19 Outside Toys for Toddlers.

With the current situation, we are all in now it’s hard to imagine going out and having some fun with our toddlers. If you don’t own a garden or a backyard, you are most likely going to spend a lot of your time at home and doing other things.

It cant be easy for your toddler to sit home and do nothing. They need to go out and have fun, especially during summer. Maybe you have a toddler who spends a lot of time indoors watching tv.

They need to go out and have fresh air, and see the outside world,  and also be active. I have a toddler of my own, and I used to let her watch tv all the time.

It wasn’t something I wanted, but because of the lockdowns, my options were limited. I decided to change that and made her focus on other things and it did work.

There are other ways to entertain your toddler without Tv, and using toys and also educate them and help them develop their 5 senses. Teaching them how to grasp the outside world.

This post will only focus on toys that are suitable for 12 months to 4-year-olds (Some even for 5-year-olds), not every toy is suitable for all of them.

Read more on sensory activities and outdoor activities for your toddler.

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Ride-On Toys.

Toys that make your toddler move or be active. For this specific list, I have chosen to write about bikes, scooters and ride-on cars. These ride-on toys are safest for your little toddler and it will give them a nice experience. A way for them to move from the Tv and go out on adventures.


Bikes are for sure a good way of keeping your toddler entertained and at the same time for them to have fun. They will learn new skills and well, also be active by moving muscles. Learning to balance and coordinate. See these activity vehicles:

Kinderkraft 2way Next Balance Bike.

£29.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable for your toddler from 1 year and upwards. With an adjustable seat, a bell ring, an organiser and big wheels your toddler will have an adventurous ride.

  • Measurements: L85 x W37 x H62 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg.

Chicco Arrow Balance Bike.

£24.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from 3 years old to 5 years or 25kg. This bike is good for older toddlers who have already mastered more senses and want to their balance. With an adjustable seat and two big wheels, the bike is good for your toddler to use. Take a swing around the neighbourhood.

  • Measurements: 12 x 45 x 60 cm

Kinderkraft Unique Balance Bike.

£44.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from 2 years and upwards the bike is a bit expensive but can be worth it. Offer multiple colours you can use and has good and top quality materials. Made from wood, metal, etc. Extremely lightweight and easy to transport. Big wheels and nice colours to give your toddler a nice ride.

  • Measurements: L85 x W37 x H54 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

SmarTrike Folding Balance Bike.

£77.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

With this folding bike, your toddler will love to go out. A brand new design that offers many features. Suitable from 2 years to 5 years. Let your toddler start to learn to ride with this bike. Offer multiple colours. Easy to grip handles and also easy to store. Adjustable seat.

The amount of weight it can take:  23kg.

Kinderkraft Space Balance bike

44.90, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from 2 years upwards your toddler will love this modern designed bike. Adjustable handle and seat to suit your toddler and also make it safe for them. Designed with quality materials and also long-lasting. It’s easy to handle and store the bike. Takes a maximum weight of 35 kg which is good.

  • Measurements: L86 x W37.5 x H62 cm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg


Scooters are also good to use when outside. It allows your toddler to learn new motor skills, and also offers many options. You have the manual and automatic scooters. See these 2:

SmarTrike Scooter T1.

£77.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

This scooter offers 3 stages for your toddler. The 1 stage is for your 15 months to 24 months old toddler. At this stage, your toddler is practising riding a scooter. With a soft seat and brakes, it will make it easier. Stage 2 is for your 2 to 3 year old. An easy to grip handle and reachable brakes will make it easier. Stage 3 is for your 3 to 5 year old. By now your toddler can ride a scooter, but can still need some help and this seat offers it. Modern design and a nice look. Offers also more than one colour.

  • Maximum weight: 20kg/44ibs.

SmarTrike Scooter T3.

£60.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from 15 months upwards. Just like the scooter above this one also offers a practice and freestyle mode. Meaning from 15 months up to 2 years your toddler can use it to practice. From 2 years upwards your toddler is now fully trained and can unlock the “tilt-to-turn” mechanism. Give your toddler more control of steering the wheels using the handles. It’s safe for younger toddlers.

  • Maximum weight: 20kg/44ibs.

Ride-on Cars.

Ride on Cars are fun and always add to your toddler’s curiosity. It feels like riding a car, and we wanted to do so when we were little. Well, I did. Lets your toddler take a swing through the neighbourhood or ride in your backyard on a sunny day. See this ride-on car that I recommend:

Vilac Classic Ride-on Metal Car.

£99.00-£100.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

A nicely designed toy car with an antic and vintage look to it. Suitable from 18 months upwards it offers your toddler a safe and speedy ride. Nice to use in your garden, backyard or other places. Maybe the park? However, if it’s safe to go out. Let your toddler take a spin and have fun at the same time. It teaches them new motor skills and eye-to-hand coordination.

  • H76cm x W38cm x D40cm

Fun Toys.

Outdoor fun toys can be many, and messy too. If we’re to list all of it the list will go on with many pages, but you are not here for that. I have chosen a few toys I believe will give your toddler a nice experience and also make them want to go out a lot. Be ready because you are in for a ride.

Sensory Play.

Sensory toys that your toddler can use outside. It can be drawing, crafts (with a mat included) and other things. If you own a garden or backyard then it’s much easier.

Galt Chalk 10 Pack.

£1.30. Uberkids.

Is your toddler into drawings and love to do their own arts? Why not let them work on enchanting their 5 senses and at the same time add fun to it. Let your little artist have a nice day away from the inside. It has different colours.

Melissa and Doug Easel Companion Set.

£26.00, Uberkids.

If you already have a drawing board and you are looking for a fun way of engaging your toddler into some arts why not try this set. Suitable for your 3-year-old upwards. It comes with crayons, chalks, paints and paintbrushes. Safe for your toddler to use if you supervise them. Offers different colours to your little one. A good way to learn and enhance their sight and touch senses. It can be used outside. Take them out for them to have more inspiration.


What other things can your toddler do besides crafts and arts that are fun? Maybe play in a tent or they can play outside on a swing? A playtime allows your little one to use their imagination.

Frozen 2 Dream Dents With Light.

£49.99, Uberkids.

It’s used for inside, but if you own a garden it is both fun and can be used to play. Imagine going on a camping trip or other adventurous journeys. With dents lights inside and nice cushion mattress to offer comfortable sleep for your little one. Also suitable for older children. Nice colours and it may be futures your toddler’s favourite characters.

Spider-Man Dream Den.

£49.99, Uberkids.

Is your toddler a fan of Spider-Man? Well, here you go. A nice tent that can be used in summer. It comes with a carry bag if you want to use it somewhere else.

Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Set.

£9.48.00, Uberkids.

If you have a sandbox near you these toys can be good for it. Let your little toddler bake some imaginable cupcakes with this set.

Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing.

£38.99, Uberkids.

A play toy that encourages your toddler to go out and have fun. It’s both safe and secure. The swing will last long it has good materials and a nice design.


Games like football or other ball games can also be entertaining for your toddler. If you own a garden or a backyard these toys can be ideal at these times. You can also use them outside in a park.

TP Toys Boules Set.

£6.00, Uberkids.

Consist of 8 balls and a place to store them. The balls can be used to throw which helps your toddlers hand-to-eye coordination. It can be used for many things.

TP Toys Mini Badminton Set.

£6.00, Uberkids.

Suitable for 3-year-olds upwards is a good way of introducing your toddler to sports, and also for you two to bond more. It can also be a nice playtime for siblings or friends.

Educational Toys.

Toys that both are fun and educational can be something to start with at this age. Teach your toddler some new skills and at the same time let them have fun. View indoor educational toys.

Melissa and Doug Binoculars Set.

£4.99, Uberkids

It encourages your child to go out on adventures. Improves their senses of touch, sight and encourages them to use their other senses. It also can encourage them to be activated. Going for a walk or do other things than sitting in the house. It teaches them to think and explore. A nice way of them viewing the outside world. It has nice and bright colours.

Primary Science Telescope.

£17.00, Uberkids.

Are you ready to introduce your little one to space? Or maybe you have already someone who loves space? Well if its both then this educational toy s just the right one for beginners. It’s safe and secure for your toddler to use, and with it, they will start to view the sun, moon and stars. Good for their curiosity and thinking mind.

How To Choose Good Toys.

Your Toddlers Preference.

You as a parent know your toddler more than anyone and therefore you know what they like and don’t like. Not all toddlers are the same.

Some are calm and easy-going and others are hype active (like mine). There’s nothing wrong with choosing a toy base on how your toddler is. That way they will feel more comfortable engaging and it will also encourage them to learn more.

Of course, it’s also good to introduce to them new toys, but don’t give them toys that are out of their comfort zone. Take it, step by step because at this time your toddler is just beginning to interact with the outside world.


An obvious point, but is always good to mention it. Age suitability is also important. Choosing a toy that’s right for your toddler age. Again toddlers develop differently and only you know your toddler better.

Choose a toy that matches their age or you think will fit them perfectly. If you choose a toy that’s not suitable for their age it might complicate things and make it difficult.

Don’t also choose toys that are younger than their age, if you know what I mean. It will keep them back from learning and developing further.

Where You Live.

The toy you are going to buy will also depend on where you live. Do you live in a flat, house, etc? Not all toys are suitable for all areas. It’s good to read and find out if a specific toy can be suitable for your place.

Of course, you can also know this by viewing.

There are many points that should be checked when buying a toy like the seasons you’re in, etc. The most important thing is to get your toddler out and about. For them to have fun adventures.

If you want more options on toys views this post

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