Nuna Demi Grow Review.

Have you ever heard of tandem strollers before? Or is this your first time hearing it? If it is you need to take a look here first. If this is not your first time hearing it then stick around and read about this amazing double stroller, well I think it’s worth it.

A double stroller can be something you buy from the beginning of becoming a parent or baby you didn’t hear about it when you were having your first baby. You can also buy it if you are planning to have more kids.

Product: Demi Grow Double Stroller.

Price: £800.00.

Size Of Product: 124cm (H) x 64cm (W) x 92cm (L)

A Place to Buy: Samuel Johnston. Click here.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9.5/10


It’s suitable from 6 months onward. It’s a carrycot and car seat suitable but it’s sold separately. The seat comes with the package and an extended handlebar is included to help you and your partner cope.

It stands when folded and has an adjustable suspension for a comfy ride with your little one or little ones. Good tyres to use on any terrain and a large size basket for your nappy/diaper bag or your groceries.

Comes with footmuff and rain cover. All of these are for extra comfort for you and your child/children. Let us delve into the details of this Demi Grow Double Stroller.

Canopy and Frame.

A UPF50+ big canopy is included which protects from the dangerous UV, mesh panels to allow fresh air in is designed with it, a flip-out eyeshade and dream drape for more comfort and protection.

The canopy has a peek a boo, so you can keep an eye on your baby or toddler and it’s also removable for warmer weather. These features are designed into the main seat.

The frame offers a smooth and cosy ride for your little one with its beautiful design.

Seat And Fold

When you remove the canopy the seat gets cooler during summer. The fabrics are soft and cosy, its a nice environment kids want to be in. They will sleep well. With padded fabrics, it can be reclined in different positions giving your little one a place to sleep and sit properly.

A harness holding your child to keep them safe. The calf support can be reclined in multiple positions for your child’s feet. They will be able to rest their feet comfortable, after being active the whole day.

The second seat is exactly like the first one, with its sun canopy, padded harness and bumper bar. You will be able to remove it and carry it around. Store it separately away from the main stroller/pushchair if you don’t have much space.

The seat is fixed on the lower end, near the basket and comes with the adapters. So, no need to buy adapters. After coming home for a long day just remove the second or sibling seat and then fold the Demi Grow Double Stroller with just one hand click.

It stands on its own when folded which save you the time to always clean it and it makes the fabrics and materials last longer. You can buy the Demi Grow carrycot/bassinet to fix on it and also the Nuna Pipa carrier the chassis is designed to hold both.

A footmuff and rain cover are included in the package for a more warm environment for your little ones or little ones.  A bumper bar is also included with, its cosy leathery fabrics like the handlebar.

Wheels And Basket.

The tyres are tough and can go on any ground, whether it’s the countryside, city or up the mountains. All-wheel suspensions add to the smooth ride. Fenders and built-in hubcaps protect the stroller/pushchair from having dirt. A more of a reason why this tandem stroller/pushchair is worth it.

The swivel wheels are slimmer and the back wheels are big with the brakes, easy to reach in case of an emergency. The basket underneath is large enough to put your daily things there. Maybe you don’t need to hang your nappy/diaper changing bag on the stroller, just put it down there.

The basket is also removable, which makes it save space. Makes it fit the boot and your house.

A Tandem Stroller Will Make Things Easier.

A tandem stroller/pushchair will make it easier for you as a parent. You can use it as a single stroller, just remove the other seat to store it away for your future child.

It’s better than buying a single stroller if you planning to have more than 1 child. When you buy a single stroller as I did you won’t be able to use that stroller for a longer period if you plan to have 4-5 children. You will need to buy a double stroller for them, well it also depends on their age.

If you from the beginning buy a double stroller it saves you money and time. You will only have to buy a carrycot/bassinet and car seat for your baby other than that everything else is fixed. I will now need to buy a stroller board for my younger toddler if I decide to have more children.

I know mothers who from the beginning bought the tandem stroller and now they can be used for two kids. There is no need for them to buy a new stroller. It’s suitable for babies and toddlers.

The Demi Grow Double Stroller offers that solution to parents who plan to expand their families. It’s a high-quality stroller with excellent fabrics, materials and many features. It’s therefore expensive, it can be worth it for many parents

Are there any cons? Well, when I look into the details and design I can’t see any disadvantages, only that it’s expensive, does not come with the carrycot/bassinet and car seat and nappy/diaper changing bag.

For these accessories you can get them cheap, well it also depends on how you want it to look. You can get these accessories from family and friends as a gift so, you don’t need to spend your own money buying them.

Do your research before buying a stroller. If not it won’t turn out that well. You most likely will spend more money than you should.

What do you think? Do you think this expensive stroller is worth it? Do you agree that buying a tandem stroller from the beginning is better? Please I will love to know your thoughts.


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