Peg – Perego Strollers – Pliko Mini vs YPSI Stroller.

Peg-Perego is one of the famous brands in Europe, and they have even expanded in the US. In this article, I will be comparing two Peg-Perego strollers.

Their famous Pliko Mini and YPSI stroller. Although they are not the same stroller types, parents sometimes wonder which one to get. Comparing the cons and pros.

Which one is it better?

All About The Peg – Perego Strollers.

Product: Pliko Mini

Price: £169.99

Size Of Product: 33 x 19.2 x 39.7 inches

A Place to Buy: Uberkids. Click here.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 8.5/10

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Pliko Mini is ideal for travelling or is for those parents that just love to have and prefer lightweight pushchairs than the traditional stroller/pushchair.  It’s suitable from birth up to 4 years and weight only 5.7kg

The Peg – Perego Stroller comes in different colours, with the frame colour and seat colour being different. You can fold it for a compact store in the boot. You can also carry it around with the help of the integrated handle.

The handle can be adjusted based on your height, this is good for the grandparent’s and friends. The frame has the best fabric, with light and dark colours, and its the frame is also designed to fit tiny places and the hood is extended.

Pliko Minis seat can be reclined into 3 positions, making it suitable for your newborn and toddler up to 22kg. It comes with a small shopping basket, but it’s a perfect fit for your baby’s changing bag and to store your rain cover.

The Pliko Mini wheels offer a smooth ride and folding the carriage is easy. After folding it you can push it like a stroller using the handle and carry it using the straps. It gives an umbrella fold.


Product: YPSI Stroller.

Price: £890 normal price.

Size Of Product: 51 x 99.5 x 102cm

A Place to Buy: .uk

Delivery: Multiple Places.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

The YPSI Stroller offers you a more dynamic look, with it having a narrow design. Can fit into busy streets and narrow spaces. Choose your place and you are good to go.

The stroller is compatible with a carrycot and car seat, having its design to it. Peg Perego love to design their strollers and the accessories that comes with them so you won’t be disappointed and will most likely be satisfied. The handle accommodates people of different heights. Whether is the grandparents or friends, anyone can help push the baby.

The bar is made with leather and its hand sew adds more elegance to the look. There is a suspension in the wheels and they are 30 % easier to push than other wheels. The seat is detachable, reversible and can be folded. Hey, there is much to love here.

It’s possible to buy the YPSI as Travel System, but I just choose to review the stroller only for a fare compare with the other design.


Which One Is Better?

Well, which one is better? I will argue base on what I prefer. Let me first start by saying both of these strollers are designed in a very good way and I will recommend it to parents. I prefer the YPSI Stroller because of it being suitable for carrycots/bassinets and car seats and it comes with more additional features.

The only con I see with the stroller is the age suitability.  You can only use it for 6 months and not before, but that can be fixed with you using the carrycot or car seat.

Pliko Mini is ideal for those parents who don’t want to deal with a heavy stroller. Besides that, both of them are the same if you only buy a single stroller. YPSI can also be reversible and adjusted into 4 positions which adds to its benefit.

After analysing both the YPSI is better between the two, but that does not mean the Pliko Mini is not worth it. These Peg Perego Strollers fits your daily activities and it’s worth looking into.


Pliko Mini

  • Comes with a rain cover.
  • Nice and trendy colours.
  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg, around 4 years.
  • Very lightweight, easy to use when travelling.
  • Has straps you can use to carry around in public transport and it can be pushed when folded.
  • The seat can be adjustable into 3 positions
  • Large shopping basket.

YPSI Stroller.

  • Suitable with a carrycot/bassinet and car seat.
  • Wheels are 30% easier to push.
  • The handle can be adjusted based on the person handling the stroller.
  • Designed narrow to fit the tiniest spaces.
  • The seat is reversible, adjustable into 4 positions and can be folded.
  • Comes with a shopping basket and rain cover.



Pliko Mini.

  • Not suitable for carrycots/bassinets and car seats. Just a single and simple stroller.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Lack of additional features that might be important.


  • Not suitable from birth, only from 6 months

Narrowed Designed And Lightweight.

Narrow designed and lightweight pushchairs are becoming popular among parents around the world. If you have many children pushing a pram is not ideal and even if you have one toddler, it can be heavy and you might struggle with it.

The Pliko Mini and YPSI strollers are ideal for those parents who from the beginning do not want to push a heavy stroller/pushchair. It can also be for those parents who later on want a simple stroller after their child has grown up.

I used a pram for the first few months of my baby’s life and then change to the car seat because it was easier. When my baby was a little bit older I started to use the seat. The difference between my baby’s stroller seat and these pushchairs is that I could not fold it with the seat. I needed to remove the seat.

Many of these features and design add more to their benefits and differ from certain pushchairs/strollers.

If you have any questions on this review please leave them below. Which one do you prefer? And name 4 reasons why you do.

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