Seasonal Outdoor Activities for Toddlers.

You have a busy toddler with you. Both indoors and outdoors. What are you going to do? There are many ideas and options, but you can’t decide.

Well, it can all depend on what your toddler wants to do. I also believe is a way of introducing new hobbies or interests. Let them discover new things too.

It will teach them new skills and they will have a lot of fun doing it. With the condition we are in now in the world, certain things can be limited, but you need not worry because there are many other things available to do each season.

Let’s first find out why your toddler needs an outdoor activity and I will separate each activity placing them in 4 seasons. Fitting each activity with a season. Although you can decide when you want to do it.

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Why Your Toddler Needs Outdoor Activities.

We need to be active every day, for adults it’s hours a day but for toddlers it’s only 3 hours a day according to studies. Your toddler doesn’t have to spend all of these 3 hours doing the same thing. Be creative and allow them to be active.

Being active not only strengthen their bodies and make them energetic, but it also allows them to discover new things and at the same time lets them have fun.

These new skills or ideas they discover will help them when they start kindergarten/nursery school. It’s a good way for them to be ahead of things.

So, time to go out and have adventurous journeys or walks.


Autumn is an interesting time where all of the leaves start to change colour. It’s raining and also muddy outside. Winter is not far away, and you want to do many things with your toddler before it comes. How about:

Discovering Nature.

As the new season comes in, many things are changing. The leaves are changing colours, new flowers, etc. Why not take your toddler out and explore? Ask them the colours of each leaf, flower and do guessing games.

Ask them what changes they have noticed. Although this can be done in each season, I find it more interesting in Autumn. Go around the neighbourhood and do some tasks

Take them to other places, with fewer people.

Gather Leaves, Branches, etc.

Add more fun to the guessing games by giving your toddler or toddler a task. Get them active and interested. Tell your toddler to gather small things like leaves of different colours, flowers, Branches, etc.

If you have a book of nature laying around home bring it along for more ideas. You can also use your phone to see what grows or is available each season.

This is a way for your toddler to learn about the world around them and also be able to do a task. It will make them think and figure out many things. Which is also good for their development.

Keeping them active at the same time.

Jump On A Pile Of Leaves.

You have green, orange, red and yellow leaves. Task your toddler or toddler to gather all of it, and put all of it on a pile. You can also join in and help.

Get them entertained and active by having them jump on it. Works just like a trampoline. With jackets and hoody on you can lay on them.

Try another guessing game, this time it can be about anything.

Scavenger Hunt.

Do you have old toys? Dinosaurs, vehicles or old dolls that your toddler don’t use anymore? If yes, then you can hide them and let your toddler find them.

It can be near your home, not far. It’s a good way of teaching your toddler to figure out things and think smart.

Catching Insects.

It does not have to be real insects (Poor insects). Buy plastic toy insects or you and your toddler can draw on small stones. Use a net and they can pretend to catch it.

Another way of teaching them about insects is by playing a game. Ask them to catch a certain insect naming the name or colours.

Going Camping.

Go out camping with the whole family. Build a tent and ask them to help out. Bring with you, colours and colour the tents with a paintbrush.

Is a good way to keep them active and interested.


There are many winter activities out there like skiing, snowboarding, etc, but because of our current situation our options a little bit limited. However, you can do many things. Like:

Building A Snow Man.

Building a snowman is, of course, the most popular thing to do during winter, so many people do it. Instead of building a snowman why not make it look like a certain animal by using tree branches and leaves.

Or maybe an Alien. Be creative and let your toddler be creative. Search for ideas on the internet.

Draw Faces On The Snow.

A smiley, angry, nervous face or any face you can think of. Also, let your toddler guess how each face looks like. Make face expressions to give them ideas.

It will make them laugh, but also add more fun to it. They can use either their fingers wearing gloves or sticks. It doesn’t have to be face emojis, anything that works as long is not hard for your toddler.

Build A Snow Castle.

Get your bucket and a spade/ pail and a shovel. Build a snow castle with your toddler. It might be difficult for them to do it alone, so help along.

It will make them think, be creative and they will have fun at the same time. It does not have to be a castle. You can build blocks and have them jump on it for fun.

Snow Angel.

Have your toddler make a snow angel. Let them lay on much snow and make a snow angel. It’s both fun and its good exercise.

They will move both hands and feet. Do you want to make it more interesting and fun? Why don’t you gather some branches and put them in there?

It will make a nice sculpture.

Go Sledding.

Going Sledding is also a way of having fun during winter. If you live near a park or hill why not try it out? Join your toddler with you, it’s safer that way.


Now Spring has come and the weather is getting warmer. New plants and flowers are growing. What task or outdoor adventures can you possibly do? How about these activities?

Go For A Walk.

Although a simple walk is for all seasons, doing it during spring is a good way of preparing for summer in my experience. Take a 20 to 30 minutes walk with your toddler or toddler.

So, no using the pram/stroller. Walk slowly and sing some songs on the way. Or maybe practise the alphabet, numbers and guess the shapes.

Is a good way of keeping your toddler active and educating them.

Go For A Run.

Run with your toddler or toddler. Do different tempos not to get them tired, but also to keep them active. Sing on the way and do other exercises like jumping high, placing their hands high and down, etc.

Run backwards, clap while running. Add your ideas. It’s limitless. Don’t do many things. Do 2 or 3 things to not get your toddler exhausted.


Gardening is a good thing to do, although you will have to do the majorly of the task by yourself. Have your toddler or toddler help out.

Give them a task to bring something. It’s just to get their hands dirty and for them to learn new skills.

Guessing Games.

This can also be done during Autumn and Summer, but it’s more fun during Spring. You have many other tasks during the summer. Ask you, toddler, to name each vehicle that drives by. They can name the colours or any other detail.

It does not have to be vehicles only. Trees, describing houses, etc. Come up with many ideas.

Riding A Bicycle.

This can also be done in other seasons except for winter (If it snows). In Spring is easier and you take your toddler out to have fresh air after spending half of the winter indoors. (Some might go through this).

So, it’s time to take the bicycle and go for a ride. Is a good time to teach your toddler to ride a bicycle if they can’t. Teach them how before Summer.


Summer is finally here, and you are wondering what else can we do or go that’s not crowded with people? See more summer activity ideas. Keep it safe and fun with these ideas:

Drawing Outside.

Use chalks and draw outside. Let your toddler use their imagination for different things. You can draw an alphabetic hopping ground or use numbers. For them to jump and count at the same time.

Water In A Bin.

Put some water in a bin and let your toddler splash around. They can stand or sit. This idea can also be done inside, but if you want less mess, outside it’s better.

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a good way of keeping your toddler entertained. They LOVE bubbles and find them interesting. You can mix water with soap. Add colours in the mix.

Your toddler can either blow it or you can, and they can try to catch it. If you have 2 or more toddlers add games. See who can pop a bubble first.

A Visit To The Grocery Shop.

Take your toddler for a walk to buy some groceries. No car, no stroller or trolley.  Let them help you with finding vegetables, fruits, etc.

It’s a way to keep them active and also use their thinking. Enhancing their 5 senses along the way.

Playing With Balls.

They can use football, basketball, tennis or hockey balls. A throw and catch game. If you have a bucket /pail, put water in and have them throw it in.

A kicking game can also be of interest.

Throwing Sacks In A Box.

If you have old empty boxes laying around time to use them. Buy or build your own tiny sacks with beads or small balls inside. Have your toddler or toddlers throw it in a box.

Put a timer to see how many sacks they can throw in 3 minutes for example.

Sling Swings.

An outdoor swing for your toddler is a good way of having fun and being active. There are many swings available to buy, a simple swing for them to have fun while outside. The parks are closed. (Only possible if you have a garden).


Buy a climbing rope and task your toddler of climbing a tree with fewer branches or if you have an activity playground near you, you can use it. By taking precautions it’s possible.

Be Active & Add Fun.

That’s it, parents, you have many options to choose from in any season. What will you most likely be doing? Do you think your toddler will love doing them all?

Outdoor activities for your toddler don’t have to be boring and long. Add fun to it by coming up with many creative ideas and your toddler will love it. All of these things will help enhance your toddlers 5 senses by helping them recognise the world around them

Keep it simple and adventurous.

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  1. Hi Fatoumata!

    I have two nieces who are always bored and get up to no good! They have so much energy, I can’t keep up with them sometimes. It is nice to read your article that suggests ideas on what to do outside for each season. It is a good way to keep active in all different seasons and to keep them entertained. I used to do a lot of these when I was a child and it made me remember how much fun I used to have.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us and I wish you the best in life!


    • Hi Amzy Khan. I am very happy you found my article helpful, and it brought soo many memorise back. Yes, many of us did these things when we we young, and forgot how fun it can actually be. 

      Thanks for the wishes and I hope you can keep up with your nieces. Thanks for dropping by. Come by anytime. 


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