Peg Perego Double Stroller – Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller Review.

Are you looking for a double lightweight stroller? Is it for your toddler? Well, Peg Perego has this Pliko Mini Twin stroller to offer you.

It’s lightweight, simple and easy to carry whenever you go. Your twins will enjoy their journey. I will detail the pros, and then point out the cons.

I will also compare Pliko Mini with other twin buggies.

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  • Suitable from 6 months up to 4 years which is around 22kg on each seat.
  • One-hand push.
  • Adjustable backrest positions.
  • Adjustable legrest.
  • Easy to fold and compact.
  • Stands when folded.
  • Static handle.
  • Pull handles.
  • Each seat can adjust independently.
  • Mesh net behind the seat.
  • Medium size canopy.
  • Two system brakes.
  • Harness with a button click mechanism.
  • Swivel Lockable wheels.
  • Shopping basket one each seat unit.
  • Rain cover included.

Peg Perego Double Stroller: Pliko Mini Twin Stroller Review.

Product: Pliko Mini Twin.

Price: £360.00

Size of the Product: 85.09 x 76.71 x 101.6 cm; 10.98 Kilograms

Delivery: Many options.

My Rating: 8/10.

As you can see this twin stroller is definitely for your toddlers. As they grow up they will become heavy so managing them with a pram won’t do.

You will have to find a lightweight pushchair that’s suitable for your lifestyle, and one you bring wherever you go. Suitable from 6 months for up to 4 years+ on each seat unit.

This means this lightweight buggy can handle a lot of weight and will make an excellent buggy during summer, vacations and short trips.

Some double strollers can’t take that much weight and are restricted but this one does. Already when they are babies you can use it to carry them.

It means you can use it alongside your pram. Switching between seasons. With the available adjustable backrest, you have the option to position them anyhow.

Each seat can be reclined on its own, so both kids don’t have to share positions if they don’t want to. One can take a nap while the other is busy playing.

Both seats offer legrest as well, and these are adjustable. Let them relax their legs while sleeping or playing. You have a harness system like all strollers, but this one is 5 point harness.

These have a button click mechanism, which makes it easy for you to strap and unstrap your children.  Forward-facing only.

More Features.

Each seat is designed with a mesh net behind them. It’s small and also provides a breathable area for them. While pushing you can directly view your babies or toddlers.

It works like a peek a boo window. You don’t have to walk upfront or lean forward to see them. Saving you time and effort. Two medium-sized canopies that will offer shade from the sun.

The buggy offers static handles instead of the normal conjoined handle many modern strollers have. After the journey is over you need one hand to fold the buggy.

It can be folded with pull handles. A stroller like this one always offers a compact fold, and this does that. It also stands when folded. Use the carry handle to carry it.

Good to have when using public transport. Fold the stroller and hold it when there’s no space. It also only weighs 10.9kg which is not heavy for a twin stroller.

It’s like carrying a 2-year-old. Average wheels and tyres are enough to offer a smooth ride. The Pliko mini twin stroller two system brakes.

You use your foot to do it. Underneath are two separate shopping baskets. Small but enough to fit nappies, wipes and a few items.

You have also swivel lockable wheels which makes it easier to push through narrow streets. Making it perfect for the city.

It’s available in multiple bright colours, so it will match the summer and spring seasons. It will also stick out in the city or on holidays.

When purchased with this link it comes with a rain cover.

Pliko Mini Twin Stroller: Accessories.

If you plan on buying this stroller and use it then you can buy a changing bag and hang it on the handles. Because the basket underneath is not that big, you will need some extra storage for two babies.

I did a review on three changing bags that are affordable, simple yet spacious. View these stroller changing bags.



  • Expensive for a simple single twin stroller.
  • Not suitable from birth, which is a bummer.
  • Not travel system convertible (You can’t attach a car seat or carrycot to the frame/chassis.
  • It does not have a bumper bar.
  • The Pliko Mini twin stroller doesn’t have a conjoined handlebar. Some parents would have preferred that. It’s easier to hang the changing bag.
  • Canopies are simple and the seat units are not deep.
  • Harness systems don’t offer chest pads.
  • Underneath baskets are small and are not easy to use in certain positions.
  • Basic wheels and tyres.
  • It’s harder with a two brake system.
  • When standing after folded the seat fabrics get risk getting dirty. It’s placed on the ground.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin vs Other Twin Strollers.

Being a lightweight double stroller makes it valuable and therefore Important to many parents. It, therefore, has many competitors who are offering the same features or even more.

The Peg Perego double stroller is a mini which makes it perfect for those looking for lightweight and compact strollers. Other parents also view both the Maclaren Twin Techno and Mountain Buggy Nano Duo.

These are strollers I have already done reviews on, and I will therefore be able to do a deeper comparison.

Pliko Mini Twin Stroller vs               Mountain Buggy Nano Duo.

They don’t look similar in style and design but both have many shared features and these are:

  • Suitable from 6 months.
  • Back seat panel/net.
  • Compact fold.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Each seat can adjust on its own.
  • Available in multiple colours.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Stands when folded.
  • Both don’t have bumper bars.
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Carry handle.

They do share some important similarities, but the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is compatible with canopies so it can be used from birth.

It has a shoulder strap. Making the carrying easier. The buggy also offers all suspension wheels. It’s lighter at 9kg.

The panels behind have covers to help during cold periods. This stroller is more expensive and if you plan to buy the 2in1 travel system it will way more expensive.

It’s also only suitable for up to 15kg which is around 3 years. On the other hand, the Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin is suitable for up to 4 years.

It’s cheaper, has a more compact fold and can be pushed with just a hand. One has a legrest and the other has a footrest. It has an adjustable handlebar even though it’s a static one. Although it’s heavier.

The Nano Duo seem to be the winner if you plan on using it for your baby, but if not they both take the first spot. None of them is compatible with car seats.

Pliko Mini Twin Stroller vs Maclaren Twin Techno.

These two twin strollers look more similar than the one above and they also share a lot of similarities, but also differences. Let’s first get to the similarities and these are:

  • Both have static handles.
  • Suitable for up to 4 years.
  • Medium size baskets.
  • Carry handle.
  • Compact fold.
  • Each seat adjusts on its own.
  • Foot brake.
  • Forward-facing.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Does not offer bumper bars.

Almost the same similarities as the other one. The Techno twin however is suitable from birth, has all suspension wheels, peek a boo window with UPF50+ protection, carrycot compatible and has reflective fabrics.

However it does not offer an adjustable handlebar, no swivel lockable wheels, it’s heavier, no carry handle, but cheaper. Not that much price difference though.

The former as you can see has these features above and more. The Techno twin sounds more promising for babies and other lifestyles so it’s better.

Again, when used for toddlers both take the same spot.

Simple Double Stroller for Babies and Toddlers.

I would not recommend this stroller to be used during winter although it’s useable. The wheels are too simple for that. What I mean by winter is the snow.

It won’t be easy to push it during snowy days. You will struggle a lot. This stroller is very good for toddlers twins and will provide them with a good experience.

It’s also good for babies but it’s not the best option. It’s perfect to use when your babies can support themselves fully or when you are struggling with your children’s weight.

What do you think? Will the Peg Perego double stroller be suitable for your little ones?


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