Outdoor Play Area Ideas – List of Outdoor Fun.

It’s also super boring for toddlers of ages 2 to 5 to be home and not doing anything. Older children might use mobile phones or any other methods to entertain themselves, but younger children are most likely stuck with the TV.

It’s good to come up with outdoor play areas that they can be in, and enjoy a nice sunny day or even rainy day. These play areas will also keep them active and busy all the time.

In this post, I will be giving you ideas of outdoor play areas for your toddlers, and with parents. If you join in they will appreciate it and you get to have a nice bonding time with your children.

Some of these you need a backyard and garden and others the park will do. Buy or set up some activities in the park. I made a list of 30+ home activities with toddlers. Check it out.

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Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers.

There are many benefits with these play areas, and I can just mention a few that your toddler will benefit much from. Socialising and communicating.

At this stage, your toddler is just starting to communicate and discover new words. When they are busy with these play areas they will learn to mingle with other people like their siblings and have fun.

That will make them work on their social skills and be able to communicate. Which we all know it’s important later on in life. This will help them when they start school.

They easily accept other children and can play in different environments. This in fact will give them concentration on where it’s due.

They won’t take their energy thinking about not fitting in instead, your grown child will think about the activities they have in the school.

Learning to communicate even more, which will grant them new words. All of these things its to educate them. The play areas can also develop their motor skills.

Being able to move, run or coordinate their bodies. It will help their eye to hand coordination. Make them more active and not be lazy.

These activities will also give them an interest in more ideas. They will be interested in trying other activities, like sports or other healthy hobbies.

It all links together. Early activities during childhood can help many children. The last point I want to mention is that it will also make your toddler happy.

They can get depressed sitting home and not doing anything, so why not embark on interesting activities to boost their energy even when school is close.

List of Play Area Ideas.

1. A Big Open Sandbox.

Sandboxes have to be here. They are beloved by children. You often find these major sandboxes in the park, but now that the park it’s close why not make one at your place.

If you are a carpenter it can be easier for you. Just build a big open box, paint and then place it in your garden. Some sandboxes are available to buy if you can’t make one.

Nowadays things are easier. It’s also available to buy sand in bags. Place it on the sandbox and they go are good to go. You can buy many toys for your toddler to play with.

These open sandboxes are good to use if you have many children, it’s a place for your toddler to do many activities. Build sandcastles, jump on and have a place to experiment with other elements.

You can come up with many more ideas.

2. A Small Sandbox with a Lid.

If you don’t have space or can’t afford a big sandbox why not a small one? Have a lid on it to cover the sand from rain or any other things. Like leaves and insects.

A small sandbox it’s also good. Your toddler has it near and reachable. It’s more about hand activities. They explore the sand or mix it with water, and they can use their hands.

Place their toys for them to play with. You can do many activities with it.

3. Tyre Swings.

The traditional tyre swings people have used for decades. I have used tyre swings during my childhood and let me tell this is cheap and fun.

If you own a car just take a tyre you have used before, and puncture in metal ropes and fix it in a tree. This if you have a tree in your garden.

It does not have to be your house either. A family member house or your simmer house if you have any. A nice place for your toddler to get away to.

4. Activity Course with Tyres and Slings.

If you have a bit of a hill in your backyards or garden then you can install tyres in a row and one sling next to it. Your toddler can learn to climb those tyres and get down on the sling.

It’s to make them active by using their legs, hands and their whole body. If you want them to burn energy, then this activity it’s the answer.

5. A Hammock.

Usually, it’s older children who love to lay down on hammocks, and it’s safer for them too. If you make it less high and make sure the material is good then there should not be a problem.

There your toddler can sit and come up with many plays. You can make a hammock next to them, and both of you can view the sky.

It’s a place to relax and free their mind. It’s also a play area in itself. Make a big hammock with stronger fabrics and materials for both of you.

6. Play Kitchen Area.

This is one many toddlers enjoy having. A kitchen play area for them to mess around with water, sand and mud. It’s also super fun and creative.

You can either buy a kitchen playset or just make them yourself. Have your toddler play and imagine many plays. It’s good for their development in so many ways.

This is also an activity that doesn’t require too much running and messing around or disturbing the neighbours.

I did reviews on play kitchen toys view for ideas.

7. Have Your Own Mini Park.

How about having your mini-park at home? Have a sling, climbing area, a trampoline, etc. Try to replicate as much as possible your local park in your garden.

If you don’t have space then make a more mini version of it. After all, it’s for your toddler and they a pretty small. If you do have space make it bigger so that your other children and join in to play.

They will have play buds which will encourage them even more. It’s always nice and fun to play with siblings.

8. Make Your Own Living Room.

How about making your living room in the garden? This activity is for your toddler to use toys and make their living room. It’s for their creativity.

A play area they can go and relax and even jump around. Ask them what’s in the room and let them try to replicate it. It will make them think.

9. Their Own Garden Area.

If you love gardens then your little one can also join in and give you a hand. Make them their garden area where they can garden.

Even if it’s to play with mud and sticks. Gather many plants and branches and let them play gardening. Gardening it’s a nice skill to now, so start when they are this young.

10. An Activity Area.

Make a section of your garden or backyard an activity area. Where your toddler can go to kick a ball, play basket, jump, skip, play hide and seek, etc.

You name it. There are more things to come up with. Although hide and seek it’s not that limited, but it should be around that area.

If you have different play areas then it’s easier for you to keep an eye on things and not let the playsets or toys go everywhere. It’s also to teach your toddler to be organised.

It may sound too early, but it’s a start.

11. Playhouses.

It’s always fun to have children have their playhouses where they can have much fun with their friends or siblings. Playhouses make it possible for many imaginative plays.

They can have an activity to paint it and decorate it. Make it more fun to be in it  You can build your own house or buy one. Whatever you favour.

See the list of toys to choose from.

12. An Art Area.

Art does not always have to be at home. When done outside you have more space and materials or object’s to choose from.

They can draw on the ground, draw using sand, branches, etc. Painting outside will also make your toddler have more ideas on what to paint.

They have more views and therefore ideas. For you, as a parent, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up every time they are finished.

13. A Craft Area.

Just like the art area, a crafts area will also make super fun for your toddler. Kids love art because they are free to do or make whatever they want.

Crafts activities are even loved by grown-ups. Being outside will enable you to use many materials and come up with ideas. It’s also open, so the crafts can be bigger if they want to.

14. A TreeHouse.

This one also had to be included here. Treehouses are also something many children love to build and play in. It does not have to nice and we’ll build treehouse.

A simple one is enough for your little one. You can also decide to make it bigger if you want them to use it for a long time. It also depends on the space you have.

See this video here:

15. A Bridge.

Bridges can also be something your toddler will enjoy walking across. It somehow involves the activity course.

Get them to climb and walk across the bridge with timing. Make challenges for them, or the bridge can just be an area where they can come up with many imagination plays.

Toddler Outdoor Playsets

1. Outsunny Metal Swing Playset.

£59.99, Aosom.

A colourful swing for your toddler to enjoy and have fun with. It will teach them to have balance and stimulate their movements. Raised edges give them plenty of room to move and the seat is big enough to fit toddlers.

The hanging ropes are adjustable which makes them easy to be used on toddlers with different heights. They can even use it later on. It grows with them.

Suitable for your 4-year-old if they are big and have mastered fine motor skills.

2. TP Crazywazy Slide to Explore.

£89.99, TPtoys. 

A rollercoaster slide you can have in your garden. It’s suitable from 3 years upwards. It’s only for domestic use. The slide offers storing and durable materials for your young one.

It can be used for years in your garden. It’s compatible to use on certain climbing frames and houses. See the link for more information on that.


What ideas do you think your toddler will love to have? Which ones are you picking? You can’t pick them all of course it’s too much, well unless you live in a mansion.

These ideas will make it super fun for your toddler or small child to be outside and enjoy the sun. Even during spring and autumn.

Make them excited to be outside instead of home. View these fun summer activities for your toddler for more ideas.

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