Out n About GT Review.

Out n About has managed to climb up the top with other popular brands within 16 years. They are proving quality pushchairs and buggies for parents of all lifestyles.

Their Nipper V4 buggy is the most popular, but they also have the GT pushchair. For this article, I will try and reveal the pros and point out the cons.

Compare it with another popular buggy to see its value. It’s all done to give you an idea of the buggy. Let’s get rolling.

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  • Has a lie-flat position and is said to be “Suitable from birth” up to 22kg.
  • Travel System convertible (Carrycot and car seat).
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • A big adjustable sun canopy with peek a boo window.
  • Sun visor.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Brakes are easy to use.
  • On hand compact fold.
  • Lockable swivel wheels.
  • Rear all suspension.
  • EVA tyres (Pump air tyres).
  • 360-degree rotatable wheels from wheels.
  • Shopping basket underneath.
  • Rain cover included in the purchase.


Out n About GT Review: Buggy.

Product: Out n About GT.

Price: £299.00

Size of the Product: Open Dimensions: H97cm × W56.5cm × L104cm. Folded dimensions: H28cm × W43cm × L84cm.  (8.8kg).

Handle height: 79cm – 106cm.

Delivery: Worldwide (Multiple options).

My Rating: 9/10.

After searching for the 3-wheel GT buggy I could see that it was liked by many, and would be recommended to use depending on your lifestyle.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years. That’s a long time to have the buggy. It will stay with the family for a while, and by the end of its usage, your toddler would most likely be tired of buggies.

Out n About offers a multi recline seat where you have the lie position, snooze positions and upright position. It offers different stages as your child grows up.

These positions will give your child the comfort to view the world from different angles.

Included is the 5 point harness system as well. It has chest pads to keep it soft and keep the harness clean. More security is added with the bumper bar.

The bar is covered to keep it clean and for you to be able to grab it with ease.

A rather spacious seat for children of different sizes and therefore true to last for years. When thinking about the weather you are probably wondering about protection.

Well, Out n About GT buggy offers a big sun canopy with a peek a boo window.

It’s also reclinable so your child can have an open view.

A so-called pop-out sun visor to allow more coverage and therefore safety for your child. The canopy will also keep tiny raindrops away.

The seat unit is available in 3 colours, black, grey and purple. So your favourite colours might be included and also black can match anything.

More Features.

Moving on to the frame or chassis you have an adjustable handlebar. The height of 79cm to 106cm makes it quite long and telescopic.

Excellent to use for any parent ( found it very useful) and especially for taller people. It will adjust well with their height.

All suspension rear wheels offer a smoother ride and can be easily taken anywhere.

Whether you decide to for a walk in the city or visit relatives in the countryside.

The beach is also an option and has been proven to be true with reviews done on the Motherandbaby site. Mums have tested strolling on different terrains.

360 degree swivel lockable wheels as well. Easily to manoeuvre in narrow streets and when locked it will help keep the buggy firm.

The EVA tyres also help because they air-filled making them glide and sleek. Moving easily when pushing.

Weighing only at 8.8kg and reported to be lightweight and easy to push by just using one hand. Your other hand can be busy doing something else.

It has one system brake in the middle, between the wheels. An easy flip flop brake and according to reviews done with mums it’s easy to use.

Wearing any footwear. One brake systems are easier to use (proven from experience).

When folding you only need to use one hand, and it has straps behind the seat that you need to pull.

Offers a compact fold and you can store it even in tiny spaces. A medium-size basket underneath for the groceries or baby’s essentials.

GT Buggy: Accessories.

Included with the purchase is a rain cover. As we all know we all need them, especially living in the UK.

If you are a first-time mum, rain covers not only keep baby protected from the rain but also the sun, wind and insects.

It’s also there to keep the pushchair clean and keep it away from getting dirty too fast. You are available to buy a carrycot and car seat separately.

The cot can be attached without adapters and in my humble opinion will be more suited for your newborn baby up to 6 months. Keeping covered and lying down at all times is the best.

Out n About sell the separate adapters for Maxi Cosi car seats. So you will have a full 3in1 Travel System if you decide to go for it.



  • Cost a lot for a single buggy. Will cost way more with the whole travel system.
  • Only available in 3 colours.
  • Can’t stand when folded.
  • No adjustable leg rest included.
  • The hood doesn’t offer a ventilation system.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • It’s said to be suitable from birth but according to mothers from Motherandbaby not really. When your baby is a bit older then.
  • These same mums said reclining the seat back from a lying position is not easily done while the baby is on board. The bumper bar covers the child as well.
  • A review done on pushchairexpert said pulling the straps to fold is not easily done, and the cover for the peek a boo window makes noise. (Magnetic ones are better).

Out n About GT vs Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Buggy.

Both of these are 3 wheels strollers but are not that similar in design and style. Favourite among many parents, although the City Mini GT2 is more popular.

I have not seen them been compared, so I said to try it and see if it will make an interesting topic. Let’s get right to the point, and I should stop delaying the interesting part.

They share these similarities:

  • Both are not forward-facing.
  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Big hood with sunshade and peek a book window
  • Travel System convertible with carrycot and car seat.
  • One-hand fold.
  • Multiple seat recline.
  • Available in more than colour.


Quite many similarities and these are major ones as well. They do however differ, and the City Mini GT2 offers air rubber tyres.

It has an adjustable calf rest, UFP50+ sun protection and 2 peek a boo windows. It also offers an auto-lock mechanism when folding the buggy.

City Mini GT2 has a bigger basket and it has a hand-operated brake. However, it’s way more expensive, heavier at around 10kg and it does not have a bar.

On the other hand, looking at the GT buggy you have EVA tyres. Which are air-filled.

It has a sun visor, foot-operated brakes which many prefer and these are easy to use. It has a bar that’s covered and 360 degrees swivel lockable wheels.

It’s way cheaper and more lightweight. The other is not advertised as being lightweight, is kind of tilting towards being a bit heavy.

After analysing both I have concluded that both take the first spot.

The City Mini GT2 might be popular because it has been upgraded from a popular version, and because of the brand’s popularity, but both offer quality features.

A Multi-Terrain Buggy for the Family.

When being described by the manufacturer it does sound perfect, but when tested it can have some faults reported by some families, but overall it’s a good buggy.

If you want a better experience buying the travel bundle is better. This is of course if you are being it for your newborn baby.

Others might buy it for their toddlers. It has been proven to be true to its name.

It is a multi-terrain buggy, offers a light push, one-hand fold and has proven to be compact. Excellent to use in most places.

What are your thoughts after reading this? Do you think this buggy will be best suited for your family?

Let me know in the comment section. I would love to read your comments.


2 thoughts on “Out n About GT Review.”

  1. I can certainly see what differentiates this buggy from others. With its deliberate design, designed for convenience and durability it seems. Every function included within has purpose and was well described in your article.

    I myself would not mind trying one of these out on the beach. that is, if I were a mother.

    I am curious to try one out just to see how it handle, especially the brake. One never really knows about an item until they try it out.

    Including a rain cover was smart, I thought. We dont get much rain where I’m at but we seem to be the exception.

    I didn’t find any of the mentioned cons too objectionable other than maybe the cost. But then, I’m not very demanding.

    I still am not clear on the importance of the materials that make up the tires. 

    But one thing that might be of interest would be how these bubbies handle since you want to get a feel for them and to do that, you must look at the amazon reviews just to see how they rate. The customer will usually tell you what they like and what they didnt like.

    • Hi Gleen thanks for reading through and finding it interesting. Yes, some of these cons are not cons for everyone, but some parents will consider them important. 

      Reading reviews from real mums, are always good as well but not all of them go into details. 


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