.

Suitable from 3 years old this cleaning set is a perfect start for your toddler to learn about doing the dishes and tidying the house. It comes with 9 pieces set. A sponge, a brush, a squeegee, a cloth, a spray bottle, a soap bottle and a scouring powder can.

It’s a good way for them to develop their motor skills and with it, they will also learn new vocabulary and have much fun with their imagination.

£11.99, Uberkids.

Melissa and Dough Wash and Dry Dish Set.

Another way to teach your preschooler cleaning. Doing the dishes is also something that’s both easy and good to know. With this playset, your toddler will learn much.

Suitable for 3 years and comes with 4 each of knives, spoons, forks, plates, cups and also drying rack, a sponge and squeezy soap.

The toys are plastic but safe. It’s also colourful to make playtime more fun. Allowing your toddler to use their imaginations and enjoy coming up with things.

These toys can also be used to eat with. If you don’t want to wash them afterwards use the dishwasher.

£13.99, Uberkids.

Other Play Kitchen Toys.

Bigjigs Toys Pastry Set.

Teach your toddler to do imaginary pastries. A good start on teaching them about food and helping out cooking or baking. 6 plastic cutters, a rolling pin, spatula, pastry board and a spoon.

These toys can also be used to bake with real baking.

£4.98, Uberkids.

Tidlo Country Play Kitchen.

If you love baking and cooking and you want to encourage your little one even more this one is a good way to start. A wooden toy that comes with an imaginary oven, cooking pieces, wooden forks, spoon, etc.

Perfect for a family bonding time.

£124.98, Uberkids.

Bigjigs Toys Cooking Pans.

Suitable for your little toddler, as early as 2 years old. Comes with 5 pieces and encourages your little ones to learn and use their imagination early on.

A good way to learn hand to eye coordination and also creates a good sensory activity. It’s made out of wood so it will last longer and it’s also safe to use.

£21.90, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Chef’s Kitchen.

This kitchen set is more suited for those toddlers who love to be in the kitchen and loves to engage in cooking. With this play kitchen set, they will be able to use their imagination.

It comes with many pieces and it’s like having a mini kitchen. They can use it to cook, put things in the fridge and more things. Its made out of wood so it will last longer.

It’s a good toy to use to develop their vocabulary and also teach them to be creative. It also creates a perfect bonding time for families.

You can spend hours playing with this with your toddler.

£149.99, Uberkids.

Melissa and Dough Snacks and Food Sweet Cart.

Suitable for 3 years plus it’s the perfect toy to introduce to your little one. A good and snack cart to store all of your little one’s favourite treats.

It comes with 40+ pieces and is made out of wood. Another toy that’s good for your little one’s imagination. It will also help them develop their vocabulary.

It also creates a bonding time for your preschoolers or the whole family. They will also learn the name of new things like the name of certain food and snacks.

Discovering new things every day.

£134.00, Uberkids.

Melissa and Dough Tea Set with a Stand.

It comes with 11 pieces and it’s durable. Many British people love tea and it’s even something the Irish people love also. It’s a good way to introduce your toddler to it.

A tea set for their imagination. Good to use with friends, siblings and for the whole family. Make your toddlers imagination funnier and creative with this toy.

It also creates a good sensory play or activity. Learning new things along the way.

£22.99, Uberkids.

Sprouts Mix It.

The playset is 19.5 cm long and it’s a good toy for toddlers to use. Has your toddler always wondered about the mixer? Thinking about what it does and the sound of it amazes them.

My toddler was always amazed by it and she still is. With this toy, they can pretend to mix, and it comes with pretend ingredients to make it more fun.

£20.00, Uberkids.

Which One is Your Favourite?

So, which of these do you think your toddler will love to play with and why? Pick 5 of these you think create more activity. Which of them will work on your toddlers motor skills, eye to and coordination and also encourage their vocabulary more.

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