Nuna Pushchairs – Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Arra.

If you have searched up Nuna by name then you know they have quality pushchairs, but also expensive. In this post, I will do a quick review of two of their top travel systems.

Mostly focusing on their pushchairs. My focus will be to compare them and tell you which of these are better. It’s the features that are compared.

I will also tell you the cons and the pros are detailed through the reviews. Like I always do. I chose travel systems because I think it’s better to buy all of them at once.

However, If you are not interested in buying travel systems single strollers are available to buy through the links.

About The Nuna Mixx Travel System Bundle.

£599.99, UKbabycentre.

Size Of Product: H104.5 x W60 x D 89cm.

The travel system is available to buy in two colours caviar and birch. Suitable from birth up to 20kg which is around 4 to 5 years old. The seat can both face you and the world.

Nuna Mixx comes with a carrycot and a car seat which can be used for your baby from birth. What makes this pushchair good is that the seat can also accommodate newborns, unlike many others.

So you can use choose these three options. The seat has 5 reclining positions that can be used for your baby and toddler. The seat also offers warm and cold environments.

A seat liner is included for this. An easily adjustable harness to suit any baby or toddler. A peek a boo window that provides a view to see your baby or toddler.

With the canopy, there’s UPF50+ protection with a sun visor which you will need in warm weather’s. An all suspension wheels foam air-filled tyres to offer a smooth ride.

One brake system for the wheels. When you are ready to fold it can be done with a one-click mechanism. It has a good lock and compact when folded. Easy to store.

A shopping basket underneath for your groceries. Nicely designed handlebar and bumper bar. A rain cover and a footmuff are also included.


The carrycot or bassinet click easily to the frame. It has a soft mattress and pockets near the foot area. A smooth and cosy environment to sleep in.

UPF50+ protection and a ventilation system during summertime. Extra holes are on the canopy to provide even further air. The carrycot can be folded flat.

Moving on to the car seat, it won an award for being one the best car seat. The Pipa Lite car seat is lightweight and rear-facing. Suitable from birth up to 13kg.

The car seat comes with a base. It has excellent fabrics and foam. With absorbing side impacts and fire-resistant foams. It makes it safe near a fire.

A 3 point harness system and UPF50+ protection. It also offers further features to make a baby’s life easier. With removable headrest and leather designed handlebar.

It’s easy to fix the car seat in the car with the base. With the help of indicators reassuring you if the seat is well fixed or not.

About The Triv Travel System.

£925, Oliversbabycare.

Size Of Product: H109 x W 52.5 D89 cm

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is again around 4 to 5 years. The seat faces both positions. 4 reclining positions on the seat and a so-called all-season seat.

Which means it accommodates any weather. The harness system it’s adjustable with covers. The canopy has UPF50+ protection which means water resistance.

The harness can be turned into a 3 point harness from 5 point harness. The seat offers an adjustable footrest which will make it easier for your baby.

Leather handlebar and bumper bar. The wheels are all-terrain and all suspension. Swivel lockable wheels for good manure. All of this makes it easy to push the pushchair.

The pushchair is also easy to fold with one hand. It can be folded with the seat facing any direction. Good when you are using public transport.

A good shopping basket underneath. The size looks good enough to store many things.


The carrycot is suitable only for the Triv -Arra and it has features such as a soft mattress with a washable cover and the carrycot also has a cover.

Storage pockets and mesh window on the canopy offer more space for your things and the window allow you to view your baby as stated above.

The handle is leather. Make a nice look. The car seat offers a lie-flat position and has 3 point harness system. With shock-absorbing materials on the side.

One-hand adjustable body and head support. The layers can be removed and the car seat has a hard shell to protect the baby. Plus other additional features.

Both of these are suitable from birth up to 6 months and up to 12 months. It can even be further than that depending on your child.

The Difference Between These Two.

1. One Pushchair is Suitable from Birth Upwards.

One major difference between these two it’s the age suitability of the pushchairs. The Mixx 5 can be used from birth with just the pushchair, hence it has 5 reclining positions.

The Triv-Arra only has 4. This one difference can play a major role in choosing a stroller. Some parents do not require a carrycot, just a single stroller.

2. Some Features Differ.

These two pushchairs or travel systems are very similar, and almost have the same features but they still differ. The Mixx 5 has a one-click lock mechanism when folded.

Which the other doesn’t offer. It can also push around like a suitcase. The Triv-Arra has a 5-point harness system that can be turned into 3 point harness system.

This can maybe be used later on for your toddler. It can be easier to fix. The latter also has all-terrain wheels and swivel lockable wheels which the Mixx 5 don’t offer.

But it offers a seat liner and footmuff. These are the major features it differs from.

3. The Triv-Arra Shopping Basket vs The Other.

One last difference is the shopping baskets. The Triv-Arra has a bigger and wider basket than the other, the Mixx 5 has a zip pocket on the basket.

These features give more space and if you have other things to put there it will be easier. The Mixx has also a separation in the basket.

You can place dry and wet clothes separately or any else. These are the only differences. Other than that the pushchairs are pretty similar.

The prices also differ but that might indicate the quality or when it was designed.

Which One Is Better?

1. Why The Mixx 5 Can Be Better?

It’s very difficult to pinpoint this because they have almost the same features the Mixx 5 has certain features that parents might favour.

The only reason I can think of is the pushchair, basket and the price. It’s cheaper and the basket has extra pockets. The one-click mechanism when folded can also be useful when you are in a hurry.

If you love travelling a lot being able to carry or drag the stroller like a suitcase it’s also useful. It’s best suited for travellers than the other one is.

So, here is a good pushchair for you travellers. The pushchair is cheaper but it does not mean it’s cheap, it’s quite expensive.

The Triv-Arra also has a seat liner and footmuff if you want to use them. It has a 5 reclining position, making it better than the other one.

2. Why The Triv-Arra Can Be Better.

The Triv-Arra is better in the sense that it has a bigger basket and all-terrain wheels and swivel lockable wheels. A bigger basket can be needed for those parents who buy groceries a lot.

These features are good for the city lifestyle or any other lifestyle for the family. If you visiting many different places, this one is better. I don’t mean travelling.

The Triv-Arra has a better way of folding the stroller and its swivel lockable wheels will make it easy to handle the pushchair.

Which One Is The Best?

I will have to choose the Mixx 5 depending on its features and price. It offers almost the same thing as the other one and even more and it’s cheaper.

Some difference in features here and there, but it’s not that important base on my lifestyle. For others, the Triv-Arra might be better and best suitable.

Potential Cons.

What cons do these two travel systems have? They both offer only a few colours and their carrycots are bulky. Both are of course expensive compared to many brands.

These are the only potential cons I find that which are important. The pushchairs can’t be converted into double strollers and are not the lightest strollers.

If you have twins later on you will have to buy a new one. If you have another baby while your toddler still needs a stroller buying a stroller will be necessary.

If you interested in buying a convertible double stroller see the Nuna Demi Grow tandem pushchair. 

Easy Choice.

I will say these two offer families all over the world what’s important and there’s not much different. It’s an easy choice. Choose base on your lifestyle and what you think will make life easier for the family.

What are your thoughts after viewing this comparison? Which one would you say it’s better for you? Can you name 5 reasons why you like the pushchair?

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